Salesforce lightning interview questions & Answers

Salesforce lightning interview questions help get an idea about the attributes and configurations of the Salesforce platform. We often talk about lightning interview questions when the salesforce professionals are in the mode of preparation for the salesforce interview exam that covers most of the potential topics of Salesforce lightning.


The lightning Salesforce interview questions include a wide variety of concepts associated with Salesforce lightning. Lightning interview questions in Salesforce are in association with the real-time experimental work conducted by salesforce users. In this digital piece, we are going to cover the lightning interview questions Salesforce for your better knowledge and understanding.


1. Discuss the scope of using the lightning Segments

There can be used are many areas –


  1. The segment is called by another name as drag and drop segment. This can be used inside the community builder and the Lightning app builder
  2. Adding updated salesforce version known as lightning into the lightning pages
  3. Adding the function of salesforce know lightning segments to the record pages
  4. Launching them in the form of a quick action
  5. At the time of doing the task of overriding the specific standard actions
  6. Creating the standalone applications


2. Elaborate on the method applied for building the Lightning segments?

For the building of the lightning segments, we use two types of programming models known as the original aura model and the function of the salesforce known lightning segment model.


3. Write about the way to create the page under Lightning record and discuss the various kinds of the same?

For the creation of pages under the Lightning record as a part of Salesforce, the application called the Lightning App Builder is used (for the creation of distinct kinds of pages). There are three distinct categories of the record pages –

  • Home
  • page
  • Record page
  • App page


4. Make a list of the options which are the part of page assignment of the Lightning record?

Lightning pages handle three different types of levels which can be assigned to them. The first lightning page includes the org default. The second level of lightning record page assignment is the application default that is responsible for overriding the assignment being done at the level of org. The third type of level for The Lightning record page assignment is-Creating application, profile, and record type. This level is responsible for overriding the assignment at 2 levels- the application level and the org level.


5. Mention the meaning of attributes? Discuss the various criteria needed for creating the attributes?

Attributes or nothing but the variables for storing the values. The major segments needed to be included are-Specifying the name, type, elaborating the description, and providing access to the definition of the attribute. The needed criteria used for the attributes are – the type and the name inside a definition of the attribute.


6. Discuss the kinds of attributes used for storing the values?

Different types of attributes are given below- Date time, double, date, boolean, integer, list, array, decimal, long, map.


7. Describe the method of accessing a value from the attribute?

You can access the value with the use of Value Provide. The symbol is v.


8. Explain the way of calling a JavaScript controller action from the segment under lightning called markup?

For calling the JavaScript controller we can apply the action provider from the segment markup.


9. Name the platform for getting the ID of record from the record detail page?

The configuration used for getting the record from the record detail page is force: has recorded.


10. Write the name of the platform for making the segment available for all the pages?

The configuration used for all the pages is flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes..


11. Which is the platform for overriding the standard action?

The configuration used for overriding the standard action inside the lightning web segment is Lightning: action override.


12. Name of the platform for making the segment available inside the record home page?

The configuration used for making the segment available only on the record homepage is flexipage:availableForRecordHome.


13 . Name the platform for using the segment in the form of a tab?

The configuration used for using the segment in the form of the tab is force:appHostable.


14. Tell me about the platform used for using the segment in the form of Quick action?

The configuration used for using the segment in the form of quick action is force: lightning-quick action.


15. Explain the platform for detecting the change in the value of the Attribute and calling the controller method based on any modification?

The configuration used for changing the attribute value and calling the controller method based on any modification is attributeNameWhereValueChangeOccured.


16. Discuss the procedure of calling the controller method based on the segment load?

For calling the controller method on the basis of the segment load we can use the Syntax as- <aura:handler  name=”init” value=”{!this}” action=”{!c.doInitialization}”/


17. Explain the meaning of segment events?

The segment events are defined as those events which are being executed on behalf of the child segments. These events help handle the actions of the parent segment. The major application of the segment events is for passing the value from the child segment to the parent segment.


18. Explain the meaning of the application event?

The application events are basically for handling any type of segment and are fired on behalf of any type of segment. These events are not in the need of any type of relationship existing between the segments. We need to make sure that the segments are inside a single application.


19. Explain the application of the method called aura: method?

The use of this method is for passing the value from the parent segment as a child segment controller.


20. Elaborate on the method of defining the field-level security inside the Lightning web segment?

The method used for defining the field level security is Lightning:recordViewForm, force:recordData, Lightning:recordViewForm, and force:recordData.


21. Describe the meaning of lightning out?

Lightning out is used for utilizing the segment for the external site. One of the best advantages is associated with the usage of the lightning segment inside the visualforce page.


22. Explain the meaning of force:recordData and discuss the major advantages?

It is one of the standard controllers being provided within the lightning segment which is responsible for operating the event such as creating a record, editing the record, and its deletion. It is also helpful in defining and identifying duplication of any type of request to the server.


23. Discuss the various kinds of Segment bundles we refer to when we are working with the lightning segment configuration?

The segment which is containing markup and a Controller that is responsible for handling the event from the client side. Style is used for containing the style for the segment and documentation is used for recording the uses of the segments. The render segment helps act as the helper is for writing the common logic provided within the helper so that it can be used by the different controller methods.


24. Discuss the distinct kinds of phases inside the segment event propagation?

Two stages are the present known as bubble and capture


25. Discuss the distinct kinds of phases inside propagation application

The first phase can be termed a bubble, the second phase can be termed as capture and the final phase is known as a bubble


26. Name the method of propagating the bubble phase and the capture phase?

The propagation is done with the help of the bubble phase that propagates the action from bottom to the top whereas the capture phase is responsible for propagating from top to bottom.


27. Explain the meaning of an unbound and bound statement?

When we call a child segment from the parent segment there is a change in the difference of the value of the parent attribute along with the child segment. Concerning the unbound expression, there is no effect in terms of value of the parent attribute when any change is made in the child segment.


28. How can you give the meaning of Aura?

Aura framework has been designed on behalf of the Salesforce platform to create the user annexation segments.


29. Write the meaning of Lightning: navigation? Discuss the action of navigating with the application of Lightning: navigation?

It is used for navigating to a certain page reference for the generation of the URL. Page reference is one of the javascript Objects used for referencing the page by providing the organized values and description. There are supported features with the help of which navigation can be called an object page, as well as lightning segment and record page.


30. How can you explain the meaning of the consolidation called Lightning: is URL addressable?

For the navigation of the segment, we use called Lightning: is URL addressable.



Hope this article has enlightened you on the various updates on the new version of salesforce. We wish you all the best for your salesforce lightning exam with Salesforce interview questions on lightning. You can feel free to ask the doubts about the Salesforce lightning interview questions and answers by contacting us directly.


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