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How to Manage Projects on Salesforce?

By Chitiz Agarwal

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Salesforce is a solution for customer relationship management that
brings companies and clients together. It is one unified CRM platform
that provides each customer with a single, shared vision for their
entire departments. Including advertising, sales, business, and service.
Complex customer obligations require careful on-the-spot management of
the project. Salesforce project management helps to achieve consistent
brand communication. It is a feature of excellent customer experience
during commercialization, pre-sales, sales and after the purchase.

Why Salesforce Project Management?

Several Cloud CRM solutions are now available on the market. In
general, these CRM applications have many common advantages over local
CRM applications. Usually, all the top-of-the-line solutions offer a
single, stable and easy-to-configure, scalable system that does not
require much to customize and update without significant investment.
Some of these CRM systems are industry-specific, and most of them
feature a range of specialized CRM functionality. Smaller companies are
focused on one or other CRM functionality, for example, scheduling,
campaign management, etc.
The Salesforce development looks more modern and user-friendly software than older ones. Lightning is added to the cap by a feather.

Each project manager should seek ways of improving his or her
activities. Many of the project managers also help their teams through
Salesforce in one way or another. however, Salesforce is a huge software
that its project management tools can be challenging. You can start
today using Salesforce for better project management in our favorite
ways! We have consolidated a list!

360º View Of Your Customer

Often your clients or investors are interested in your ventures.
Consider a consumer project for a marketing agency or a professional
services company: when it comes to implementation you can monitor the
leads or handle Salesforce with a system or no system. In Salesforce the
range and cost are decided so now somewhere else or more possibly just
forgotten has to be retyped. How often do you see arguments from sales
to delivery and how often the lack of communication causes this. Siloing
each team in their separation app amplifies this lack of communication.

Just imagine if you can switch from a closed winning opportunity
directly to project execution without Ctrl+C on the same framework. The
way you work with your clients is changed substantially. No more “doll
wagging the dog,” or the company operating independently from the right
and left hand. No more or at least fewer concerns about sales and

Your client ventures and activities are next to your budgets,
resources, promotions, company demands or events. You should realize
that this is nothing small and can offer a significant competitive
advantage in itself. You not only increase visibility and communication,
but you are now able to report on the delivery with the account or
opportunity attributes.

Manage Your Team with Ease

Teamwork is important for any project. Those who work together well
will complete tasks quicker, easier and enjoy doing them more.
Salesforce has two valuable solutions,
Account Teams and Opportunity Teams, to help teams to work together. By
using these group environments, the clients can work together
effectively and make you a better project manager.

Task Notifications

The new Salesforce function from the’ 18 Release’ is Task
Notification. They are visual recalls of tasks that the user needs to
perform. Up to 3 notifications will appear at a time on the user’s page
to help them to keep up with everything they have to do and maintain the
timetable for your project. This function can be easily disabled, but
only in Lightning at present. You should set up task notifications if
you are using Lightning to keep your team informed and keep your project
deadlines ahead.

Easy Collaboration Through Chatter & Files

Chatter can be used throughout your whole Salesforce department, so
why not use it to interact with your teams? You can easily maintain
communication and cooperation with team members in one central location
by establishing a “Team Chatter Group.” Everyone is thus updated to
project events and project information is very easy to find.

For team collaboration too, files are great. You can use version
control to check the number of past file versions to ensure that files
are always up to date. Users can even track files and automatically set
up altered notifications. Chatter and shared files can help your team
communicate more effectively, retain unified information and help your
team to finish tasks quicker and more easily. Happier teams are going to
make you better overall project manager.

Field History Tracking

Tracking market history enables you to see all changes occurring in a
field. If you click on the history of a field you can see all the past
and current values that have changed, and when that change has occurred.
You can decide on these changes as a project manager, like adding an
authorization procedure so that only certain users can approve field
changes or even only allow certain users to access fields.

You can also figure out why some fields change so much and see
whether there is a way to avoid so many changes. It saves the team time
and hassle, as the data must be entered only once and the record is

Reports Generation To Track The Deadlines

Salesforce offers a reporting engine far more capable than many of
your traditional solutions. Reporting to Salesforce is not an
afterthought. To project managers, handling work schedules is a big
pain. You could deliver the entire project later.

If one of your team members leaves the track. You can use Salesforce
Reports to assist in managing projects that are at risk of late
delivery. The ability to produce individual reports is a reason for
Salesforce to be considered your next platform.

After all, if you still have to pull it down into Excel and take a
peek out of all, analytics will get zero value in tracking all these
meters in a cloud app. Open Opportunities reporting and filtering by
time, like in the past week, for 30 days or more can be easily created.
The fields on which this filter can be worked include:

For accounts, you can also use the same report style. This report
shows you which tasks you have not addressed for some time and which
group you might need to track. Reports help you take actions to monitor
and become a better project manager today, so you are aware of projects
which are prone to coming to a conclusion in the future.


In the end, the company and its requirements decide what you do with
your Salesforce plan. But when you start off a small business, build on
the progress and grow the product at the level reasonable for everyone –
not just a few people. With big ideas that are not inherently
responsible for deployment, acceptance, and ongoing success.

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