Top Most Useful Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

Being one of the most reliable software for customer relationship management, Salesforce has managed to make out a considerable place in the market. Well, this isn’t the opinion of any salesforce authorities but concrete data from market sources that indicate this. With the excellence of salesforce service cloud, there are numerous benefits that could be made out of the features it provides to the users.


Providing with some of the world’s best customer service solutions, allowing companies to scale their operations with utmost ease and help them meet their current future service requirements. With the salesforce service cloud, an organization could seek to improve its customer service with live agent support, in-app support, knowledge centres, social media and self-service communities.


Important Salesforce Service Cloud Features and Benefits

Take a look at the various aspects that make Salesforce Service Cloud be one of the most complete customer service platforms that include the most lucrative features for the management of business activities.


1. Lightning Service Console

This feature is perfect to increase agent productivity via next-generation agent experience. The service dashboard brings up a single customer view for agents that help in faster tracking of customer history and viewing dashboards and perform several other functions without having to switch tabs or screens. Some of the most special features under this include macros.


They tend to automate common repetitive tasks within a single click. This can successfully save service time delivery and customers. With a 360 degree view of customers, it brings all the necessary data for the agents on the fingerprints.


2. Omni-Channel Routing

This feature allows delegating service work with absolute intelligence. It lets you manage workload between agents and work is delegated to the most appropriate personnel with the required skills and certification for problem-solving. It can do this well across various service channels including phones, websites, emails and social media. It could even include various services from third parties.


It hits up the right places by delivering equally potential customer experience across all the different channels. The workload management reports that are generated along this feature are said to be splendid. The service managers could obtain a real-time view of whatever is happening around with the Supervisor.


3. Workflow and Approvals

This feature helps in automating workflows which certainly makes service agents much more productive. With the drag-n-drop simplicity, it allows, you can visually create any considerable process. Simplifying approvals, this feature keeps various cases flowing with ease. You may surely simplify processes with the excellence of this feature.


4. Case Management

This feature would let you resolve all cases with absolute pace; providing easy visibility of the entire context into the case and recording every customer interaction, streamlining everything on the dashboard. Apart from streamlining the service processes, it also assigns the right task to the right agent. This makes it easy to recognize where you actually need to focus. This one is probably one of the most well-working salesforce service cloud features.


5. Telephony Integration

This service cloud feature lets you integrate with the most popularly known CTI systems around. It operates noting down when any of the customers call. Also, it allows managing calls in the console without even requiring touching your phone. You can find out who’s calling without having to pick up the call and make calls within a click.


6. Social Customer Service

This feature tools the customer support teams for handling various cases on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and others. Appropriately linked to keywords, hashtags and Omni-routing it helps in assigning work to the most appropriate agents.


This is one of the most important features for most of the industries. It recognizes that the nature of social media and customers’ expectations regarding immediate service delivery. You would be able to monitor these requirements faster and more efficiently.


7. Automation with Macros

As explained before, Macros appear to be one of the most lucrative features of Salesforce Service Cloud. With the abilities to automate common repetitive tasks and repetitive multi-tasks in order to resolve customer issues even better, it ought to be absolutely effective for case management.


8. Account and Contact Management

With maintained customer information about the previous interactions and records, this feature helps you to reach out customers appropriately by alarming the delegated agents about these aspects of the services they would want. When agents have all the critical data about past communications and interactions on their fingertips, they are certainly able to handle cases better.


9. Custom Reports and Dashboards

As already discussed, this feature allows you to come up with more reliable decisions with the help of real-time reports. You can easily track cases with an excellent dashboard that allows 360-degree view for the agents so that they have all the required information on their fingertips to be able to make an appropriate move. Overall, the salesforce service cloud lets you settle tasks in the most relevant manner.


10. Asset and Order Management

This service cloud feature allows agents to track customers’ assets, support history, orders and other relevant details all at one place to provide with a complete view of all the aspects that relate to them. It will make an overall effect on task management and improve productivity, considerably.


Summing Up

Everyone in the industry is quite familiar with the lucrative environment that is created by the Salesforce CRM for the best management of business activities. While it is already impressive to know the customer benefits and other benefits that have been realized in figures salesforce continually looks out for updates and innovations regularly for makings it even more productive.


With regular updates for the Salesforce Services Cloud, you probably have the world when it comes to the management of business activities. These updates are in fact something that sets the Salesforce Platform different from the others. Brought into existence with customer votes and suggestions by various consultants, the above-mentioned salesforce service cloud features would prove to be absolutely worthwhile and let you manage tasks excellently.


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