Woocommerce Salesforce Integration


Woocommerce salesforce Integration

Woocommerce salesforce integration is one of the customer relationship management platforms that is used by Business to customer relationship companies and business to business companies for displaying as well as marketing the products. The usage of Woocommerce salesforce integration customer relationship management platform has become popular after the integration with Salesforce.


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What Is Woocommerce Integration

Woocommerce popularly used as a CRM platform to offer various functionalities for business to business and business to customer companies. We are aware of the fact that Salesforce has become one of the powerful and leading platforms and govern a good ranking across all the online stores. Woocommerce is also heading towards the sales approximately around 30% age across all the online stores and has become one of the most popular models across all search engines. It has gathered around 3 million live websites under its utility.

It helps in the generation and storage of a lot of databases and that is the reason why all the business processes are looking forward to the software that deals best with the customer relationship

The major idea of our company, Techila global services, behind the usage of integration of Salesforce and woocommerce illustrates the synchronization of the concept of syncing the data that is residing with

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WooCommerce along with Salesforce so that we can easily proceed with the automation of the order processing and finally accomplishing the maintenance of proper Inventory of stock. All such engagement is possible for increasing the Data integrity and helps in providing brilliant services to the customers.


Why You Need Woocommerce Integration For Your Website

The major idea behind the requirement of WooCommerce salesforce integration for the website is together with better leads generation. There are several methods for advanced data collection that enable us to Foster Holistic development and views of the clients according to the sales force prospects. WooCommerce salesforce integration helps in the identification of all the activities running on social media and the required number of references for a particular product and context of the customer.


Top 5 Benefits Of Woocommerce In 2021


1. Understanding the customers better
It is one of the advantages that every company Looks for that helps in cultivating good customer relationships. Disintegration tries to ensure that every detail of the customer website is covered along with a behaviour with the help of automated intelligence-gathering abilities.

2. Enhancing communication with the customers
It is one of the most popular advantages that help in increasing the interacting level since it offers several ways to expand the connection with the customers by providing a mobile-friendly connection.

3. Automation of the regular tasks
The process of automation helps in boosting the sales with the help of the criteria of maintaining the regular tasks automatically. The tasks may vary from gathering information from multiple numbers of databases or keeping the track of the customer behaviour.

4. Amplification of the client experiences
Such WooCommerce salesforce integration between both platforms helps in connecting the benevolent features with the back and processes so that the enabling process can be made easier for accessing all sorts of customer records. All these activities help in the improvement of self-service applications.

5. Management of Team efficiently
This WooCommerce salesforce integration helps in strengthening the team management and coordination. The individual roles of the team people get automatically assigned to the representatives and the managers that helps in enabling the process of building custom interfaces across all supports team.

3. Automation of the regular tasks
This efficient way of enabling the data automatically helps in hiring the people in a better way and the sales representatives can foster good training among the team members in order to produce productive results from the very first day.


How Can To Connect Woocommerce With Salesforce

There are certain prerequisites needed for the setting of the connection through WooCommerce salesforce.

1. A WordPress website so that WooCommerce can be installed
2. An account on Salesforce
3. You should have your site running on HTTPS protocols all because of Salesforce.

Follow the steps for connecting the woocommerce to Salesforce.

1. First of all you need to proceed ahead with the installation procedure. For that, you need to proceed with the option of downloading the plug-in to your personal computer. Now you have to choose the admin panel with the help of WordPress which you are using and then proceed to plugging where you can select add new

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2. The next step guides you to make a click on the upload plug-in and finally, you can make the uploading of this zip file.

3. The next step you have to cross-check whether the WooCommerce Salesforce integration is properly installed within the list of installed plug-in.

This you need to check by using your account click on activate for the activation of the plug-in.

4. Now the next step is to set up the procedure after you have successfully finished the process of activation of the plug-in.

Now you have to go to WooCommerce and select the settings and finally the integration tab. You will end up on a page where you can see two inputs that you need to definitely fill in with the help of consumer secret and consumer key.

5. Also, you will be able to find a call-back URL and this is the major point where you have to go ahead with the process of copying and pasting the call-back URL in the count of Salesforce in order to obtain the consumer keys.

6. Now you have to make another attempt of retrieving the access tokens such as consumer keys and consumer secret and for that, you have to log in to the account of Salesforce and finally you’ll get navigated to the setup provided on the top right corner.

7. After you have landed on the right page you have to make the creation of a new connected application named as connected app provided on the left menu. This task has to be performed under platform-tools and for that, you need to make the selection of apps preceded by the app manager and finally have to click on a new connected app.

8. Now in the next time you need to feed all the necessary details and finally, enable the settings called OAuth Settings.

9. You also have to seek some new permission such as access and manage the data using API and performing some of the requests on the user’s behalf anytime.

10. After you have done with all these processes you have to finally click on the save button from where you will get directed towards a new page.

On the new page, you will witness the secret keys and consumer keys one below the other and you have to wait for around 10 minutes for all kinds of transformations being made so that you can address the effects post on the server before the usage of the connected app.

11. Now you can proceed ahead with copying and pasting the consumer keys and secret keys in the plugin settings and finally make a click on the save changes.

All these processes help in the promotion of the plug-in for the usage over Salesforce data and finally you will be redirected to the page called plug-in settings page.

Now you have to activate and edit the default Salesforce and WooCommerce relationships.

For this, you have to navigate yourself to woo-commerce directed towards settings and integration. You can see the section called new relationship where you can make a selection of salesforce and woocommerce objects for connection.

You can click on the add button and finally, you will get redirected to a new form where the entire list of Salesforce objects is visible including table and integer type and you need to make sure that, you are matching the corresponding field types correctly and you have perfectly defined the relationships processes.

The final step is to check the options that are covered under automatic order sync. You also can test this order to ensure the proper functionality and finally, you can see the status getting changed to success.


How Can We Help With You With Woocommerce Integration?

We can help you with the integration of woo-commerce with Salesforce by enhancing the communication between the Digital marketing company and the customer and also by automating the routine tasks.

There is another benefit for after finding the customer experiences and providing seamless management of the catalogues so that we can improve the definition of the facets and tags.


Parting Tips

We hope that you have got enough idea about the maintenance of services with the support of the Salesforce platform with Woocommerce integration. Our company supports the customer relationship management platforms and provides the best delivery of products and customer care services with Woocommerce integration across every network.


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