Best 11 Insider Secrets For Migrating To Salesforce Lightning

Since a couple of decades of its inception, Salesforce CRM has served numerous business organizations in strengthening their respective CRM mechanisms and make the most out of the customer database they possess. In these two decades, the software has hardly seen any significant changes in its look and feel. However, Salesforce decided to shift a little away from its classic version and launched a new user interface in 2015.


This new user interface was easy to use and highly automated, called Salesforce Lightning. Lightning not only made the work of sales teams easier but also provided amazing levels of efficiency and automation. However, this shift from the Salesforce Classic to Lightning made employees of certain organizations uncomfortable, owing to the fact that they had been highly habituated in using the user versions for a long time. Though the classic version has been highly effective, it is advisable for a business house to moving to Salesforce Lightning in order to be in sync with the latest technology in the market.


If you too are planning to make this shift and migrating to Salesforce Lightning, here are some of the exclusive secrets you should know before you make the shift:


Stress On Long-term Goals

One of the key secrets to the migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning is to not get scared of the shift. The initial time may seem difficult as your team slowly adapts to the change, don’t get discouraged easily and hesitate to evolve. Keep in mind your long-term goals and be assured that the new user interface is only going to make your work far easier and your company far more efficient in the days to come. The new software would also help you and your team set goals and assess your performance on a periodic basis. This would ultimately help you quantify your progress and motivate your employees to work harder. The key is just to hold on and face the challenges keeping the ultimate business goals in mind.


Make Full Use Of User Profiles

Salesforce Lightning helps you make optimum use of user profiles as you can now simply drag and drop them on a common platform. Instead of being clogged with the mess having to deal with different user groups simultaneously, a shift to Salesforce Lightning is going to solve this issue for you, cleaning your user groups and making your business activities a lot smoother.


Make Provisions For Transferring Your Notes

One of the most important steps for Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration is to make sure you have had adequate back up for your notes. There is no provision in Salesforce Lightning that would automatically transfer your notes from the classic version to the new interface and you need to make an elaborate plan in order to deal with your notes.


Conduct A Scientific Study Of The Features

Never be scared of anything without making a scientific evaluation of the same. It is therefore advisable for every business enterprise to evaluate all the new features that come with Salesforce Lightning and understanding them in accordance to your sales team. A thorough scientific study will help you and your team adapt changes to the new user interface.


Never Make An Immediate Shift

Never make the mistake of shifting your team from Salesforce Classic to Lightning all at once. It is advisable to test the waters first before plunging in. let your team get used to a few of the new features and then ask them to make a full shift. This way, you will not feel the pressure of migration and the change will be more sustainable and healthy.


Have An Elaborate Plan To Train Your Team

By the time you get your pilot, make sure every member of your team is made to understand certain basic features of Salesforce Lightning and how they will be used individually. Though you will never get to fully know about the features till you actually get to avail them, it is highly advisable that you prepare your sales team for what is going to come their way. This way, you can save time in training them once the software is up and running.


Stay Adaptable To Changes

You are currently functioning in a market that is constantly changing and evolving in terms of technological advancements. As Salesforce Lightning is the latest technological advancement in the field of CRM software, make sure you and your team are flexible enough to mould yourselves according to the periodic changes you are likely to encounter in the system you are running.


Bring Your IT Employees Into The Picture

As mentioned earlier, you should make your team understand the application of the new software before it is up and running in your offices. Here, your IT team can be of utmost importance. Arrange seminars, webinars and relevant workshops for your sales team where your IT employees would brief them about the change they are going to face in their CRM software.


Optimize The New Software View

Along with several other significant changes, Salesforce Lightning comes with an exclusive Kanban-like view. Make the most of this view as it helps you put your opportunities on the home page where you can also put your users by simple drag-and-drop tools. This would help you and your team to quite literally be on the same page where you can make adequate assessments by matching activities with opportunities, thereby quantifying business results.


Know What To Use

Though Salesforce Lightning is an extremely important shift from its classic version, it is important to know which features are important for your business organization. Don’t be too excited for with the new version and get every single feature and tool of your system changed. Salesforce is known for its customization and it is advisable you customize the new interface according to the needs of your team and your business as a whole.


Undergo Thorough User Adoption

Simply having the new interface installed in your office premises is not going to automatically help your business thrive. You need your users to understand the importance of the software and let them get a hands-on experience with the same. Train them with the best user adoption so that they are able to make optimum use of the new interface and use the same to obtain significant results. Make sure every single team member knows how to use the system for their respective advantages and always be there to help them when in need. The initial days of migration may be stressful and you may lose out on capable employees if you take matters lightly.


It s important for you to understand that the shift from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning is not going to be an absolutely smooth one and you are bound to face some challenges as you undergo the same. The main key to success here is to have enough patience and persistent, not hesitating to face the challenges the migration might bring with itself. Believe that it is only for the benefit of your organization in the long run if only you hang on a little longer!


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