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Company Overview

Slice Business Marketing Inc. is an agent of Merchant Services LLC a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Walnut Creek, CA
Their Products include equipment’s like Standalone terminals, CloverTM POS
Family, Slice POS, Aldelo POS, and Paradise POS.
Their Services include Cash Discount, Credit Surcharge, Traditional Processing Capital. (Student Loans)

Facing Problem :

Slice has over over 15,000 customers in North America, Slice came to Cloufi seeking a system to track the transaction performed on their POS machines.

Company Profile

Location: New York. USA.

Employees: 100+

Industry: Financial/lending Industry

Start Date: 1st April 2019.

Go Live Date: 15th June 2019.

Facing Problem :

A system to track high volume leads coming from call center. This; also required filtering data collected from various modes & Call center leads, in different stages with various assignment rules

What We Did

Moved client from Professional edition to Enterprise edition and automated the discount eligibility.

  • Cloufi integrated the POS machine Processor with FirstData and Nuvei, to pull each transaction from every POS machine depending on the Process it’s connected with.
  • This resulted in identifying a number of transactions performed by a customer and overall collection every month.
  • Depending on transactions; commissions were collected, which helped to identify applicable discounts to the Customer, thus increasing the number of transactions.
  • To save salesforce space, each transaction was saved in PHP and the summary was saved in salesforce.
  • Also, it provided a button to view all transactions which eventually calls PHP page to view a specific customer transaction.

Integrations with the POS machine Processor

  • FirstData
  • Nuvei

Return on Investment

  • Automated discount eligibility.
  • Increased #of Transactions
  • 360-degree visibility on every single transaction.
  • Turn around time reduced by 40%
  • Client was able to track Monthly transactions and Collections for every

    POS equipment.

Technology Used

servicecloud Automated tracking system for transactions performed on POS machines
marketingcloud Automated tracking system for transactions performed on POS machines
communitycloud Automated tracking system for transactions performed on POS machines
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