How to Connect Mailchimp and Salesforce?

The MailChimp Salesforce integration can be developed by the installation of the Salesforce integration in your dedicated Salesforce account for the synchronization of the data with Mailchimp. The Mail Chimp is the concerned website where you can proceed with the installation process.


The MailChimp Salesforce integration can be developed whenever you are connecting your integration and passing marketing and sales leads including all the contacts to the Mailchimp. The MailChimp is responsible for targeting all the contacts and leads with specialized email content.


In the following digital module, you will be learning ways of connecting the Salesforce integration and setting up the application for syncing the data with the count of Mailchimp.


Prerequisites required before you begin the process of building a connection with the Salesforce integration

For building the connection between Mailchimp and Salesforce, the very first process that you need to ascertain is that the Mailchimp account should have access on behalf of the manager for the higher authorities for the completion of the process of integration. Secondly, if you want to move information associated with the user levels you can check out the manage user levels in the account.


The MailChimp Salesforce integration can be developed with the salesforce which appears in the Classic view in a different form in comparison to the Salesforce lightning experience.


Salesforce and Mailchimp integration process need limited,, developer, and professional edition of Salesforce platform.


You can easily address the changes associated with the classics and lightning platform of Salesforce but the functionality is constant. Whenever you are taking advantage of the professional edition you need to proceed with the accessing of the grant from the Salesforce account executive so that it can enable the API accessibility before the installation procedure of the Salesforce integration.


You can take the advantage of the integration for building the connection with your Salesforce account and the single Mailchimp account and for ensuring its successful connectivity it is always recommended that the installation process should be complete in one go.


Suppose there is a need for the completion of the installation process in the separate steps that you need to move ahead by clicking the app launcher dropdown menu and finally select the Salesforce integration.


To resume the installation process, you need to choose the MC setup tab.It can be possible for the majority of us that we choose the Mailchimp account according to the premium plan so that we can easily map around 80 fields. Always keep in mind that only the RSS campaigns along with the regular mails are visible in the Salesforce integration.


Also, there is the requirement of the accessing Salesforce integration.


The installation procedure of the Salesforce integration

The first step projects the installation of the application in the Salesforce account and for the installation of the Salesforce integration, some steps need to be followed.


1. Firstly you need to make the navigation towards the Apex interesting of the Salesforce integration and then click on the menu named as get it now.


2. Now you would be directed to the module known as let’s get started where you have to click on the login button for logging in with the account.


3. The next step is to choose the login option and finally you can proceed with entering the login credentials and click the button of login.


4. Next, you need to press the button for the installation process which is called install in production and after the confirmation of the installation details page, you can also verify the box provided next to the I have read and agree to the terms and conditions by pressing the confirm and install button.


5. Also you need to select the install for all users and finally click on install after approving the third-party access option by clicking yes. After clicking yes, you will be granting permission to access the websites associated with the third-party vendors and the last step is to click the continue button.

The process of installation can take few minutes the complete and after that, it is completed the salesforce is responsible for pushing a notification to you on your email.


Also, you need to keep in mind that after the completion of the installation process you need to install another application known as Wizard for proving the authentication of your Mailchimp account.


Important points to be remembered for building the integration

One of the points that we should ponder on suggests that every feature is not supported by the Salesforce sandbox rather we need to select the particular application in the Salesforce sandbox while utilizing it for the particular purpose and the data will not get synchronized properly to the Mailchimp.


For the confirmation that all the applications and the embedded functions are smooth, the expected all the users are recommended to install the install in production and select the install for all user’s option for the versatile utilities.


Step 1: For building the connection between Salesforce and Mailchimp

The very first step is called the authentication step and before you move ahead with the creation of the leads or sinking of the databases you need to look for the requirement of the connection for the Mailchimp account to the Salesforce account. For the authentication of the MailChimp account, we need to follow some steps and the process is known as authentication.


First of all, we need to login into the Salesforce account, and after clicking the app launcher dropdown menu will need to select Mailchimp for Salesforce to proceed with the step of clicking the MC setup tab.


After logging into the account there will be a pop-up window displaying on your screen after that you have to click ok.


At last, there will be e the procedure for inputting the username and password for the selected account and click on login for the management of the multiple Mailchimp accounts. You need to keep in mind while selecting the count you are building the connection between the Salesforce and a Mailchimp account. This is a procedure for the authentication of the account and now you are wholly ready for setting up the lead creation.


Step 2: For the creation of the lead

For the creation of the lead, you will be allowed to enter into the Mailchimp account for the creation of the Salesforce lead with the help of the subscribers in the context of the Mailchimp account you don’t have the permission of accessing leads and contacts of salesforce now.


The first step for enjoying the guilt shame for the creation of the leads and contacts is the checking of the box which is provided next to the menu known as allow Mailchimp to create leads in Salesforce?


Then we have to choose I am ready to map fields. We need to remember that if we are not comfortable in allowing the creation of the lead at this particular time, we can click another option named as I am ready to map fields for moving onto the next step.


After choosing the option of not allowing for the creation of the lead, there is no option for the creation of the leads with the help of Salesforce integration embedded from the existing Mailchimp subscribers.
All the number of subscribers that get added one by one to the audience after the creation of the lead gets enabled and added in the form of Leads inside the salesforce for building connection and integration.


Step 3 : The process of mapping the fields

In this step will need to map the fields by following the number of steps where we have to click the drop-down menu salesforce lead field and the Salesforce contact field for matching with the existing fields under Mailchimp.
Finally, we can click on the save button and after that, we will be prompted to map out the fields for every type of audience existing in the context of the Mailchimp account for building a connection with the account.


In case you desire that you don’t want to proceed with the process of mapping the field for any type of audience you can click on the save button for moving ahead with the process.


Enabling permission sets

For working with the Salesforce integration if you desire that your Salesforce account users should be in the requirement of granting the right permission set assignment then we have to enable the permission sets by using the Mailchimp users who will be able to view the Mailchimp data existing inside the Salesforce ecosystem.


Also, there are Mailchimp admins which help in viewing the Museum information and the utilities by using the query builder for building the queries inside Salesforce.



This was the precise information associated with the development of the procedures of Salesforce Mailchimp integration. After you have done with the process of Salesforce integration now you will be easy during the Mailchimp campaign activity on the Salesforce platform and for the utilize the query builder for adding the contacts and leads in the form of subscribers in Mailchimp.


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