Lightning Migration Salesforce

If you have done significant investment into the Salesforce platform over the years, then Lightning Migration Salesforce is one of the top transformational initiatives for you.
The new Lightning architecture offers noteworthy enhancement for amazing user experience, as well as access to new capabilities not obtainable in Salesforce Classic. Migrating to Lightning increases your potential to an increased user adoption and better device support, it also brings intelligence to the platform. The Techila Salesforce Lightning Migration Framework consumes inputs from Salesforce reports and conducts a deep assessment of the existing Salesforce environment. This facilitates a feature-rich and cost-effective migration to the new Lightning model. Time-to-market improves by leveraging Techila’s pre-built Lightning components, templates and process documents. With Techila’s Salesforce Lightning Migration Framework for Salesforce, we assure our clients quality, and the ease of future development and maintenance.

What sets us apart?

  • Efficient navigation and intelligent Home Page components
  • Action-oriented workspaces that guide users through the process
  • Optimized and personalized interfaces
  • Enables users to easily filter and visualize information
  • Uncluttered dashboards with flexible layouts

Key Benefits

  • Better and more customizable user experience
  • Improved user productivity
  • Improved user adoption
  • Realizing ROI from Salesforce investment

Why Choose us?

  • Time bound migration
  • Zero data loss
  • User experience continuity
  • Post migration support
  • Custom lightning components