Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation

Pardot is a full-featured B2B Marketing automation solution that prides itself on being user-friendly. It features CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring and grading, social posting and ROI reporting to help your marketing and sales teams work together. It enables your team to generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles, and demonstrate marketing accountability. As a leading Pardot Consulting partner, we will walk you through why implementing Pardot will help your business profits grow by leaps and bounds.
You can create a Marketing and Sales Super Team with Pardot’s Marketing Automation Suite.

Why Pardot?

Your regular marketing team can transform into revenue producing superheroes using Pardot. It offers the tools and techniques to create, deploy and manage online marketing campaigns.
  • Monitoring at small scale examination to track all touch points with a prospect. It includes forms, page views, content downloads, messages, emails, social associations, and more.
  • Qualify and organize leads using lead scoring and reviewing.
  • Dynamic and customized online marketing campaigns and emails are enabled by wizards and devices that certify non-specialized clients.
  • Automated lead support to send emails to prospects in view of predefined guidelines or time scheduling.
  • Closed-loop reporting to track marketing ROI.
  • Powerful Salesforce CRM coordination, permitting sales reps to see the greater part of their prospects’ activities inside their CRM.
Techila Global Services is a Pardot implementation partner, and with our experience we guide you through the benefits of implementing Pardot into your business.

1. Effortless Email Marketing

Pardot helps you make delightful email campaigns.
  • Make proficient looking email campaigns quickly.
  • Send now, plan for some other time, or set up emails to be activated automatically.
  • Customize the purchaser’s voyage and tailor your emails to prospects’ interests.
  • Streamline deliverability with inbuilt testing tools.

2. Smarter Lead Generation

Keep your pipeline completely loaded with an unfaltering stream of excellent leads utilizing Pardot’s inbound marketing tools.
  • Attractive interface makes creating landing pages and forms a snap.
  • Increase transformations and gather better information with approval and dynamic profiling.
  • Comprehend the effect of your SEM and SEO endeavors.
  • Make online network marketing a simple and quantifiable task.

3. Streamlined Lead Management

Increase engagement and sell quicker by achieving the correct clients at the perfect time.
  • Consequently instruct early stage or dormant leads with lead supporting.
  • Effectively distinguish the best leads by utilizing scoring and reviewing.
  • Put critical — yet tedious — tasks on autopilot
  • Interface all the more successfully with cutting edge personalization.

4. Insightful ROI Reporting

At last comprehend what’s working and what needs some work.
  • See which campaigns are pouring the most new business.
  • Get a clear perspective of your sales cycle’s wellbeing.
  • Increase profound knowledge into your email activities.
  • Unite information from your most loved marketing tools.

5. Seamless Sales Alignment

When marketing and sales are in a state of harmony, you can sell all the more successfully.
  • Put the force of marketing in the hands of each sales rep.
  • React first with real-time cautions that make quick follow-up a sure bet.
  • Point by point prospect movement history makes more significant discussions.
Using Pardot Marketing Automation you can efficiently market to your customers throughout each stage of their buying cycle. Pardot Marketing Automation makes it possible to tailor your messages to your customers’ interactions and ensure that each message has relevance to the individual who receives it. Automate your marketing funnel now. Contact Techila Global Services to learn more about what Pardot Marketing Automation can do for your company.
The key to achieve your goal of driving more revenue can be easily achieved by partnering with the right Pardot Consultants. We can help your business realize the benefits of appropriately utilizing a marketing automation platform within your digital marketing strategies.
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