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Company Overview

Maple advance” is an alternative way to get fast business funding. They offer 3 programs that reflect on the cash flow position and overall financial strength of business to expand or strengthen their businesses.

  • Total Deposit Advance (TDA)
  • Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)
  • Business Loan

Facing Problem :

Maple advance came to Cloufi seeking a single system, which would solve multiple roadblocks through out the stages of lending procedure. From Origination, Underwriting, Syndication to Processing and Renewal.

Company Profile

Location: New York. USA.

Employees: 100+

Industry: Financial / lending Industry

Start Date – 3rd of March 2016

Go Live Date: 1st of March 2017.

What We Did

Moved client from Professional edition to Enterprise edition.

Techila Global Services designed and automated systems to:-

  • Track the prospect merchant.
  • Collect all relevant information and documents.
  • Screen merchants thorough the underwriting process.
  • Collaborate with syndicators to fund the deal.
  • Initiate funding process with merchants
  • Payback the syndicators and keep track of all the payments.
  • Calculate all commission.
  • Dashboard to project itemized commissions.

Return on Investment

  • Turn around time cut down by 50% on

    every deal.

  • Revenue growth by 30%.
  • 360 degree visibility on every single transaction

Integrations with

  • Ocrolus
  • Decision Logic
  • Clear
  • Docusign

Technology Used

servicecloud Automating Loan origination system.
salescloud Automating Loan origination system.
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