5 Tips To guide your salesforce CPQ implementation to success

Salesforce has successfully created its niche in the realm of business CRM by providing varied services for varied business enterprises. Be it small, medium or large companies, Salesforce have helped businesses belonging to any scale of operations in handling their valuable customer data in the best way possible.


Salesforce CRM comprises of numerous enhanced platforms, tools, components and add-ons that collectively function in order to manage a user’s business CRM. One of such important platforms is CPQ.


What is Salesforce CPQ?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price and Quote. As the name rightly suggests, Salesforce CPQ is a platform that helps its users in configuring the services or applications designed on the platform, pricing the same in a suitable manner and quoting this price to their clients in an effective manner.


Salesforce CPQ is a boon for sales representatives as it makes their process of pricing and quoting much faster by taking into consideration factors such as optional features provided with the concerned application, customizations relating to specific clients, managing quantities and taking discounts into consideration. Salesforce CPQ also uses the customer database of a business in allowing the sales team to approach specific clients with specific quotes. This reduces the scope for errors and automates the otherwise tedious procedure.


Salesforce CPQ is essentially a cloud-based platform which allows your sales team to operate the same from any digital device. This also increase the flexibility of tasks being performed as the representatives can log in at any time and from any place with all the data being registered in the system in real-time. It also helps you in making healthy business decisions by linking your CRM data with the CPQ platform.


Tips To Implement Salesforce CPQ Successfully

It is important to go through a trusted Salesforce CPQ guide in order to make sure the platform of Salesforce CPQ is implemented successfully in your business organisation as it directly deals with the matters relating to pricing. You can never afford to mess up in matters that relate to the prices you quote to your clients as the issues here have long-term implications. Here are some of the important tips for successful CPQ implementation:


Understanding The Right Opportunities

Business is all about having a keen eye for lucrative opportunities and grabbing them at the right time. It is important to understand that services provided by Salesforce CPQ leads to the creation of customer experiences that are more or less consistent across all platforms and are instrumental in streamlining the sales experience as well. Owing to the high scope of the platform, CPQ can also help you in making your sales cycle shorter, creating a win-win situation for the sales team as well as your customers as the products are being sold faster and customers are getting more satisfied.


It is therefore important to understand the opportunities that have come your way and the ones you can handle using the platform of Salesforce CPQ. It is also important for you to understand the sales needs of your organisation, whose knowledge would help you in providing personalised services to your clients such as automated approval process, guided selling and generating proposal documents.


It is important to take all these opportunities into consideration in order to implement Salesforce CPQ in the most productive manner, helping your business organisation as well as the clients you are catering to.


Understand Your Business Enterprise

Though the implementation of Salesforce CPQ is mainly concerned your sales team, it is important to look at the bigger picture and understand your business organisation properly. Take a broader look into how the implementation will affect the end-to-end supply chain of your company and how will it alter the customer experience pertaining to your organisation. There are three major aspects you need to consider if you want to understand your organisation regarding successful Salesforce CPQ implementation, discussed here briefly:


1. Get to understand the business processes being implemented in your company. You will only be able to go ahead with a new CPQ platform if you are well aware your existing system of configuration, pricing and quoting.


2. Get to understand your customers better. It is them for whom you will be making all the implementation efforts and installing the CPQ platform. This is where Salesforce is helpful as it would help you understand the specific needs and preferences of your customers.


3. Get to understand the lead opportunities. It is important to stay alert and be updated about every opportunity arising out of the leads you generate and qualify. This will help you to be in sync with the customer needs and thereby serve them better.


Ascertaining Key Business Requirements

Any Salesforce implementation guide would tell you that implementation of a new platform or tool in your system calls for a modification (internal and external) in your business activities. In the case of Salesforce CPQ implementation as well, it is advisable to ascertain all your important business requirements before installing the new platform in your organisation. It is important to look into aspects such as the future goals of your company, reviewing your product catalogue, going through your current pricing model and re-considering your pricing rules. Additionally, it is also advisable to consider the product information you are willing to include in the platform and the manner in which you are going to handle your current as well as forthcoming database.


Understand the Positioning of CPQ in Your Business Processes

If you are looking forward to implement Salesforce CPQ, it is important to understand where it will fit into the already existing business processes taking place in your organisation. Make sure you go through all the data and information stored on all the relevant platforms and import the information you require before the implementation starts.


It is also important to understand how the existing tools and platforms will be affected by the implementation of Salesforce CPQ as this platform is designed to integrate with multiple systems and applications. Ensure none of your existing businesses processes are hampered with this implementation and if there is such an issue, approach your Salesforce Consultant and/or your developer immediately.


Be Ready For Change Management

No matter how consistent your business processes are and how seamless Salesforce CPQ implementation turns out, there will definitely be certain instrumental changes in the way your sales department will function. It is important to acknowledge this change and plan adequately in order to adapt to the same. Here are a few important considerations to make while planning to change management:


1. Make sure you have a scientific implementation plan in place that requires tests to be conducted. This will help you understand the implications of CPQ in your system and eliminate any bugs that might have troubled you in future.


2. Choose an able project leader who would front-line the implementation and then monitor efficient use of the CPQ platform.


3. Organise all the relevant departments according to the roles they will play in the implementation and working of Salesforce CRM, ensuring all the tasks being performed smoothly.


Undertake an effective training program for the employees to make them well-versed with the platform of Salesforce CPQ.


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