A Comprehensive Guide To Hiring Software Developers In 2021

In the age of digitization, software development holds special importance. Organizations operating in all major industries are looking for suitable software developers to help them build and deploy powerful software platforms. These developers understand the requirements of their clients, create a suitable design, build the required platform, test it, and deploy it for final consumption.


In 2021, the demand for software developers is significantly high. As organizations are switching to automated and digitized platforms, the need for software platforms keeps increasing. After the COVID crisis, businesses have started relying more on virtual platforms to undertake their processes. Also, the use of software platforms allows organizations to automate a range of processes, making their work easier, faster, and more effective.


However, hiring software developers is never as easy as it seems. Owing to the high demand for developers, the availability of skilled and dedicated developers is limited. Organizations cannot afford to cause any unnecessary delays in hiring the right developers as they stand a chance of losing potential candidates. However, it is also not advisable to hurry in such matters as the productivity of your business depends on the services provided by the developers. It is, therefore, extremely important for organizations to be vigilant in hiring software developers.


Important Considerations Before Starting The Recruitment Processes

Before you kick-start the recruitment processes, it is important to take several factors into consideration. Here are two of the most important questions you should ask yourself before going ahead with hiring a software developer:


“Is it necessary to hire another developer?”

This is the first question you should ask yourself before you embark on your recruitment journey. Never hire a developer without having a well-defined purpose in mind. Go ahead with it only if you have a development project that requires a developer to work on it. Organizations often tend to make the mistake of hiring a developer to play safe and avoid inconvenience during development. Never make this mistake and hire the required professional only if there is a need to do so.


“What skills should the developer possess”

It is also important for an employer to be certain about the skills they are looking for in their developer. Make a list of clearly-defined skills your developer should have before you start with the recruitment process. This would provide you with a clear sense of direction and form the basis of your search.


“What project they would be working on?”

If you have multiple development projects at hand, it is important to clearly identify the project for which you need to hire a software developer. Every project has its own set of requirements and answering this question would help you understand the role of the developer you are looking for. Once you attach a specific project to a developer, the recruitment processes become easier.


“What will be their role and responsibilities?”

Never go ahead with the recruitment processes without being certain about the role and responsibilities of the developer that you are willing to hire. It is important for the employer to be thorough with the developer’s role in the team and the tasks they are required to undertake. This would help them select the right sources and make the right assessments while hiring software developers.


Approaches For Hiring Software Developers

There are two major approaches for hiring software developers for your organization – hiring a recruitment agency or recruiting by yourself.


Hiring A Recruitment Agency

If you are willing to outsource the recruitment processes, it is advisable to hire a dedicated recruitment agency. These agencies shoulder all responsibilities of searching for the ideal candidates and helping you select the most ideal developer(s).


Although a recruitment agency would handle all the important recruitment processes, it is always advisable for employers to be actively involved in the process. Ultimately, the developers need to be hired based on the needs and requirements of your organization. Avoiding active participation in the process may lead to dire implications in the future.


Recruiting Developers By Yourself

If you are not willing to depend on an external agency for hiring software developers, you can go ahead with the process by yourself. This provides you with greater freedom of choice and autonomy in making the right decisions. Here, you can directly interact with the candidates and assess their capabilities first-hand.


However, the only drawback of this recruitment approach is the fact that you may not possess all the qualities that a professional recruiter would. This increases your chances of making a biased or half-baked decision.


An ideal way of dealing with this issue is to find a middle way out. You can always take the help of dedicated recruiters while having control in your hands. This allows you to look at the right places and make thorough assessments based on the requirements of your organization.


Outbound Recruitment Methods

Outbound recruitment methods revolve around reaching out to potential candidates and encouraging them to join your organization. Here, employers make efforts to approach ideal candidates to hire them as software developers.


Here are some of the most commonly used outbound recruitment methods:


Using Professional Social Media Platforms Like LinkedIn

Social media platforms like LinkedIn allow employers to connect with potential software developers and create a pool of suitable talent. Based on your requirements, you can make a job post on LinkedIn and ask for resumes from interested candidates. You can also connect with potential candidates whose profiles look promising. This would help you build a professional network and recruit software developers as per your requirements.


Workshops, Conferences, and Hackathons

Organizations often look for potential software developers at events like workshops, conferences, and hackathons. Essentially, these events involve organizations providing knowledge and teaching important skills to the attendees. Along with this, they often end up interacting with capable software developers that perfectly fit the bill.


This way, such events facilitate a win-win situation. While they allow you to promote your organization by hosting specific events, they provide you with opportunities to meet ideal candidates for the concerned job(s).


Inbound Recruitment Methods

As opposed to the outbound methods, inbound recruitment methods involve making potential candidates approach you for getting hires. Here, instead of the employers reaching out to the candidates, the candidates looking for jobs reach out to the employers.


Here are some of the most commonly used inbound methods of recruiting software developers:


Job Portals

This is the most commonly used method of inbound recruitment. Here, employers post the job requirements on different portals, and candidates looking for jobs apply using the same portal. However, it is important to be clear a precise in listing the job requirements on these portals to streamline the recruitment processes.


Here are some important considerations to keep in mind while using job portals for recruitment:


1. Always include some information about salary. If you cannot mention the exact amount, make sure you specify the range.

2. Clearly mention the technologies the developers would be required to work with.

3. Mention the perks and benefits to be provided to the employees.

4. Separate your requirements into categories like “good to have” and “must-have”.

5. Do not sugarcoat any details. Be as honest and transparent as possible.

6. Encourage the applicants to get their queries resolved by contacting the HR department.

7. Update the job post based on feedback and questions asked by the candidates.

8. Make the content readable by using bullet points instead of lengthy paragraphs.


The Company Website

It is always advisable for employers to have a “Careers” page on their official website to receive job applications. Just like posting job requirements on online job portals, you can list all your requirements in this section, along with a link to submit resumes.

Based on the vacancies you are willing to fill, keep updating this page on your website to keep the candidates updated about the jobs you are offering and the opportunities they can tap into.


Running Ad Campaigns

Another effective way of inbound recruitment is to run targeted ad campaigns. This makes it easier for potential candidates to find your job offerings and apply for the same without facing any hassles. Use platforms like Facebook and Google to create persuasive ads that can be easily discovered by the candidates.


While running these campaigns, always make sure that you have worked out a budget for the same. Using Adwords for posting ads on digital platforms often costs companies a fortune. Decide the specific duration for which the ads will run and chart out an extensive budget to go ahead with running ads. It is never advisable to use this recruitment method if you are not likely to generate enough traction.


The Final Word

These were some of the most important aspects to consider while looking for ideal software developers. Keeping these tips and tricks in mind would help you create a pool of skilled candidates and select the most valuable alternatives as software developers. This would allow you to build a team of dedicated professionals that work towards the growth and prosperity of your organization.


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