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Mass Delete, Change Owner and Mark Complete on Task in a Click

Task Handler app will provide you Easy Task Handling feature under one tab, Click on Tab “Task Handler” and you have a list of all Tasks in the Org, You can easily perform Mass Delete, Mass Mark Complete and Mass Change Owner operations with just one click.

Overview of Task Handler App:

Task Handler app provides you the handy feature where you will be having one Tab “Task Handler” after installing this app. Clicking on it will list all Tasks in the Org, then you can easily perform some common actions on multiple records at a time by selecting the checkbox in front of the records you want to perform an action of Mass Delete or Mass Mark Complete or Mass Change Owner.

Opening each task and changing its owner, delete or make it mark complete is easy when you have 2-5 task in your org which is not probably the situation of anyone. So to handle your Tasks with ease on a mass basis, this app will surely help you out.

All this feature you can have just a click away !! Enjoy!

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