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    You can find our Salesforce email template builder on Salesforce AppExchange. , Professional-looking Templates, Improve Email Deliverability, A Simple Functionality, Seamless Mobile Customization, Suitable For All Salesforce Offerings, Add Media Files With Ease, Create Streamlined Marketing Campaigns, Customize Your Templates, Integrate Your Social Media Links, Add Your Own HTML Code,


Email is one of the most widely used channels of corporate communication and is likely to remain in the future. Whether an organization needs to carry out effective internal communication, communicate with existing customers, or encourage prospects to engage with the business through email marketing, emails facilitate streamlined communication across the board.


Native Salesforce Tool

The Salesforce email template builder works natively within your Salesforce org, allowing your team to select leads and contacts from your database with a few simple clicks. Salesforce Email Builder works as if it is an inherent part of your Salesforce instance without the need for installing any add-on or supplementary tool along with the application.

Professional-looking Templates

We understand the importance of emails that look professional and are in sync with the contacts they are sent to. The Salesforce template builder is designed to help you create templates that look professional and serves your purpose of sending emails. Whether you are sending a promotional email, sending payment confirmations, asking your customers to subscribe to your campaigns or onboarding new employees, Salesforce Email Builder helps you create templates that suit all your requirements.

Improve Email Deliverability

Salesforce Email Builder helps you improve your overall email deliverability by creating professional templates. As your team members no longer need to draft an email from scratch every single time, they can deliver more targeted emails and get more work done in a lesser time with the help of pre-built templates.

A Simple Functionality

The UI and functionality of Salesforce Email Builder are kept simple and easy for the users to understand. The drag-and-drop functions of the Salesforce template builder make sure that users with little to no programming knowledge can create email templates without facing any issues. The tool follows the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) approach to make things easier for the users. Whether you need to edit the text, add/remove images, or start from a blank canvas, Salesforce Email Builder helps you do so with a few simple clicks.

Seamless Mobile Customization

Not every employee within an organization has access to a laptop or a desktop. Also, employees may need to send specific emails while they are on the go. Our Salesforce email template builder comes with seamless mobile customization to allow users to draft and send emails from mobile devices.

Suitable For All Salesforce Offerings

Salesforce Email Builder helps users in creating professional email templates on all Salesforce offerings. If you are a Pardot user, you can use the tool as a Pardot email builder to streamline email communication with your business customers. If you are a Marketing Cloud user, the Salesforce template builder helps you reach out to the end customers by creating personalized emails. Irrespective of the Salesforce product implemented within your organization, the tool helps you send emails to your Salesforce contacts with the same ease and efficiency.

Add Media Files With Ease

Salesforce Email Builder allows you to add images, animations, infographics, and other media files to your templates directly from your device, web, cloud storage system, and other relevant sources. This makes it easy and efficient for users to create emails rich with suitable media and content to serve the desired purpose.

Create Streamlined Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns allow organizations to reach out to a number of prospects and persuade them to engage with the business. It requires your team to create personalized emails for multiple prospects and customers according to their needs and preferences. If the users resort to creating every email from scratch, the entire process would become too tedious and time-consuming. With the help of Salesforce Email Builder, you can create robust and targeted email marketing campaigns with the help of professional-looking templates.Depending on the audience you are targeting and the message you are willing to put forth, the tool helps you in creating templates where all you need to do is add specific details for personalizing the emails.

Customize Your Templates

Salesforce Email Builder allows you to customize your templates by using different content elements such as text boxes, buttons, dividers, and much more. This helps you design and store different templates within your Salesforce org to communicate with different contacts

Integrate Your Social Media Links

The Salesforce email template builder allows users to add links to the company’s social media accounts with simple drag-and-drop functionality. This allows you to provide a direct option for the recipients to visit your social media accounts with a single click whenever they receive an email from your organization. Moreover, adding social media links to your email templates naturally allows you to integrate your social media marketing campaign with your email marketing processes.

Add Your Own HTML Code

If you are willing to add to the functionality of the Salesforce email template builder, the tool allows you to add your own HTML code blocks to customize the look of your emails even further. This helps you completely personalize your emails and give them a look that is unique to your organization/campaign.

Industries Catered To

Marketing And Sales

Salesforce Email Builder helps you in creating streamlined email marketing campaigns by using pre-built email templates. These templates allow your team to reach out to your prospects and keep a track of their responses on a centralized platform. The templates can be customized according to the needs and preferences of your clients, providing them with personalized services. This helps you generate more sales leads and close more deals.

Real Estate

From sending promotional emails about new properties to sending payment reminders to buyers/tenants, real estate developers and property owners can make use of professional-looking templates to send emails to their Salesforce contacts. The tool helps developers in cracking deals and staying connected with channel partners across the board in a streamlined manner.


Educational institutions using Salesforce as their CRM can use Salesforce Email Builder to create a variety of templates to be sent to students, staff, alumni, and other relevant contacts. Whether you want to send important updates to a number of contacts, deliver online report cards, send payment reminders, payment confirmations, or any other information important for the institution, the Salesforce email template builder helps you in quick and effective communication.


As medical institutions are switching to maintaining electronic health records and carrying out digital diagnoses, healthcare experts can communicate with their patients in a streamlined way by creating personalized email templates. Whether your patient wants to know about your services, you need to provide them with their medical reports, schedule appointments, or send billing details to them, Salesforce Email Builder allows you to quickly create professional-looking emails for all different purposes and deliver them to your contacts effectively.


Healthcare institutions have been using CRM functionality to obtain a 360-degree view of their patients journey and provide them with personalized care. Also, several medical institutions need to adhere to data compliance regulations to ensure the security and privacy of their records. helps healthcare professionals in keeping their Salesforce instance clean and protected. If you are willing to ensure that your org is completely secure and all the security settings are in order, a security audit will provide you with detailed results about how safe your database is


Install The App From AppExchange : Start by visiting Salesforce AppExchange and searching forSalesforce Email Builder. Once you find the app, simply click the Install button to get the app downloaded. Set Up Your Profile: Once you are done with installing the application, go to the settings page set up your business profile as per the needs of your organization.

Why should I use a template builder instead of creating a normal email?

Using a template builder helps you create customizable templates that can be used every time you need to send emails to your contacts. While creating normal emails would require you to add repetitive fields and details every single time, email templates provide you with a chunk of details already added to your draft, saving you time and effort in creating multiple emails.

What if I am not satisfied with the template options provided to me on your tool?

If you are not satisfied with the template options provided by Salesforce Email Builder, you can add your own HTML code blocks to design your emails exactly the way you want them to look. However, as opposed to other drag-and-drop functionalities of the platform, this would require the users to be well-versed with programming.

What is the advantage of your tool being native to Salesforce?

Being native to Salesforce, Salesforce Email Builder works as a part of your Salesforce org after being installed. It makes use of your entire Salesforce database to help you create customizable email templates according to your requirements. Also, a Salesforce native app doesn’t require users to install add-ons for making it compatible with their Salesforce org.

Where can I find your Salesforce email template builder?

You can find our Salesforce email template builder on Salesforce AppExchange.

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