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TrailheaDX India | Bengaluru

Over the year’s customer relationship management have shown constant growth. The growth has been consistent with the help of one company known as salesforce. This company has revolutionized the technical world with its feasible CRM software.  Every year salesforce organizes an event that is known as trailheadx where developers all around the world also known as  salesforce trailblazers come together to discuss the new feature of the salesforce platforms. You will be excited to know that a gathering of salesforce trailblazers has been organized in India which is taking place in Bengaluru from December 19, 2019, to December 20, 2019.

Must attend event

Seeing the above information, you must have got an urge to attend this event. If you are already a salesforce professional, then this event will be an event that will let you know about the latest innovation in the salesforce platform. If you are not, then that means you just a normal developer who wants to starts the quest of becoming a salesforce professional.   This means that you need to have the basic knowledge marketing cloud so that you can understand what are salesforce professionals discussing in the event.  Well this article will discuss what is marketing cloud so that you don’t feel left out in the event.

Marketing cloud

Marketing cloud is basically a software program that is generated to create a long-term benefit with the customers and take care of them personally so that they can become your potential investors.  Trailheadx India eventwill have professionals that will have that will make you understand the need of the marketing cloud.  When you search about what is salesforce marketing cloud, you will find thousands of answers which can get you confused and irritated. This is the reason why this article has stated the top 5 reasons on why you should know the marketing cloud before you attend the trailheadx India event. Some of the reason will be sated as follows:

1. Customer Insights

Marketing cloud is all about knowing the customer. This means that marketing could allow you to compile data from various platform and store in one centralized system.  With the help of marketing cloud, you will be able to track customer interaction and create new audience.

3. Seamless Customer Journey

This means with this cloud development; you will have the power to interact with the customer and also proved them solutions. Marketing cloud would not require you to refresh the page every time you interact with the customer. All things can be done at a single home page.

2. Personalize With Intelligence

Marketing cloud uses the combination of Einstein theory and data insights to create a powerful artificial intelligence. One this artificial intelligence is created you will be able to talk to customers in real time and create personalized messages by analyzing the customer behavior.

4. Impact Analysis

With the help of the software, you will be able to track each and every customer journey. Along with google analytics 360, you will able to deliver personalized experience in every stage of the customer lifecycle.

5. B2B Management

Marketing cloud will help you get the return on investment. This means that with the help of proper customer insights, you will be able get customer data with which you can create personalized social media campaigns

TrailheaDX India: The Registration is Open Now

Before jumping into what is store for you at this event. You must why it is important to go to this event.  If you are thinking of beginning your journey as a salesforce professional or if you have been working as a salesforce professional, then this event is made for you.  This event is made for all developers, administrators and architecture who will come together to discuss the new setting of the salesforce features.

Now salesforce conducts maintenance exam every three years, to see that the salesforce professionals are up to date with the new updates. Recent salesforce platform has been updated to salesforce lightening. So, if you have been constant with the salesforce classic, this event will let you know about the latest lightening components and help you score a good grade in the maintenance exam.  This December Salesforce India will conductan event for all salesforce professionals in Bengaluru.

In addition, the salesforceIndiais providing a salesforce certification to those individuals who will attend the events two days straight. Earning a salesforce certification stating that you have attended the two days event will make you eligible for a salesforce voucher certification which can amount to 2000 dollars.  This is a very good initiative that is taken by the salesforce Indiato accumulate all those individuals that want high job satisfaction and good pay.

Event made for developers

If you are not a salesforce developer and have an interest in becoming one. This is the must attend event for you. Realise there will be top class salesforce professional who will teach you about the latest salesforce products and innovation. Some of the latest salesforce products that will be discussed in this event can be sated as follows:


What you will get to know

Sales cloud The professionals will teach you on how you can manage customer interaction and customer tracking at one place. In addition, you will also be taught on how you can increase the productivity for your company with the help of detailed reporting and artificial intelligence.
Service cloud The professionals will teach you on how to solve a customer problem within a matter of minuteswith the presence of single console screen.  In addition, you will also know how to predict customer behaviour with the help of personalised customer care.
Marketing cloud The professionals will enlighten you on how you can create a proper email marketing campaign so that you can increase the return on investment for your company.

Event for administrator

If you someone who is salesforce administrator or someone with great coding knowledge in this event, you would know how to create an interactive website.  Professionals at the vent will teach you how you can code an interactive website and manage it so that you have a successful return on investment. For instance, interactive websites have more customer visitors that anon-interactive website. An interactive website generally contains a clean user interface and left side bar that gives the customer the knowledge of the most important informationon the website.

In addition, you will also able to learn how an interactive website makes use proper graphic to text ratio and use of good colour schemes to drive in more sales.  Let’s say in the event you are learningabout how to build a professional website for a corporate company and the how to build a website for a company that deals in comics. In earlier salesforce event the professionals have stated that to build a corporate website the colour tones should be light, and the most important information of the company should be highlighted, coming to the fonts it should feel clean and welcoming.   In case of an animated website, the website should have video animation on the homepage so that the users directly know what type of business they are viewing. The fonts should be kept fun. Expect some similar knowledge on interactive website when you are attending the trailheaDX India.

Event for architects

You may be a successful cloud architect, but realise that salesforce CRM is the future.  In trailheaDX Indiaevent you will get to know how designing salesforce cloud is different from designing a normal cloud. When you are sitting with salesforce professionals, you will know the ins and outs of the salesforce cloud development.   Reddit users have stated that during this event you will get to know how cross cloud designing can be created which can provide customers with enhanced customer experience.

Why this event is so special

This event is epical since it has highlighted features in store for you.  Some of the highlighted features will be discussed below:


Feature explanation

Trailblazer connection You will an exclusive opportunity to get Infront of the product leaders, engineers and trailer community of the salesforce.
Win prizes The trailblazer community will conduct games based on cloud development, which will have exciting prizes if you win
Giving back The trailer blazer will teach you the importance of team building. Knowing the visions and goals of the trailblazer will make you realise that a company can grow successful only if it appreciates its team members.



Realize that this event will only be a success if proper technical; arrangements are made. So, this means salesforce professionals would need a stage, a space where personal interviews can be conducted and high-speed computer to demonstrate the working of the salesforce application.  This event is global gathering, so this means there are lot of foreigners who will be attending the event. Their stay for two days needs to arranged in proper manner so that that have a good experience in India. All these arrangements will require a high amount of budget, whichis only possible if there are companies who believe he growth of salesforce platform.  The sponsors of this event will be Appirio and Auto rabbit.


As for now, the salesforce event will happen for two consecutive days which is Thursday December 19 and Fridays December 20.  In each event there will be respective set of timings for explaining distinctive salesforce features to the audience.  The time duration during both of these days will start from 9am and will go to evening 6pm on Thursday and till 4pm on Friday

December 19, 2019

9am to 10am The trailblazer community will teach you how to work as a team. The community will also personalized meetup so that you can share and receive knowledge from the community.
 10 am – 11 am You will be given a power point presentation showing how the salesforce professional has been managing the salesforce platform effectively to be the number 1 in customer relationship augment
 11 am – 12 am Lecture on how salesforce lightening components build application faster
12pm -1pm Lecture on how to build a business template so that applications can be built according to the needs of the customer
1pm – 2pm Lecture on how to earn salesforce certification
2pm – 3pm Lecture on how salesforce developers do a smooth coding to run the platform seamlessly
3pm – 4pm Lecture on disaster recovery planning
4pm -5-pm Lecture on lightening web components
5pm – 6mLecture on lightning object creator


December 20, 2019

9am to 10amTraileheaDX 2019will organize a lecture on discovering your career in salesforce
 10 am – 11 amLecture how salesforce manages all customer records in one platform
 11 am – 12 pmHow tom perform seamless coding in salesforce
12pm -1pmLecture on app guidance
1pm – 2pm How to connect with customers in real time
2pm – 3pmExplaining the future of lightning components
3pm – 4pmLecture on salary packages for salesforce professional


For this salesforce event, the TraileheaDX 2019 have decided the organize this get together in Bangalore exhibition Centre.

Final thoughts

Salesforce has created 1.1 million job sin 2019.  According to recent studies it is estimated to created 2.2 million jobs in 2020.  So, this means that salesforce is the fryer and moving towards a salesforce certification would not be any brainer.  if you are skeptical about this career, then attend this event at all possible cost.

The event consists of professional that will change your mind of becoming salesforce professional if you are looking for a career change. Salesforce professionals happen to appear in three forms like the consultants, admittaturs and the developers. The consulates take care of salesforce marketing; the administrators make sure that the application runs smoothly on the platform, while the developer ensures that application is made with proper coding, so that is not subjected to malware attack.

More and more companies are using salesforce platform due its easy learning curve and companies are looking for salesforce professional that can managed their salesforce platform proper. So, this means the demand of salesforce professional is always on the rise.

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