Best Software Development Skills To Learn In 2021

In the age of digitization, software development holds immense importance and relevance in almost every industry. Software platforms are used by organizations and individuals on a regular basis to streamline a number of processes. In 2021, it is difficult to imagine life without digitized platforms and software to undertake several activities, including ordering meals, interacting with friends, collaborating with peers, and much more.


Further, this increases the demand for software developers around the world. Irrespective of their scale of operations and the industry they belong to, organizations are always looking to hire skilled software developers for building and deploying responsive digital platforms. This has encouraged young graduates to enter the world of programming and experienced professionals to switch their career paths.


In order to excel in the IT industry in 2021, it is always important for professionals to be thorough with software development. If you are willing to secure a job as a software developer at your favorite company, here are some of the best software development skills that you should learn in 2021:


Proficiency In Programming Languages

It goes without saying that software developers are required to be proficient in programming languages. Based on your interests and the domain you are willing to work in, you need to master one or more programming languages to build a successful career as a software developer.


In simple words, programming or coding languages are different kinds of source codes written by an individual for specific programs. As a software developer, you would be required to excel in at least one programming language to increase your chances of landing job opportunities. In order to make the right choice, it is important to determine the type of program that aligns with your interests and capabilities.


Here are some of the most common programming languages you can choose from based on your preferences:


1. HTML – HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a programming language that is used as a standardized option for displaying text and image content on a web application, involving bullet lists, charts, and paragraphs.


2. JavaScript – This programming language helps developers in designing systems for an interactive website and/or web application that displays specific information after a user clicks on a button.


3. Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) – This programming language allows developers to add fonts, colors, and spacing to text content on a web application. This makes most developers learn HTML and CSS and use both programming languages simultaneously.


4. Python – Python is a multi-faceted programming language allowing developers to accomplish a range of software development tasks, including the writing of code for an entire application or tracking errors in the concerned language. Python has a simple structure, making it easier to learn as compared to most programming languages.


5. C++ – C++ helps developers in building programs that optimize hardware capabilities, such as medical equipment software. It is often used by video game developers for designing complex gaming systems along with high-quality computer graphics.


6. Java – Java allows developers to create programs and applications across multiple computer systems. It is used by video game developers for developing high-quality video games. This is because it has a structure that is similar to C++ along with fewer complexities.


Knowledge Of Databases

Along with being well-versed with programming languages, aspiring software developers need to have a knowledge of databases as well. Databases are electronic systems that help users in organizing and structure specific information, specifically the records maintained by an organization.


Software developers need to have a clear understanding of searching for information, adding new lines of data in the format of a table, and updating the system with new and relevant materials. They are also required to know how to secure a database and create a backup for their data to keep the company records safe.


In order to be well-versed with databases, it is advisable to learn a standardized source code known as Structured Query Language. (SQL). This language allows developers to operate different systems operated by different companies.


Understanding Data Structures And Algorithms

If you are willing to become a software developer in 2021, it is important to have a clear understanding of data structures and algorithms. In simple words, data structures are the different organizational methods used for storing information within a database. On the other hand, algorithms are used for determining a suitable combination for optimizing information in the code of a program.


For example, a completed array structure is capable of storing different variations of the same data type, such as writing a specific program that stores front information.


If the developer makes use of the right algorithm, it allows users to choose specific types of fonts and their sizes.


For learning different data structures, it is always advisable to take up a suitable course that teaches you how to develop and implement them within a program. Some of the major online certification courses for the same include:


1. Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization by Coursera

2. Professional Certificate in Data Structures and Algorithms by EdX

3. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass by Udemy

4. Data Structures and Algorithms Nanodegree Certification by Udacity


Source Control Management (SCM)

Source Control Management (SCM) refers to a system that helps a team of software developers track updates and changes to the coding language of a specific program. It provides every software developer with an opportunity for working separately on a code, followed by merging the records into a single version.


SCM systems allow developers to generate a list of code revisions and help them restore a language to a previous state (if needed). It is always important for aspiring developers to learn the functionality of an SCM system as companies often need developers to work in terms of the same coding projects.


Organizations and individual developers can use Git – a program that is an SCM application that allows developers to store different versions of a program code in a single folder system. It employs a brand system for organizing every development project, which implies that a primary branch represents the original version of a code. On the other hand, any additional branches connecting to it represent relevant modifications. Moreover, Git is an open-source program, meaning that it is available for everyone to use.


Proficiency In Testing Procedures

It is important for every software developer to undertake intricate testing procedures before releasing software platforms for end-use. This requires developers to use an array of digital tools to make sure that the concerned product/app/program meets all development standards and fulfills all the design requirements.


Software developers are required to check the ability of developed program’s ability to run on multiple hardware/software devices and store valuable information. There are no standard testing processes. Every organization devises its own processes, which makes it important for aspiring software developers to be well-versed with the fundamental aspects of testing before applying the same to their projects.


Some of the major components of software testing as discussed as follows:


1. Unit Testing – Unit testing involves the evaluation of individual lines of code for determining if they need to be modified. Software developers are often required to create a distinct unit test for every development project they work on. This is important to examine the key elements of the developed program.


2. Integration Testing – Integration testing is a testing method used by developers for determining whether it is possible to merge different areas of the code of a program successfully. The testing method is also commonly used for observing the interaction of one software program with another.


3. System Testing – System testing is a process undertaken after integration testing for determining if the developed product is capable of fulfilling user expectations. A software developer needs to be thorough with the steps of system testing as testing professionals often interact with them regarding suggestions for making alterations.


Debugging Skills

Every software developer is required to possess debugging skills. Debugging refers to a software development process for addressing and removing errors within the coding language of a program. It involves running the developed program through a dedicated software platform(s) for observing all errors with precision.


Once the errors are identified, developers are required to use their problem-solving skills for debugging the concerned code while writing it to make sure that it is functional in the testing language. Every aspiring developer should learn debugging skills to remove specific errors from the developed platforms and develop effective debugging processes.


Knowledge Of Operating Systems

It is always important for software developers to be well-versed with multiple operating systems to deploy the programs effectively. Operating systems describe software used for configuring the hardware of a device and running specific programs on the same. Knowledge of different operating systems allows developers to conduct effective testing procedures and transfer lines of code between them.


The Final Word

These were some of the most important software development skills every aspiring software developer needs to possess in 2021. Software development is gaining steady momentum that is only going to increase in the years to come. Securing your job as a software developer opens doors to several opportunities that would help you leverage your professional growth.


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