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Since it was first introduced and implemented in the market, Salesforce has always been the go-to option for business enterprises when it comes to choosing the most reliable CRM software platform. Salesforce has helped several business organisations in handling their customer data in the most effective manner and automating varied tasks performed by the marketing and sales team in a company.


For the longest time, the look and feel of Salesforce CRM was more or less consistent, until the company launched its new user interface, called Salesforce Lightning. Staying true to its name, Salesforce Lightning is essentially dedicated in speeding up the otherwise tedious and complicated activities performed by your sales team. Making effective use of the latest technology, this new version also helps you in automating the tasks in order to reduce human efforts to a considerable extent.


Salesforce Lightning provides an enhanced, accurate and automated platform to store, process, segment and assess your valuable customer data. It also comes with several enhanced tools, features and components that make sense of the seemingly complicated data, analyse the same and provide you with productive feedback. This not only helps you getting work done faster, but also helps you in making key business decisions.


Here are four of the most important things you need to know about Salesforce Lightning:


Increase Efficiency in Lead Management

One of the most important and demanding tasks to be performed by the marketing and sales team is that of managing the leads they generate. Salesforce Lightning takes the process of lead management a step higher by providing utmost automation and accuracy.


The interface of Salesforce Lightning takes care of all your leads once you have generated them and made the relevant entries. By employing effective Sales Cloud services, the platform would help you score the leads according to their responses. The leads with more favourable responses would be given a higher priority in no time, which considerably reduces the manual labour your team would otherwise have to put for doing the same.


The platform would also help you in the cleansing of your sales pipeline by keeping only the high-scoring leads and shifting the unresponsive ones to a new pipeline. This way, you can focus on closing the deals through the qualified leads and nurture the lesser responsive ones separately.


Envouraging Faster Sales

Salesforce Lightning does everything possible to make sure you make more sales and do so at a faster speed. The platform gives its users fifty five new Sales Cloud pages and one hundred and fifty new features in the new interface altogether. Here are some of the most important and beneficial ne features you can avail by making the shift to Salesforce Lightning:


1. Opportunity Kanban – This is a visualising tool that helps you view and access all of your reports on one centralised platform. This would help you in managing your reports and planning your work at a much faster rate.


2. Lightning Assistant – This is the tool that would notify you with every relevant update during the course of the day in real-time, not letting you miss on any opportunity.


3. Quarterly Performance Chart – This is the feature that would provide you with relevant performance analytics of your team on a quarterly basis, allowing you in making important business decisions.


4. Custom Dashboards – This feature allows you to customise the dashboards you build and manage according to the needs of your team, facilitating the tasks to be completed faster and more smoothly.


5. Opportunity Workspace – This is an important platform that helps the users in coordinating the work being done by their team. This feature is ideal for project managers as it allows customisation of virtual workspace according to the needs of requirements of the user.


Artificial Intelligence

One of the major reasons why businesses are shifting from Salesforce Classic to Lightning is the introduction of an efficient artificial intelligence component in Salesforce Lightning, called Einstein. As the name rightly suggests, Einstein scans the entire customer database, activities performed by the sales team and responses given by the customers and comes up with effective predictive analysis.


This component helps in making valid and productive predictions regarding some of the most important aspects of a business organisation. Einstein has a keen eye on all the activities performed by your customers and predicts the manner in which your current as well as potential customers are likely to behave in future. This will help you in approaching the right customers at the right time with the right messages.


The artificial intelligence component would also help you in making important sales analytics, helping you in predicting the future sales scenario and letting you know whether your planned sales activities would work or not. This way, Salesforce Lightning works like a computerised sales assistant as well as a sales consultant, only faster and more precise!


Personalisation of Services

The core belief of Salesforce CRM is to provide personalised and specific services to your customers and Lightning takes it a step further. Owing to an array of highly advanced, enhanced and automated features, Salesforce Lightning would make a thorough analysis of your customer data and would consider every single customer specially.


Salesforce Lightning would notice and make sense of every action your customers take and ascertain their behavioural patter, likes, dislikes and preferences. This information would help you in reaching out to them in a personalised manner, allowing you to tailor your services according to the needs of your customers.


For example, if a customer often purchases electrical products from your platform, the software would notify you about the same, following which you can send the concerned customer advertisements and promotional messages whenever you have a new lot of electrical products, hoping they would visit your platform and have a look. From sending the customers ads of their preference to wishing them personally on their birthdays, Salesforce Lightning takes care of all their needs and makes sure you customise your services for the customers you cater to, making them feel special and increasing your loyal customers.


Salesforce Lightning has therefore proven to be a highly productive and beneficial upgrade to the classic version of Salesforce. However, it is important to note that the shift to Salesforce Lightning may not be a completely breezy one. If your sales team has already been habituated with working on Salesforce Classic, they might face certain challenges in migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. If such a situation arises, it is highly advisable to undertake user adoption.


Undertaking a thorough user adoption would make sure that every member of your team is using Salesforce Lightning and they are able to make the most of the new enhanced platform. One of the most important aspects to be considered here is to provide sufficient training to your team members. As lucrative as the Lightning features may sound, employees will not be able to use them to their utmost potential unless they are adequately trained in doing so.


However, user adoption is only suggested for the cases in which you are shifting from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. If your firm is using Salesforce for the first time, directly go for Salesforce Lightning.


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