Top 71 Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers

Salesforce Interview questions are helpful for the experts including the beginners. Salesforce interview questions and answers will help you to sort the various queries in the networking industry. Salesforce developer interview questions are more often prepared based on the experience of the professionals.


The Salesforce technical interview questions many times help us to get updated about the Salesforce platform scenario. Interview questions on Salesforce directly guide us about the importance of the present situation associated with job opportunities.


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1. Is the same profile allowed for the two users? Can we assign two profiles to a single user?

For the first question, the answer is yes. One profile can be created by the administrator and can be assigned to the campaigns, opportunities, and other leads. For the second question, a single-use sir can possess a single profile only.


2. What do you mean by salesforce Governor Limits?

The Governor limits inside salesforce are responsible for controlling the amount of data and the number of records that are being stored inside a database that is being shared among the customers. Make sure that you know all the types of governor limits because these limits issue one of the exceptions known as the Runtime exception which we cannot cancel in any situation.


3. What do you mean by sandbox org in Salesforce? Discuss the kinds of sandboxes?

Sandbox org is the duplicated copy of the production org. It can be used when the testing should be done for the visual force page.


4. Is it possible to edit Apex Trigger or Apex class in an environment that is productive? Is it possible to edit the visualforce page in the same environment?

No, we cannot edit the apex class. We can edit and create the visual force pages if there is something distinct to be developed.


5. Discuss the distinct data types under standard field records?

They are text field or the auto number which has a limitation of a maximum of 80 characters.


6. Why different domains are used for serving the visual force pages?

This is done for improving the standards maintain for security and blocking the acts like cross-site scripting.


7. What is meant by WhoId and WhatID in Salesforce?

WhoID is used to refer to the people but WhatID refers to the objects,


8. Write the use of sharing rules in Salesforce? Can data access be restricted using the sharing rule?

For editing the access in the mode of public read and write, the sharing rules are used. The answer is no for the second question.


9. Discuss the kinds of email templates inside Salesforce?

  • 1.HTML with letterhead – only admins have permission to create this.
  • 2.Custom HTML – users and admin people can create or change this.
  • 3.Visualforce – developers and admin people can create or change.

10. What is meant by a bucket field in Salesforce?

It helps in grouping the related records according to the segments based on ranges without the application of custom fields in a complex formula.


11. Explain dynamic dashboards. Is it possible to schedule dynamic dashboards?

These dashboards are used for displaying the tailored information for a specific user.


12. Discuss the distinct two types of Salesforce reports? Is it possible to do mass deletion of the reports?

  • Tabular reports are being used for providing a list of items.
  • Summary reports help in grouping the rows and taking subtotal.
  • Matrix reports help in grouping the rows and columns


13. Discuss the types of Salesforce object relations. How can they be created?

The master-detail relationship can be defined between the two custom objects.

The lookup relationship is used for the creation of the link between two objects without depending on the parent object.


14. What happens next when we delete a master record? How does it affect the child’s record when we delete the parent record?

The detail record gets automatically deleted what the child record will remain intact.


15. Can we maintain a roll-up summary with a master-detail relationship?

The answer is yes.


16. What is data skew?

It is a condition encountered when you are handling 10,000 records for a good lead.


17. What is the skinny table? Discuss the considerations.

These tables are used for accessing the used fields frequently.


18. Which fields do we find being indexed automatically?

Foreign keys, primary keys, custom fields, and Audit date.


19. How you can handle commas when you upload with the help of a data loader?

We need to use double quotation marks for enclosing the content.


20. Which criteria do not support the creation of time-dependent work?

Time triggers do not support the creation time dependent work unless custom date and time is defined.


21. Discuss the different kinds of custom settings and their advantages.

Hierarchy custom settings and list custom settings other two types. The advantage of custom settings is the creation of a custom set of access rules by the developers and hierarchy custom settings help in generating the personalizing settings for or certain users.


22. Tell the number of active assignment rules that can be present in a lead?

Only one.


23. Define custom labels. Explain the character limit of those.

The custom labels are considered as the custom text values used for accessing from the visual force pages. The maximum you can make 5000 custom labels.


24. Distinguish between the Salesforce profile and the Salesforce role?

A profile is a compulsory component for every use of whereas roll allows the higher authorities to access the lower authority’s records.


25. Suggest examples of nondeterministic formula fields?

The formula fields for making the reference pants and the fields possessing the dynamic date functions.


26. What is the need for writing test classes? What is the way to identify the test class?

Test classes are helpful in the creation of the error-free coding. Each test class has an annotation with @isTest.


27. For the deployment of the trigger, suggest the minimum coverage for the test?

Minimum 75 percentage of the total Apex coding should be covered.


28. Discuss how we can deploy the codes inside salesforce?

Eclipsing with the and salesforce packages


29. What do you mean by external ID? Discuss all types of data types utilized as external ID?

External IDs are used as the custom fields for the unique identifiers. The data types are auto number, number, and text.


30. Mention the number of callouts made in the single Apex transaction to the external service?

Maximum hundred callouts


31. Suggest a method of exposing in Apex class in the form of REST Web Service?

A method called global classes or Web Service call-back method.


32. Distinguish between the custom controller and standard controller?

Custom controllers help in implementing the logic without the usage of the standard controller. The standard controller helps in inheriting the standard object properties directly.


33. How to execute pagination in visualforce?

The controlling the frequency of records on every page.


34. How controller Method can be called from JavaScript?

The usage of the action function allows calling a controller method.


35. How to use Apex Code for getting the user ID of all the logged-in people?

Using the function UserInfo.getUserId


36. Tell the number of records that can be returned by the select query? Also mention the number of records being returned by SOSL query.

Maximum 50,000 records by SOQL and maximum 2000 records by SOSL.


37. Explain the attribute tag?

Attribute tag is used for defining an attribute that possesses the form of a child only.


38. Explain the kinds of findings present within the Visualforce.

Data binding help in referring to a data set, action methods are referred to by the action bindings and component binding’s help in referring to the visualforce components.


39. Discuss the kinds of collections present inside effects along with the maps.

Sets, maps, and lists are three different collection types. Maps can be used for storing the data as key-value pairs.


40. What is the way of embedding a visual flow inside the visualforce page?

We need to find the unique name and enter the flow from the setup. After clicking the name of the flow, we can copy the flow name and enter the visual force pages followed by selecting the visual force pages. Also, we can define the page and add the component of <flow: interview>. Finally, the week end gives the attribute name and clicks on save.


41. Why is the application of “@future”?

It is used for the identification and execution of methods in an asynchronous manner.


42. Discuss the methods of batch Apex class?

Three methods are the start method, execute the method, and finish method.


43. Explain the Visualforce component?

Visualforce component is of the form standardized from the library rules for determining the behaviour of the user interface.


44. Explain the meaning of Trigger New?

The command helps in returning the records list being added to the sObjects.


45. Mention the data types that can be stored inside a set.

The user-defined data types, built-in effects types, collections, and primitive types.


46. Explain the meaning of sObjects type ?

It is the name of the object that we store in the platform called for representing any object.


47. Distinguish between SOQL and SOSL?

SOQL allows only the search of a single object whereas, with SOSL, you can search any number of objects.


48. Explain the Apex transaction?

It is used for representing the operations said to implement in the form of a single unit.


49. Distinguish between global class and public class inside Apex ?

The global class can be accessed on all the instances of Salesforce whereas; public classes are only accessible inside the specific namespaces.


50. Explain setter and getter methods?

The get methods are used for passing the values from the collector to the visualforce page but the set method helps in setting the value back to the controller.


51. Define Cloud Computing?

It is the practice of applying the remote servers in a network for storing and managing the data.


52. Write the syntax of sandbox URL?


53. Write the syntax production URL?


54. Explain the meaning of production.

Coding changes are not allowed in the production because end-users are responsibly utilizing the application form in the production environment.


55. Define sandbox?

For making modifications inside the existing application sandbox is used for copying the contents inside a production environment.


56. Discuss kinds of sandboxes?

There are four types of sandboxes that include developer, developer pro, partial data, and full copy sandbox.


57. Define developer sandbox?

It is used for copying the only configuration modification in the production environment and is not useful for copying the real-time data.


58. Define developer Pro sandbox?

It is used for copying the changes inside the configuration and not the real-time data.


59. Define partial data sandbox?

It allows the changes inside the copy configuration and the limit of the real-time data is 5GB.


60. Define full copy sandbox?

It is used for exactly copying the data in the production environment both in the case of configuration and real-time data.


61. Define track field history?

It helps us to watch the set history tracking button provided under the custom of fields and relationship section for tracking the fields


62. Discuss the salesforce activities?

There are 2 types of activities-

  1. Task- assignment to a person.
  2. Event- it is provided with a time limit and all should gather within the limit.


63. How can we do rename the tab?

A plural label is responsible for deciding the tab name. the plural name needs to be renamed by going to the object detail page.


64. Suggest a way of displaying the multiple columns by clicking the tab?

Go to the menu called Expand, then do editing of the columns. Make the changes in the selected fields and press the save button.


65. Distinguish between ISBLANK () AND ISNULL ()?

  • ISBLANK ()- relevant for data type like- number.
  • ISNULL ()- relevant for data type like- number and text both.


66. Explain the dependent pick list?.

When one of the fields (dependent) is controlled by other, the system is a dependent pick list.


67. Explain the salesforce architecture.

There are 3 components- controller, model, and view.


68. Distinguish between the 18-digit and 15-digit id.

15-digit id is dependent on the case, but 18-digit id does not and is used for the manipulation of the data present outside Salesforce.


69. Define Record Type.

Distinct pick list values and fields can be shown by assigning the page layouts for different profiles.


70. Distinguish between edit page and detail page?

Edit page is used for editing and creating the records but the detail page displays the record information.


71. Define out of box functionality.

These functionalities get available already; we need not do any coding.



We hope that you have got a fair idea about the Salesforce questions and all the miscellaneous information about salesforce testing interview questions. This would help you out in gaining experience at every level.


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