Vaccine Management System

Vaccine Management System

Manage the complete vaccination process from registration to administration and follow up via our vaccine administration management system. Owing to the world’s struggling with a global pandemic for more than a year now, vaccination has assumed prime importance in everyone’s lives. After battling with uncertainties and speculations, the public is finally being provided with the much-needed vaccine doses across the world. However, the Vaccine Management System process is not as simple as it looks. It takes a lot of considerations, planning, and patience to get you and your loved ones vaccinated.

As an attempt to streamline the process, Techila Global Services has developed a vaccine administration management system. This system allows enterprises, healthcare centers, and patients to manage the entire process of obtaining their vaccine doses. Right from getting themselves registered with an online portal to getting the vaccine administered, the system would guide you every step of the way.

Use Of The Salesforce License

Our experts have made use of the Salesforce Platform to create a holistic vaccine management system for healthcare organizations to look after the vaccine administration process. The Salesforce functionality allows the organizations to keep a track of every individual being vaccinated and obtain a 360-degree view of every stage involved in the vaccine being administered.

Administration App

The Vaccine Administration App

Our developers help you follow an organized approach in carrying out the full vaccination process with the help of a vaccine administration app. The simple, highly responsive, and easy-to-navigate application allows users to schedule their vaccines and have them administered in a seamless and structured manner.

Here is how the Vaccine Management System app would guide users through different steps:

1. Selecting The Hospital

One of the initial steps of getting a vaccine involves selecting a hospital. The application allows users to search for the hospitals from where they can get their doses of vaccine. Users can filter and search hospitals based on the city they are living in and by typing the name of specific hospitals they prefer. Also, users can filter the hospitals based on the vaccine dose to be taken (first or second) and the age group being catered to by the hospitals listed on the portal. At this stage, the app would show the number of slots available at every hospital, allowing the users to book suitable slots at the earliest.

Vaccine Management System

2. Selecting The Date Of Vaccination

Once a hospital is chosen, the app would show available slots on different days, up to a week. The user can go ahead with the day that suits them the most.

The app also has a provision to help the users change the dates as per their convenience.

3. Registration On The Portal

If a user is not registered on the portal, the app allows them to do so in a few seconds. Users can get themselves registered on the application by getting their mobile numbers verified via OTP.

4. Adding Members

A single user can add multiple members from their account and manage the vaccination process for them simultaneously. The registration process for these members is also by OTP verification. This allows users to manage different members of their family/friends/colleagues using a single account.

Vaccine Management System

5. Receiving Confirmation

Once the user registration is complete and the vaccine slot(s) is booked, the user will get a confirmation message on the application. This message will contain the registration number for each member and a QR code to be scanned at the vaccination center for identity verification.

If needed, we can add a pre-screening questionnaire to leverage the verification process before the Vaccine Management System is administered.

6. Going For Vaccine Administration

When a user goes to the dedicated vaccination center to get the vaccine dose administered, they can use the application to get their QR code scanned or simply provide the registration number to go ahead with the process.

Once the initial verification is complete, the app would direct users to a detailed registration page. This is born out of the Salesforce functionality, allowing users to fill the required fields and add their details to the vaccine database.

Vaccine Management System

7. Post Vaccination Process

Once the vaccine has been administered, the user would receive a pop-up where they would be required to fill in details like the Lot number, date, time, vaccine took, the dose number, area of administration, and other relevant information.

8. Rescheduling Or Cancelling

Finally, the application would allow the users to schedule another session for getting the second dose administered after the specified period of time. It also has the provision to cancel the scheduled session without facing any hassles.

9. Downloading The Certificate

Users can also get their vaccine certificate downloaded through the application with a few simple clicks.

This way, our developers would make sure that users are guided through the entire vaccination process with the help of a single unified platform.


Managing Reports And Dashboards

Apart from helping users get their vaccine doses, our vaccine administration management system allows healthcare centers to create valuable reports and dashboards based on the data received from the vaccines administered on a regular basis. This is another Salesforce feature that helps institutions in keeping a track of individuals vaccinated and details such as :

  • Total appointments booked
  • Total vaccine administered
  • Total number of people showing up at the center
  • Number of people with allergies
  • Total first doses administered
  • Total second doses administered
  • Total doses provided to the 18+ age group
  • Total doses provided to the 45+ age group
  • Inventory Management

    These services are designed for the vaccine providers who shoulder the responsibility of providing vaccines to different centers across different regions of the country. Our system allows vaccine providers to manage the inventory by keeping a track of the number of vaccines dispatched and the stock remaining with them at any point in time.

    This would also help vaccine providers in placing new orders to fill the gap without letting registered and eligible individuals wait for being vaccinated. Integration with the existing Vaccine Tracking System would help vaccine providers to ensure that they always have enough stock to cater to the needs of the centers they are responsible for supplying the vaccines to.

    Complete View Of Patients’ Health History

    It is always important for a healthcare center to know the health history of their patients and individuals coming to them for vaccination. This is because the immune systems of different individuals react differently to vaccines.

    Our vaccine administration management system allows medical centers to obtain the health history of patients before they go ahead with vaccine administration. This can be done by adding a questionnaire in the registration forms about the health issues faced by the patients in the past. A single database would provide the healthcare experts with all relevant details about the patients’ health.

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    Benefits For The Public Health Agencies

    Our solutions help the public health agencies in monitoring the vaccines being administered across the country on a daily basis. The health agencies can obtain real-time data of people getting vaccinated and other important information such as the type of vaccine administered, the age group vaccinated, the number of doses administered, the number of patients showing side effects, and much more.

    This helps the public health agencies to disclose valuable information to people on a regular basis, keeping the public informed about the vaccination drive within the country. Moreover, real-time updates about vaccination allow the public agencies to communicate with the vaccine providers and ensure that vaccination centers across the country never fall short of adequate vaccines.

    Creating Communities For Effective Communication

    Optimizing the community-building functionality of Salesforce, our vaccine administration management system includes the creation of branded communities for healthcare experts and public representatives to interact with each other regarding the issues that matter.

    This provides a common meeting ground for experts in the medical field to provide important updates about the vaccination drive to the community members. Patients can also join these communities or build their own communities to interact with each other and provide all possible support to one another.

    Through these communities, doctors can provide healthcare advice to individuals about getting vaccinated, recovered COVID patients can share their experiences, and everyone can solve the doubts of the community members in an effective manner.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our services are limited to helping people get vaccinated and helping healthcare centers track the vaccines administered. We have no control over the vaccination drive which is controlled by the Government.
    Who are your solutions targeted for?
    Our solutions are targeted towards:

  • People wanting to be vaccinated
  • Healthcare centers administering vaccine doses
  • Vaccine providers/suppliers
  • Corporate houses shouldering vaccination responsibilities
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Government agencies
  • It is possible for users to have difficulties finding free slots due to the increased rush. It is advisable to refresh the pages, expand your radius of a location, and keep looking regularly.
    We make use of Salesforce’s layered security and data compliance to make sure that all the information you provide is completely secure.
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