21 Rest API Interview Question & Answers

There are a huge set of rest API interview questions that are responsible for managing the standard protocol for the website APIs. The API interview question is helpful for fresh graduates and professionals for understanding the semantics associated with the public directories available in an independent manner for most of the programs on websites.


The bunch of rest interview questions helps manage the developer interviews when people appear for the various Grounds of the recruitment procedures. In this digital model, we will be going through the huge state of rest Web Services interview questions. After understanding the restful services interview questions, you can also appear for highly reputed jobs such as Salesforce developer jobs.


1. What is the meaning of the rest of Web Services?

Rest Web Services are also known as the representation of state transfer which is responsible for the maintenance of the architectural style so that we can easily develop the applications according to the business requirements. Working for the development of the web services which are brought down by the light on behalf of the royal fielding in the year 2000. The services are also considered stateless client-server architecture education of the URIs.


2. Describe the salient features of the REST?

The major features behind these Web Services project that they are stateless and therefore they are possessing a server that carries no session data or it is present without any state. Another characteristic illustrates that they are well applied when we restart the server existing between the two calls for passing the data from one server to another. Web services use the method called POST method for or producing the operations for accessing the resources using the GET function.


3. How to distinguish between AJAX and REST?



You can easily transfer the request to the concerned server with the usage of the constant objects and the responses being received as for the utilized for the JavaScript for making changes in the coding on the current pages. It is also considered as a set of Technology or techniques for updating the various segments of the user interface without comments in the process of reloading the pages.



It needs the process of interaction between the server and the customers and also it works upon the URL structure for sending the responses with the usage of the resources. It is considered a type of software that contains specialized methods for requesting information from various servers.


4. What are the merits associated with the restWeb Services?

One of the advantages of the web services illustrates that we can easily learn the curves for understanding the working of the HTTP protocols and it also helps in supporting multiple Technologies for the transferring of data in the form of images and text.


5. What do you mean by the resource in the restful web services?

The resources are considered as the fundamental backbone of the restful architecture which is responsible for the management of the relationship with other resources and the methodology for operating them. These resources are one of the types which are identified with the help of HTTP methods and the response data type.


6. What is the major purpose of URI in the context of the restWeb Services?

The predominant motive of URI is the identification of uniform resources. It is also used for the allocation of resources within the architecture of the rest and it is recognized by its uniform resource identifier for locating other resources present on the web service page.


7. What is the idea behind the working of microservice architecture?

The microservice architecture works according to different terms such as client service, Discovery, and Management. The clients are used and the form of different users which are required for sending a request from one server to another. The identifier providers help in validating the identities of the client to the users and also keeps a check on the security tokens. Security content is considered the house for storing the content inside the system. The route of communication exists in between that two or more microservices.


8. Determine the number of HTTP methods been supported by the rest of Web Services?

There are certain HTTP methods such as the get method for sending the request to the resources which should not contain the request body otherwise it will get declined. Another method call the post method has been submitting the data to the service for further procedures and typically analyzed the return value which is being modified as a new resource.


9. How to distinguish between functions PUT and POST?

The function name PUT is responsible for putting the particular resource of the file at the location where the uniform resource identifier is already present. This function is also used to locate the existing resource and changing the file according to the requirements. The post function helps send the information to the particular uniform resource identifier and it is under the expectation that the resource would be successful in dealing with the request made.


10. Describe the demerits associated with the rest of Web Services?

Some of the disadvantages include that there is no existence of the contract for defining the semantics existing between the client and the services. It is mainly based on HTTP and hence it cannot deal with asynchronous calls. We cannot maintain the sessions easily with the rest of Web Services.


11. Describe some best practices for the creation of the standard URI?

It makes use of the plural noun with a responsible for defining the resources and identifying the users as the resources. It also helps in avoiding the usage of spaces by using underscores or hyphens. It utilized the lower-case letters for keeping the URI name.


12. Describe some best practices for designing the resource representation?

It has a greater understanding of or operating the client and server relationship and utilizes the Representation format for the utilization of resources judiciously. Takes into consideration the two aspects such as completeness and linkability for the Representation of the resource in a complete manner.


13. What are the demerits associated with statelessness in restful web services?

One of the disadvantages associated with state list and describe that there is always a need for extra information for the web services for making any type of request and also during the interpretation of the state of the client whenever they are interacting with one another.


14. Describe primary security issues associated with the rest of Web Services?

One of the predominant issues the confidentiality that is required for the management of the multiple applications and authentication is another primary security issue for performing the verification process to identify the state of all the users to ensure that the web services are acting optimally for the write of uses.


15. What is the meaning of addressing in Association with restful Web Services?

The keyword addressing refers to the process of the location of the particular resource or more than one resource associated with one server and it is also used as an analogy for the location of the postal address of a concerned user.


16. What is the meaning of statelessness concerning restful web services?

The keyword statelessness refers to the restriction being imposed inside the rest architecture for not keeping the client state on a particular server. It helps in passing the context from one branch to another or from one server to another for the storage of a particular contact whenever there is any request made on behalf of the client.


17. How to distinguish between Monolithic, microservices architecture, and SOA?

Monolithic stands for the big container where we can store all the software components whereas the Service-oriented architecture is the bunch of all the services helpful for communicating with one another. Microservice architecture refers to the structures that are the collection of the small autonomous services present inside the business domain.


18. What is the major purpose of the HTTP status codes?

The HTTP codes help manage the predefined status of a particular activity associated with the server and these codes are used in the form of numbers where 401 acts as forbidden and 404 is known as not found.


19. What is the utilization of content-type header as and accept header in HTTP requests?

Accept headers are responsible for managing the web services and identification of the kind of response client that is being accepted After sending the responses. Type header help in the identification of the format of data associated with the server when we send a request.


20. What are the advantages associated with statelessness in restful Web Services?

We can easily build the connection between 1 client and others because it becomes easier to store the context for sending the request and the maintenance of the session can be inculcated by the server after identifying the session that is being passed by the client.


21. Why is GraphQL considered the best fit for managing the rest of API Web Services?

These microservices are the perfect fit because they help in managing the microservice architecture existing between declines and when will look according to the back in perspective we will find that it helps in managing the data in a unified manner for providing a single API to all the concerned applications.



These rest API questions are often considered as restful web services interview questions that are shared on the internet for most of the professionals to get in touch with the curriculum of the web developer.


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