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Salesforce With WordPress

Salesforce With WordPress

Obtain better data quality, display relevant data on your website, and keep a track of your site visitors by integrating Salesforce with WordPress.

Techila Global Services helps you integrate the world’s most trusted content management system (WordPress) with the most trusted customer relationship platform (Salesforce) through seamless WordPress Salesforce integration.

Our experts help you extract valuable data out of the activities and engagements carried out by your customers on your website and record the same within your CRM database by implementing WordPress Salesforce.

Our Offerings

Our WordPress Salesforce integration services are aimed to provide an improved browsing and buying experience to your existing and potential customers. Merging these platforms provides you with a unified and wholesome approach to managing your CRM data and using the same for providing improved customer services.

Personalizing Your Website

Personalization is one of the key factors considered by customers while engaging with a business. WordPress Salesforce helps your website become aware of the path taken and choices made by your visitors, and feeds this information into your CRM.

This helps you personalize your website for specific customers. For example, if you run an online supermarket and a customer frequently purchases coffee from your store, you can prioritize coffee (and related items) to be seen by the concerned customer every time they visit your website.

This helps you tailor the content of your website according to the specific preferences of your customers and their data stored within your CRM.

Web To Lead Forms

WordPress Salesforce integration helps you capture leads from your websites. As the name suggests, these forms require your site visitors to enter a few basic credentials and requirements, which results in new leads generated and recorded within your CRM database.

These forms help you keep track of all the details pertaining to specific leads and service them further to close your deals. You can create Web to Lead forms through a simple setup wizard and add them at strategic locations on your website.

Content Management System Form Builders

These forms help you take content management a notch higher. WordPress Salesforce allows you to build these forms that not only help you submitting data about leads captured but also about other standard and custom objects in Salesforce.

Using simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools, you can create forms that help you extract and store information pertaining to cases, opportunities, contracts, and other important aspects of CRM. This helps you allocate your resources in the right direction and target your customers in the best way possible.

Advanced Form Builders

Our WordPress Salesforce integration services provide you with powerful and advanced form building tools that help you mapping form fields in Salesforce. These tools offer one-way and bidirectional integration between Salesforce and WordPress.

Such forms help you leverage your CRM functionality by pre-filing your website form fields with CRM data, providing an improved experience to your customers. Also, the tools help you manage complicated processes within a form, such as displaying distinct fields based on the values of fields completed earlier.

Integration With Third-Party Applications

The integrated platform of WordPress Salesforce allows the users to further integrate with third-party services and applications for carrying out specific activities.

Here, you can allow a third party application to extract data from your customers from your website and integrate the same with your CRM. For example, if you associate with a payment gateway, the details of all payments made to your business using the concerned gateway will be integrated into your CRM database.

Custom Integration

If your business processes are a little more complicated and your database is vast, you can opt for custom integration services of merging your Salesforce data with WordPress (or vice versa).

Here, you can obtain one-way or bidirectional integration services according to your specific styling and action requirements. Our custom services help you manage your website by making changes in its core functionality to suit your specific business requirements. These services provide you with the greatest control over website styling, presentation, Salesforce objects, and fields.

Advanced E-commerce Solutions

If you run an e-commerce venture, WordPress Salesforce helps you keep a track of your product catalog and sync the same with your official website.

You can obtain personalized solutions for tracking stock quantities, sales, and other relevant data essential for handling your e-commerce venture.

Easy User Management

One of the primary objectives of our WordPress Salesforce integration services is to simplify and automate user management for your business. The integrated platform allows you to maintain a highly cohesive and organized customer database by keeping a real-time track of activities like the generation of leads, site registration, case management, and many more.

Moreover, you can sync different fields between two applications to ensure that all departments of your organization have access to the same sets of data. This helps you get rid of data silos and brings in uniformity in your business processes.

As you manage the users on your database, you can also track user activities on your website by setting up a “logged-in” user page. This helps you identify the areas/pages on your website experiencing maximum traffic and engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress Salesforce integration?

WordPress Salesforce is an integrated platform that combines a globally renowned Content Management System (CMS) with an automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It helps your website recognize specific customer data, extract the same, and feed it into your Salesforce CRM.

Similarly, the integrated platform helps you use your Salesforce data to be displayed on your website for improving the overall browsing and buying experience of your customers.

How is the WordPress Salesforce integration beneficial for my business?

There are several benefits of WordPress Salesforce integration for your business, including:

  • It provides a personalized approach to managing your website for your current and potential customers, providing them with an improved browsing experience.
  • It allows you to manage user activities in a simple and automated manner.
  • It helps you track user history on specific Salesforce objects and ascertain the areas of your website receiving maximum traffic.
  • It helps you build effective Web to Lead forms for capturing basic details of your site visitors and using the same for the creation of new leads.
  • It facilitates one-way and bidirectional integration between Salesforce and WordPress according to your specific business requirements.
  • It helps you build a product catalog or an e-commerce store for better order management and improved customer services.

What are the different form builders one can avail of using WordPress Salesforce?

Here are some of the major form builders you can avail of using WordPress Salesforce:

  • Web to Lead Form Builder – This form builder helps you create forms for capturing leads and recording them within your CRM database based on the information provided by your site visitors.
  • Content Management System Form Builder – This form builder helps you create forms for generating leads and submitting data pertaining to other custom and standard Salesforce objects, including contacts, cases, opportunities, accounts, etc.
  • Advanced Form Builder – This form builder helps you build forms for one-way and bidirectional integration of data between Salesforce and WordPress. This platform provides users with building tools for mapping fields to Salesforce.

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"Chitiz and his team did a great job. Delivered a complex solution on time and on budget. Thank you. I look forward to working with you again soon."


"I have collaborated with many Salesforce development agencies and Techila Global Services has been the absolute best. Not only do they exceed expectations, they apply their vast knowledge and creativity."


"Techila Services was very quick to respond to my need for Senior Salesforce technical resources. They gave me a number of qualified options, and answered all questions during my timezone."



Chitiz and his team did a great job. Delivered a complex solution on time and on budget. Thank you. I look forward to working with you again soon.


I have collaborated with many Salesforce development agencies and Techila Global Services has been the absolute best. Not only do they exceed expectations, they apply their vast knowledge and creativity.


Techila Services was very quick to respond to my need for Senior Salesforce technical resources. They gave me a number of qualified options, and answered all questions during my timezone.

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