Preventive Measures Against Coronavirus At Techila Global Services

Since the last few days, India has been feeling the brunt of the infamous Coronavirus. This fatal virus has already engulfed patients pertaining to 77 countries across the globe with 3,200 recorded deaths and more than 92,000 cases tested positive.


As of 6th March, 2020, the confirmed cases of Covid-19 have risen to 31 as a Delhi resident having recently travelled to Thailand and Malaysia was tested positive. Several health authorities are still awaiting reports of 23 individuals in the country who were tested positive in the initial tests, confirming the adverse effects of Covid-19.


Moreover, Bhutan recorded its first confirmed case on 6th March, 2020 with eight Indian tourists admitted to local hospitals showing strong symptoms. Though the state of Assam has not yet announced any positive cases of Coronavirus, the confirmed Covid-19 positive case of Bhutan is a US citizen with a travel history to Guwahati.


Similar news and updates pertaining to the spread and adverse effects of Coronavirus across India have been surfacing every passing day. This calls for immediate and precise preventive measures to be adopted by civilians living anywhere in the country. Though people extensively wearing masks while leaving the house are a common sight, it is certainly not enough to ensure complete protection from the fatal disease lurking in the air.


It is a common misconception that one needs to be careful only while travelling outdoors to prevent themselves from the virus. It is important to understand that there will always be the need to take preventive measures as far as you are amongst people, which implies that indoor safety is just as important. One such place where you interact with a number of people is your workplace. It is extremely important for an employee to take adequate measures for preventing themselves against Covid-19 when they are at their workplace.


Coronavirus essentially spreads when a person infected with the virus coughs or exhales the viral particles in the air and they land on surfaces that are commonly used by several individuals. When it comes to offices, surfaces such as desks, chairs, doors, windows and commonly used computers can serve as potential carriers of the disease.


Chitiz Agarwal has understood the importance of preventive measures to be taken pertaining to workplaces and has taken effective steps to ensure the safety of his employees working at Techila Global Services. Here are the measures taken by him to make sure that the fatal Covid-19 never knocks at the doors of Techila Global Services:


Avoiding Panic And Spreading Information

The dangerous and fatal nature of Coronavirus is known across the globe and everyone is aware of the symptoms and side effects a patient has to go through. As the disease has entered India recently, there is still an environment of panic with regards to the virus being spread. Before taking any overt measures for preventing the spread of Covid-19, it is important to curb this sense of panic and educate people about the disease.


Workplaces are often highly prone to gossips and rumors regarding numerous topics on a daily basis. People read new stories on TV and social media every single day and talk about them without verifying their authenticity. This may result in an atmosphere of panic being generated in an office. Chitiz has realised the hazards of this panic and has informed all his employees about the nature of the virus and the fact that there is no need to panic if one takes enough preventive measures.


This has resulted in the employees being composed instead of creating an unnecessary hype when it comes to the disease. Also, informative conversation regarding proven facts is encouraged within the office premise which has led to the employees treating Coronavirus with decent sensibility.


Ensuring Cleanliness Within The Office Premises

As mentioned earlier, surfaces such as desks, shared computers, chairs, doors, windows, files etc can serve as potential carriers of the Covid-19 virus. It is therefore important to keep the whole of your office clean. Chitiz has made sure all the office furniture and shared devices are cleaned with efficient disinfectants. The whole of his office premises are cleaned on a regular basis, considerably reducing the chances of any surface being affected by the virus.


However, cleaning surfaces with disinfectants is not the only way of keeping the office clean. Chitiz has also made sure that his employees avoid even slight littering of any kind at any cost. He has ensured that all the waste goes right into the dustbins and the dustbins are thoroughly cleaned throughout the day.


When it comes to keeping the office premises clean, majority of attention is directed towards keeping the washrooms clean. Every corner of the restrooms is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected multiple times on a daily basis.


Taking such basic things into consideration pertaining to office cleanliness can safeguard the employees from large scale health implications. Moreover, regular and thorough cleaning of premises also makes the office aesthetically appealing!


Use Of Disposable Wipes

Another important preventive measure taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 within the office premises is promoting the use of disposable wipes. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have also asked corporate entities to ensure that all of their employees are provided with disposable wipes. The employees are Techila Global Services have also been provided with such wipes which can be used to wipe and clean surfaces such as desks, remote controls, shared computers, door handles, doorknobs etc that are prone to carry viruses.


The employees are also duly advised to use these wipes every time they are touching a surface or using a device that is commonly used by other employees. After being used, the wipes are disposed off in the office dustbins that are cleaned regularly, further reducing the scope of Covid-19 virus being spread.


Using Hand Rubs and Carrying Hand Sanitizers

The body part that is highly prone to carry and attract germs and unwanted particles is your hands. Especially when they are within the office premises, an employee’s hands encounter a number of surfaces which might be carrying hazardous particles. Also, an employee is likely to meet a number of people in the office on a daily basis and though it goes unnoticed, there are a number of handshakes an employee makes during their work hours.


Keeping this in mind, Chitiz has encouraged all his employees to make sure their hands are thoroughly clean and sanitized at any point in time. For this purpose, employees are advised to carry hand sanitizers with them daily to the office. They are also advised to use the sanitizers after having their meals, after coming in from outside or after encountering any surface they think might not be completely germ-free.


Also, special importance is given to the hand rubs placed near the wash basins in the washrooms. Cleaning staff has been instructed to make sure none of the hand rubs are empty at any point of time and are duly refilled with fresh liquid as they run out of it on an immediate basis. Along with the hand rubs, the soaps used in washrooms are also replaced frequently.


Encouraging Open Communication

One of the keys to prevent Coronavirus from spreading is spreading sufficient awareness about the same. There are not many people who are completely informed about the symptoms, causes and effects of the disease and it is possible that some of these people work in the same office with you. Chitiz has understood the need for an open and productive communication pertaining to the issue of Covid-19 within his office premises.


Not only are all the employees informed and educated about the epidemic, but are also encouraged to talk to their peers if they have any confusions regarding the same. This knowledge of the symptoms behind the disease has resulted in people being more aware and cautious about their actions and surroundings. The employees are also encouraged to inform HR if there are any health issues that might reflect even the slightest of symptoms. This will certainly lead to people getting them examined pretty early and if there are any unfortunate symptoms, they can get cured in the early stages.


The employees at Techila Global Services have understood the importance of talking about the epidemic that people are running away from. This initiative has certainly helped Chitiz’s employees gain more insights about Coronavirus and talking about it with their peers without any fear or hesitation.


It is therefore very important to take ample preventive measures while you are at your workplace. Coronavirus is certainly a fatal epidemic and looking at the rate at which new cases are cropping up every day, the need for taking these preventive measures is only going to increase. When it comes to such a disease, always remember that no precaution is basic enough and no activity is petty enough to be ignored. Be extra careful whenever you are amidst a group of people and using shared surfaces before it is too late. Prevention is certainly better than cure.


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