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Salesforce provides several personalised, customisable and automated services to their clients pertaining to all the specific activities carried out by the marketing and sales team in a business enterprise. Salesforce features, platforms, tools, components and add-ons are all dedicated to reduce the time and efforts put by the employees of an organisation in performing complicated business tasks and in handling their vast customer database.


One such beneficial feature of Salesforce CRM is the fact that it helps the users in efficiently integrating with third party applications. This helps the users get the best mix of services provided by both the entities on a centralised platform. Also, Salesforce makes sure that the integration is not just with any random application, but only with the applications that would enhance the consistency and operational functionality of Salesforce. Succesful third party integration helps the users in getting their done faster as they would not have to switch platforms in performing the respective tasks.


What is Data Migration?

As the name suggests, data migration is the process of transferring data from one digital platform to another. This may also refer to the process of moving data from one format to another or simply a drag-and-drop movement of data across file locations.


Data migration is usually carried out the most when a new platform or application is introduced in the system. In the current scenario, data migration is often carried out by businesses when they are upgrading to a newer version of their applications or when they are shifting from on-premise infrastructure to cloud-based platforms. This shift helps them in increasing the flexibility in business activities, allowing data to be stored and managed at any time from any location.


Tools For Data Migration

The process of data migration is extremely critical and equally risky as there is always the fear of sensitive data being lost in transmission. It is therefore important for businesses in taking immense care whenever they are performing any activity that requires data migration. Salesforce CRM also requires certain data migration tools in order to integrate with relevant third party applications. Here are five such Salesforce integration tools for data migration that would help you transfer you data across platforms in a secure and reliable manner:


Import Wizard Salesforce

This is an official tool of Salesforce CRM that helps the users in importing majority of Salesforce standards objects, such as contacts, accounts, leads as well as solutions in an extremely simplified manner. This tool also allows you to import data from relevant custom objects. If you want to use this tool for data migration, you need to firstly organise all the concerned data at one source point. After doing so, start mapping and editing the concerned fields to start with the successful import of your data.


As of now, Import Wizard Salesforce is only compatible with prominent web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Also, it is important to note that you will only be able to import 50,000 records at one time and you will not be able to increase this number even by using multiple browser windows.


Apex Data Loader

Apex Data loader is one of the most widely acclaimed and trusted data migration tools for Salesforce integration, which can be accessed if you have a valid Salesforce as well as an External ID. Majority of the Salesforce Development Services providers prefer using Apex Data Loader essentially because of the fact that it automatically detects whether the concerned record is for updating an existing entry or for updating an altogether new entry into the platform, followed by an appropriate course of action.


This results in the users being freed from the labour of performing an array of manual tasks. Apex Data Loader also offers you with a feature called “Mass Delete” used for deleting the unwanted or duplicated data, which is claimed by certain data science experts to be even more efficient that Salesforce’s bulk delete.


Jitterbit Data Loader

Jitterbit Data loader is also one of the most frequently used ETL tool for the purpose of undertaking data migration for Salesforce. One of the standout features of this tool is the fact that it comes in a free version with all the basic features. This allows you to avail the automate services of the tool with no extra charges. As Jitterbit Data Loader has a highly simplified interface that performs multiple functions simultaneously, it is majorly used by Salesforce administrators in performing all the Ad-hoc tasks.


The tool also offers the features pertaining to inserting and updating records, along with the option of mass delete. However, it is important to note that in spite of the free version allowing you to use majority of its basic features, it would limit its services when it comes to availing high customisation for the management of sharing of your ETL projects.


Talend Open Studio

Talend Open Studio is an open-source integration tool for Salesforce used for data migration that essentially provides a centralised environment for carrying out several tasks in an efficient manner. Based on the Eclipse IDE, this data migration tool more or less offers all the essential services provided by its prominent counterparts in the market, but is exclusively known for its feature called “data transformation toolkit”.


This feature allows the users in performing important and challenging activities such as data cleansing and management of master data in a considerably simplified manner. However, it is also important to note that this tool cannot be used by any business enterprise. Owing to all the additional functionalities and services provided by Talend Open Studio, the tool has become more complicated over the period of time and would function smoothly only if you are able to deploy high-grade professional resources in your organisation.

This is again a highly reliable and beneficial data migration tool allowing Salesforce CRM to integrate with third party applications. One of the major advantages of this tool is that fact that it is completely cloud-based. Therefore, there is no hassle of getting it installed in your offices on an on-premise basis, saving you considerable time in the implementation process. Also, the cloud-based approach to this tool allows increase flexibility in work as your employees can log into the system at any time from any place and manage the data seamlessly.


This would also help your team in carrying out data transfer in case of an emergency, when on-premise systems cannot be used. Also, this tool works efficiently with repositories such as SFTP, Box, FTP and DropBox, resulting in seamless import and export of sensitive data, along with the option of deleting data as and when required. is the ideal option for businesses wanting to undertake large-scale migration of data as it offers exclusive services to its users such as intelligent mapping of data and it helps the users in scheduling automation in the complicated and large-scale tasks performed by the employees. Along with all these services, this data migration tool also provides efficient notification correspondence services to their users, further allowing seamless transfer of data across various platforms in a faster and a more convenient manner.



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