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Salesforce LinkedIn Integration

Salesforce LinkedIn Integration

Today we can witness the ever-increasing demands of social media platforms including all types of networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. They have become the base of communication for all sorts of industries and highly reputed organizations. In this 21st century, we can see hardly observe any of the business company who is not aware of the working of networking platforms where millions of user’s employees belong to the social networking community.

Salesforce LinkedIn integration is one of the pathways which helps in the development of the customer relationship along with the option of increasing the client experience of utilizing the applications and social media.

Building a public relationship and personal branding

Now it has become the utility to get in touch with the professional network along with the minded professionals for the process of building public relationships and procedures to enforce the personal branding. LinkedIn sales navigator Salesforce has come up with successful options that are smart and intelligent at the same time for incorporating positive functionalities of both platforms with the motive of extending integration so that we can improve the sales.

With the advent of new versions of Salesforce LinkedIn integration methods, the company started making a huge amount of profit because such networking platforms have existed in collaborating the community with the help of customer relationship management platform for the provision of efficient experiences and seamless benefits for taking the company to the greater heights in terms of profit and popularity. Before we get inside the depth of the integration procedures associated with LinkedIn sales navigator Salesforce, we would like to comprehend the presence of two platforms that have collaborated in the form of LinkedIn sales navigator and Salesforce.

What do you mean by LinkedIn sales navigator?

LinkedIn sales navigator is one of the greatest forms of the versions associated with LinkedIn that is determined for the generation of sales procedures and driving sales processes in a particular direction for gaining a higher rate of investment and benefits. In recent times, business organizations have initiated to take the LinkedIn sales navigator assistance because it has the capability of allowing all sorts of clients and users for using a platform to find successful leaders and contacts for the building of a relationship with the individual professionals and the other business organizations. There are seamless advantages collaborated with the LinkedIn sales navigator. With the help of this platform now we can draw the meaningful insides associated with the approach adopted for the management of the LinkedIn sales navigator and also regarding the personalized bases that are laid for grabbing the deals in the forward direction. 

We can also witness a tremendous rise in the popularity of the LinkedIn sales navigator because it is helping the organization for navigating among the generated leads and opportunities for making them perfectly oriented and organized to direct the sales processes wholesomely. Even the platform has the capability of providing the number of arrays along with the characteristics which are related to the process of updating according to the real-time sales. The new version is successful in the management of notes updates and tags due to which we can become aware of the individuals who are continuously going through our profiles and along with the provision of Smart Link presentations we can develop a greater connection.

What do you mean by the Salesforce platform?

Most business organizations have clarity over the functioning and purpose of the launch of the Salesforce platform because it is regarded as the engaging platform that has the capability of building a robust framework of client connectivity.  It has numerous approaches for the management of the history of customer relationship management procedures and it is utilized by companies across the globe for the management of the database associated with the clients and offers the solution of personalized services to all sorts of rich clients.

The new versions offered on behalf of the Salesforce platform has started gaining tremendous popularity because it has provided the vast expansion with a variety of tools that are resisting the employees along with the customer for recording the specific database on the centralized platform.

Salesforce LinkedIn integration

Sales navigator Salesforce integration is directly related to the process of collaborating the engaging platform enabling the sales force and LinkedIn for equipping all sorts of customer relationship management functionalities. With the launch of the new versions of sales navigator Salesforce integration, we have seen the tremendous rise in the seamless integration methodologies for bringing the two platforms together for that the clients are successfully capable of managing the applications on both the ends for working of a decentralized platform without worrying about the procedures of switching the platforms now and then for carrying out the distinct procedures.

Both the platforms are operating each other predominantly when we are dealing with the users and clients along with their demands over preservation of the valuable data and duration of the successful opportunities.

For the successful management of the LinkedIn users, the integration method associated with the sales force have brought to a platform that is associated with the record of the personalized information of the users catering to the needs of the Salesforce objects so that the utilization of the same can be reached out towards the diverse prospects intelligently. We can also witness tremendous transformation in the process of managing the relationship with the customers where we can record the leads generated on behalf of the LinkedIn platform in an automated manner and automate the pipelines of Salesforce for noting down the scores of the better leads.

This way the box of nurturing the leads and opportunities becomes better and you can follow up with the customers easily understand that deal gets finalized. When we are directly dealing with the procedures of salesforce LinkedIn integration, we can witness that the users working on the Salesforce platform are getting exposure to find the most appropriate leads for them depending upon their choices and demands. The moment when we are getting into the procedures of identification of specific needs and with that, we can analyze the requirements of our businesses and target the clients for catering to the rising functionalities over the platform of LinkedIn sales navigator. In these methods, we can improvise over the process of better communication and their management of both platforms.

Methodology for integration of Salesforce with the LinkedIn platform


For the process of setting up integration between the two platforms, you need to Cater to the requirements of the LinkedIn sales navigator for also functionalities where you will be needing salesforce administrator along with the administrator rights before you appear for the installation. Beforehand, you should be ready with the active link and account and it is always advised to go in favor of the creation of one of the accounts for your business organization or your database storage.

It is also compulsory for purchasing the LinkedIn sales navigator for developing the integration method with the Salesforce platform and across to go for the higher plan if needed. There is a minimum requirement of the version of flash player 9.0 for getting installed on your IE 7. The last prerequisite the JavaScript and it should be available as enabled on the web browser you are handling.


  • The first step you have to start your process by logging into the account of Salesforce where you will get navigate to AppExchange.
  • For the next move, you have to pick up the applications named as apps and user search option for that you can search for LinkedIn keyword and finally start the process to download the packages of LinkedIn from the displayed results.
  • After you have got the right keyword and you have successfully downloaded the package now you have to initiate the process of insulation depending upon the requirements of your business package and choose the option of customization along with the security settings.
  • You also need to keep in mind that after you have selected the security settings you need to send the confirmation for your installation and finally go in favor of reviewing the inside section of the LinkedIn company.
  • At last, you would see the displayed section named as account section on associated with your Salesforce account.

Merits of the integration method

The benefits of integration include targeting the companies where you have to make the right choices for the management of services and products. You can also take advantage of the value of the purchases associated with the personalized information that is available in their social profile on the platforms of social media.  You can involve the buyers for your outreach with the help of personalized information and preserve a huge amount of time because in that we can sure that every type of marketing sale you are making is personalized and successfully captured inside the platform of Salesforce.


We are sure that you have developed a successful way of collaborating with the latest technology of Salesforce and LinkedIn. For your business organizations, you can also connect LinkedIn to Salesforce for enjoying the impeccable benefits that are related to the preservation of the replication along with engaging the buyers according to the outreach approach. In this way, you can also target the companies and understand their purchasing habits with the help of integration methods.

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"I have collaborated with many Salesforce development agencies and Techila Global Services has been the absolute best. Not only do they exceed expectations, they apply their vast knowledge and creativity."


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Chitiz and his team did a great job. Delivered a complex solution on time and on budget. Thank you. I look forward to working with you again soon.


I have collaborated with many Salesforce development agencies and Techila Global Services has been the absolute best. Not only do they exceed expectations, they apply their vast knowledge and creativity.


Techila Services was very quick to respond to my need for Senior Salesforce technical resources. They gave me a number of qualified options, and answered all questions during my timezone.

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