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How To Choose Right Salesforce Partner?

By Chitiz Agarwal

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Saslesforce is the market leader in the field of business CRM software for a reason. It provides several business enterprises with a platform that is highly automated and helps their sales team in the vital processes of recording, storing, segregating, processing and assessing crucial customer data. Salesforce also makes thorough analysis of your data compiled with the activities performed by your sales representatives and gives you productive feedback and relevant suggestions.

Along with a software platform, Salesforce is a vision you need to incorporate in your business enterprise. It is not an easy task to get Salesforce installed into your systems and get your team to start using it effectively. There are numerous small and big considerations you need to make before you successfully start using the software. One of such considerations is finding a suitable Salesforce Partner.

A Salesforce Partner, as the name suggests, is an entity your business works in collaboration with in order to implement Salesforce in your organisation. This partner offers you relevant services and makes use of some of your services in order to ensure smooth installation and implementation of Salesforce. It is very important to choose Salesforce Partner for your business as they will affect the way your teams work to a considerable extent. You cannot randomly select an entity of your choice and make them your Salesforce partners. You need to consider several aspects and monitor several parameters before making the right choice. Here are some of the key aspects you need to consider in order to choose a Salesforce Partner:

Make Sure Their Business Scale Matches With Yours

A business enterprise working on a large scale will not be able to work effectively if they partner with a smaller organisation and vice versa. It is therefore important to choose a Salesforce Partner that performs their business activities on the same scale as yours. For example, if you are large-scale organisation having a varied and complicated IT structure, a small-scaled firm will never be able to provide you the services you need to implement Salesforce. Also, the requirement for Salesforce for you and your partner will be completely opposite. Choosing the partner belonging to the right business scale is therefore necessary as it would help you in matching other aspects such as technologies employed, number of employees, kind of revenue generated, complications of operations etc.

Make Use Of References and Recommendations

It is always advisable to have a third person’s perspective while choosing your Salesforce Partner. The best platform to look for an ideal partner is AppExchange. There are several small and big businesses listed on this platform, belonging to every sector of the industry. You will also find the average Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT) pertaining to the last eighteen months along with every business listed. You can go through this data and choose the business that would be ideal to serve as your Salesforce Partner.

Apart from AppExchange, you can also take references and recommendation from people you know and trust. Ask entities such as your suppliers, customers, project managers or any relevant person that would give you a relevant and valid advice on choosing the right partner for Salesforce.

Keep Long-term Goals In Mind

Whenever you are choosing your partner, never make the decision keeping in mind the immediate few projects you are going to handle and the immediate few activities you are going to perform. Your projects will get over in a few days or months, but your Salesforce Partner is going to be by your side, also providing Salesforce Consulting, probably for years at a stretch. It is therefore important to keep your long-term goals in mind and have your journey as a business thoroughly planned before you make this decision. It is also important to choose the right partner for a longer duration as you will be discussing and sharing your valuable customer data as well as important strategies with your partners. Make sure you are not wasting your resources on a wrong option chosen keeping a narrow mind.

Don’t Let Your Decision Be Solely Guided By Cost

Though it is important to consider the cost that would be incurred in and after the formation of this partnership, never make the decision of choosing your Salesforce Partner solely on the basis of the costs involved. Take into consideration aspects such as the scale at which the partner is functioning, the platform it is offering, its customer base, its value in the market, the efficiency with which it carries out its activities, the advantages your firm and your customers will have with the partnership, the work ethics they employ and several other similar considerations. The costs pertaining to Salesforce Partnership are going to vary and you should not worry only about the financial aspect of choosing a partner. It is advisable to go a little overboard with the budge if the concerned partner is highly suitable.

Are You Comfortable Interacting With Them?

Irrespective of the services they are providing, the money they will charge, the advantages they are making you avail, the position they hold in the market, the satisfaction their customers derive from their business or the niche they have created for themselves, partnership always boils down to a bond between people. It is important for you to feel comfortable interacting with your partners when it comes to communication of any kind – formal or informal. It is important to understand that you are going to enter into a partnership with them for a period that may be years at a stretch. You are also going to exchange important and sensitive business data and important business strategies with each other. It is important to have a sense of transparency between you and your Salesforce Partner. It is therefore important that you feel comfortable working with every single department concerned with your partner firm and have no issues with any employee whatsoever. No matter how advanced technology has got, your business can only thrive with the help of productive human bonds!

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