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    January 2022
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    Total appointments booked, Total vaccine administered, Total number of people showing up at the center, Number of people with allergies, Total first doses administered, Total second doses administered


Manage the complete vaccination process from registration to administration and follow up via our vaccine administration management system. Owing to the world’s struggling with a global pandemic for more than a year now, vaccination has assumed prime importance in everyone’s lives. After battling with uncertainties and speculations, the public is finally being provided with the much-needed vaccine doses across the world. However, the vaccination process is not as simple as it looks. It takes a lot of considerations, planning, and patience to get you and your loved ones vaccinated.

The Vaccine Administration App

Our developers help you follow an organized approach in carrying out the full vaccination process with the help of a vaccine administration app. The simple, highly responsive, and easy-to-navigate application allows users to schedule their vaccines and have them administered in a seamless and structured manner.

Inventory Management

These services are designed for the vaccine providers who shoulder the responsibility of providing vaccines to different centers across different regions of the country. Our system allows vaccine providers to manage the inventory by keeping a track of the number of vaccines dispatched and the stock remaining with them at any point in time.


Do you handle the vaccination process carried out by the hospitals?

Our services are limited to helping people get vaccinated and helping healthcare centers track the vaccines administered. We have no control over the vaccination drive which is controlled by the Government.

Who are your solutions targeted for?

Our solutions are targeted towards: People wanting to be vaccinated Healthcare centers administering vaccine doses Vaccine providers/suppliers Corporate houses shouldering vaccination responsibilities Third Party Administrators Government agencies

What if I am not able to get available slots on your application?

It is possible for users to have difficulties finding free slots due to the increased rush. It is advisable to refresh the pages, expand your radius of a location, and keep looking regularly.

Will my data be secure on your platform?

We make use of Salesforce’s layered security and data compliance to make sure that all the information you provide is completely secure.

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