Problem Statement

Facing multiple challenges maintaining multiple processes in the training/education process.
Bey Health wants to showcase courses available and their details 

Much time and resources needed for maintaining upcoming events, past events, gallery, etc. 

Needed a Website for marketing and information sharing purpose. 

The process of tracking the training of each individual and respectively providing them the certificate is manual, time taking and had many human errors. 

Solution Provided

Create a Salesforce custom website with all the information publicly available. 

Gave the Community login access to the Students to track their study material and courses. 

Payment gateway is implemented to fulfill the transaction requirement and it’s available as per the selected courses which also provided the invoice and displays the balance of any payment/fee. 

Used Salesforce objects for maintaining the schedules and material of the courses. 

Used knowledge base for study tutorials and information about the institute and courses. 

Attendance of the courses tracking using the 3rd party tool tito integrated with Salesforce(using zapier) 

Admin can get the access for all the data from the backend and can change as required. 

Admin can change the content and pages without making any change in the code, just configurational part and system will be available for the fresh set of Users. 

Even a User can search of other individuals ( Users ) in the system to check on their profile and one can even change the personal details and its will be reflected run time.