7 Keys To A Successful Salesforce Implementation

Handling CRM is never an easy task as it involves dealing with arguably the most dynamic aspect of a business enterprise – the customers. It takes immense physical and mental struggle when it comes to dealing with the database comprising of your customers.


Fortunately, the majority of this task is taken care of by CRM software. Salesforce is a common name when it comes to CRM software and it has helped numerous businesses in dealing with their customers in an effective manner. However, simply having Salesforce installed in your office is not going to help you in any manner. You should know how to make the best use of the software.


If you are successful in implementing Salesforce in your organisation, you can overcome almost any obstacle that comes in the way of your sales team. Here are some of the most effective ways you can consider when it comes to successful Salesforce implementation:


Make Sure You Never Stop Planning

When it comes to any matter that directly or indirectly affects the functioning of your business enterprise, it is always advisable that you make relevant plans regarding the same. Charting out plans would provide you with a blueprint of the courses of action you are likely to take, thereby preparing you for any challenges you might face when you actually take the chosen way.


Before you implement Salesforce in your organisation, plan for its optimum use with every single person who would be associated with the software. Make sure all the teams understand how the CRM is supposed to function and how successful Salesforce implementation is going to reward all of them. Make your sales team aware of the plan of action you are going to follow along with all the relevant objectives and mission statements put in place. This will instill a sense of confidence in your team and would ultimately affect the way your organisation functions positively.


Don’t Start With Advanced Implementation

Owing to the technology the software is built using, there are chances you will be tempted to implement the same in the most advanced manner and across your business organisation. However, it is advisable to take baby steps when it comes to Salesforce implementation as there are more chances of you going wrong if you start big.


No matter how experienced you are and how much knowledge you possess regarding Salesforce, you will only be truly comfortable with its use once you have spent considerable time on job working with Salesforce. Start with a small department and with people who need Salesforce the most.


Make sure they get accustomed to use the software and thoroughly train the personnel who is not familiar with the CRM software. Give them access to authentic Salesforce Implementation Guide that would help them use the software in the best way possible. Once you are certain of the fact that you and your team are experienced enough to use Salesforce, only then take bigger steps and go advanced with the software. This would assure your team a sustainable growth.


Delegate Suitable Project Manager

When it comes to handling CRM software, you need to have a capable person delegated as the project manager who would take care of their team and its members. Also, make sure you do this at an early stage of Salesforce implementation as the software comes with a lot of work to be done and adapting to the same might take some time by your team. An able project manager would start handling important matters as soon as Salesforce gets implemented in your company. It is advisable for the manager to have an IT background along with decent management experience. It is also important for them to have analytical skills in order to make adequate assessment of important data.


Undergo User Adoption Immediately

Although Salesforce is CRM software that makes complicated tasks simpler and does majority of the laborious work your sales team would have to do otherwise, it would take time for your personnel to get fully accustomed to its features, especially if you were had been using different software for a long time. It is therefore necessary for you to conduct user adoption as soon as the technology is installed in your organisation.


Make sure every member of the sales team is trained properly and they are able to make full use of the system. You can also take relevant help from a trusted Salesforce Implementation Company in order to train your employees. It is important for you know that you will only be able to implement Salesforce and use it effectively after your team gets used to its features.


Get Relevant Data Into The System

One of the major tasks simplified by Salesforce is collecting diverse data and storing the same in a centralized manner. It is therefore important to make sure that the data you are collecting is authentic. If the data you are collecting is faulty, every action that follows will be adversely affected and the efforts of your sales team would fall like Domino. Make thorough and periodic checks when it comes to the sources from which you collect the customer data.


Make sure there is no duplication and every single detail being entered into the system is authentic. If the frequency of data exchanges is high in your organisation, the need to check data authenticity is even greater. Owing to the way Salesforce stores complex data in the system and makes important assessments of the same, it becomes your responsibility the data you are feeding it is clean and full-proof.


Keep Your Team Updated About Salesforce

We live in the time when there are constant changes in every field where technology is used. You need to be in sync with the very latest technology that is prevalent in the market in order to remain competent. This is why it is important for you and your sales team to keep gaining knowledge about Salesforce and the technology it uses in order to stay updated on a periodic basis. Make the best use of training programs and relevant workshops. Conduct user adoption programs if and when needed by your team. Keep every member of the sales team (and/or other relevant team) informed whenever you are adapting the latest technology.


Find Your Suitable Partners

Though Salesforce is a highly effective platform when it comes to collecting, storing and processing important customer data, it does not help much when it comes to making important marketing implementations. You therefore need suitable partners that would work in collaboration with your firm and would help you make best use of the data that Salesforce made sense of. Finding a partner would depend on the business model you follow and the purpose you are willing to serve in compliance with the concerned partner.


If your business highly depends on a mobile application, make the best use of AppExchange and tie up with the most suitable application. If you need faster delivery of products, make the best use of Salesforce Field Service Lightning and customize your services further. There will be a partner or collaborator available to you for every need that arises. All you need to do is find the right one!


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