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    January 2022
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Manage Attachment Easily is one of the biggest consumers of your data storage on Salesforce & as the time pass, you may want to delete the old attachment.This application provides the ability to search quickly & pagination attachments & mass delete attachments in a single click.


This app will provide you very smart filter techniques to find out your specific attachments out of the all attachments you are having in the Org, you can filter them by using Owner name, or you can simply drag a Size Slider to list out attachments within the specified size range. List of all attachments can be viewed with ease because of Pagination feature which normally have the ability to move in the records like Next, Previous, First and Last by click. At some point, you may want to delete your old attachments in bulk, or the attachments having too larger or too small size or any of your choice which can be done with this app very smoothly and with ease.

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