Page Layouts and Record Types in Salesforce

At present, SalesForce is one of the best software in the field of customer relationship management. Because of this biggest company all around the world make use of Salesforce in case of customer relationship management. There is no doubt that one of the main objectives to be set by a company is customer acquisition.


When you have few customers you can handle the situation more or less easily, but the thing gets complicated when suddenly your users multiply. Then what you can do? Very simple, you will have to use a system that helps you to manage all the information you have about each of these clients. SalesForce helps to arrange such conditions.


When explaining what salesforce is, it will be talking about one of the most used and important systems. That is why today here you know all the services offered and the advantages that have if you finally decide to work with this program. In this article, you come to know about Page Layouts and record types in salesforce.


What is there to know about Salesforce?

Salesforce has an amazing configuration capacity and can adapt to the reality of any type of company. But that great customization potential adds great complexity that prevents many companies from taking full advantage of this powerful software platform. So when you are going to read about salesforce you must know about what is record type in Salesforce.


Record type:

Although the record type has many benefits, it can add unnecessary complexity to users and administrators if not implemented correctly. Simply stated, administrators can use record types to display certain standard and custom fields. End-user picks list values based on the type of record being created.


In addition, you can control the related list that is displayed for each type of record. For instance, if there are two kinds of app that students request and each application has different data supplies, you can make two kinds of registration. Show only test questions about the Master application with the Master record type.


After making the record type, you can allocate a page layout to display the fields you desire. You can then apply the page layout to the user profile that has contact with it. What isrecord type in salesforce, It is mainly the backend of the software and page layout is for the users.


Page layout

What you see after logging into the salesforce salescloud for the first time is just to start. You can modify a lot of things on the registration page of an object by means of the page layouts. There are two ways to modify a page layout in Salesforce. You can modify the page layout or content of the page. This is done with separate tools.


You can customize the page structure and location of its components using App Builder. App builders can be download from the site. You can modify the content of the page, such as the fields and buttons displayed on the page, using another tool called page layout editor. The page layout editor, also identified as page layouts, helps you manage page content both in our typical user interface and normal way. On this, you will work with the page layout editor.


When does it make sense to create a record type?

So now you are clear what is page layout in salesforce? Creating a record type makes sense if end users can simply differentiate between record types. For instance, make an enterprise type account entry that demonstrates a field called Annual Revenue. Another kind of record called the Foundation, which points to a possible concession is fine. Users can simply identify the registration kind to decide when creating an account.


Make record types when you require to offer different page layouts, buttons, custom links, selection list values, lists and linked processes (capabilities and cases) based on a variety of task features. For instance, if your volunteers only require access to in-kind donations and your development team has access to in-kind and in-kind donations, you can make two kinds of documentation: in-kind donations and in-kind donations.


Only custom profiles can be assigned in this kind, but both types of records can be a plan to custom employee profiles. You must also make a separate page layout for each record type. They can select more records types as the default registration record type. To go a step further, you can make use of a combination of record types and page layouts in Salesforce to display different page layouts and log types for different user sets (profiles).


In Salesforce one can use two different types of page layouts. Salesforce marketing cloudis a program that will help you to manage all the flow of customers you have in our company. It is a very complete system that offers you all the necessary tools so that you can carry out all these actions. This software allows you to work directly on the web since all the information you collect is stored in the cloud.


In fact, the application software used for this program is cloud-enabled for convenience. In addition, as with most systems that work in the cloud, Salesforce offers a cross-platform environment, allowing several users to access at the same time so that the workflow is greater. On the other hand, Salesforce is an environment that can be used at any time, since all you have is a web browser and Internet connection to access all the data that is shared and stored.


Salesforce is within what is known as CRM, or what is the same, Customer Relationship Management programs, which help to manage your relationships with customers, making you treat them individually and know the needs they present, so as your tastes. For many experts, Salesforce is more than a program a business philosophy.


Customize fields in record details

Customizing fields on registration pages is easy and can be done with a few clicks. The improved page layout editor is where you can customize the page fields for Lightning Experience records and related lists. This is called “updated” because there is an earlier version. Here you will refer to the page layout editor.


Customize the Fields in Your Record Details

The page layout editor consists of two basic parts: the palette at the top of the screen and the layout of the recording page at the bottom of the screen. The record type contains a different element. These elements include actions, buttons, links and allied lists. You can believe of the top as a table and the bottom of the cover that you pick up


What tools do you provide?

Like any good system of great possibilities that is worthwhile, Salesforce offers you a large number of tools that will be very useful for you to carry out all kinds of actions. Thus, the first thing you have to highlight is that this program provides you with an agenda so that you can include all the information about your clients.


You also have another very important tool that will help you to make appointments with all the clients you need and you have space enabled to register all the commercial activities that you carry out. With all these tools, if you use Salesforce you can group several accounts and maintain a close collaboration with a large group of vendors who have set your same goal.


Likewise, you will have the opportunity to register all the communications that you have carried out with your clients and in addition, you will be able to obtain all kinds of evaluation reports on them or even the state you’re your strategy presents in this regard. Through this philosophy, what you are trying to explain is that you have to offer your clients both services and products in a totally individual way, something for which Salesforce helps a lot.


In addition to all this, you must always keep in mind the purchase history that the customer has, as it will give you clues about their habits, an aspect that essentially covers the Salesforce system. Applying this software to the business can increase its performance and not only sales but also the customer satisfaction index. The above discussion makes you clear about what is page layout and what is the record type. Also, you come to know about the differences between the two.


Final Words:

Applying the Salesforce environment to business means addressing a business philosophy that completely modifies the idea that is established regarding the relationship you should have with your customers.


In this sense, it has to say that this philosophy tells you that the ideal is that you treat the client of course in an individualized way, it is not right to group many clients because not all of them have the same needs. So to have a good page layout one must set the record field properly. And the record field must be set according to the requirement of the users.

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