Magento Salesforce Integration


Magento Salesforce Integration

Sync your valuable data across e-commerce and a CRM platform to make order management and customer engagement more efficient.

The year 2020 has made everyone realize the importance of digitization. Every business, irrespective of its size and the industry it belongs to, has adapted to going digital in carrying out all major processes.

This is what the e-commerce industry has been running on for years. As more and more e-commerce ventures are entering the digital space, it is getting increasingly important for online sellers to be vigilant about leveraging their businesses and getting the desired traction.


The two most important aspects of running an e-commerce venture are order management and customer management.

Techila Services helps you bring both these aspects under the same umbrella through extensive Magento Salesforce integration.


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Our Offerings

Through our Magento Salesforce integration services, we help you connect a booming e-commerce platform (Magento) with a CRM giant (Salesforce) for ease of operation.

This integration saves you from switching from one platform to another for carrying out different business processes. We make sure that get a suitable platform implemented within your organization according to your specific needs and preferences.

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A Centralized Platform


If you keep switching between two different platforms for managing your orders, product listings, and customer interactions, there are more chances of data duplication and several other errors.

Through Magento Salesforce integration, we provide you with a unified platform where you can avail of the functionalities of e-commerce and CRM. While Magento helps you in managing your orders and fulfilling them on time, Salesforce helps you keep a track of your customer interactions, manage sales, and handle different customers in a personalized way.


Bi-Directional Data Transfer

Our Salesforce Magento integration services allow you to transfer your Magento data to Salesforce and vice versa. This makes it an ideal integration whether you are a native Magento user or a Salesforce user.
No matter where you are transferring your data from, we help you in performing seamless data transformations, use data filtering, and making sure that all your data sets are synchronized across both platforms.

Also, we provide the option to “Upsert” your data – a function that helps you inserting new records and updating existing ones in the target location. This helps you import your data without having to create duplicates for the existing target records.


Mass Updating And Deleting Data

Through our integration services, we help you update and delete data sets in bulk by providing the options of “Update” and “Delete” within the software platform. This helps you in carrying out swift data transfers across the two platforms without worrying about errors like duplication.


Syncing Categories Across The Two Platforms

Integration is only effective if it allows seamless synchronization of different categories across the platforms involves. Our Magento Salesforce integration services allow you to sync these Magento categories with the CRM platform of Salesforce:

  • Contacts
  • Customers
  • Categories
  • Products
  • Campaigns
  • Orders
  • Credit Notes

Once your Magento data is integrated with Salesforce, it will be organized into different Salesforce objects, namely:

  • Opportunities
  • Leads
  • Orders
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Invoices
  • Shipments

This synchronization helps you remove the barrier separating the two platforms and blends the functionality of an e-commerce platform with a CRM platform.

Also, this synchronization allows you to map all relevant data fields from Magento to Salesforce without any need for complex coding and programming. A few clicks will help you get the syncing done!


Syncing Credit Notes

Just like traditional selling, online selling may also involve the creation of credit notes by sellers to customers. The Magento Salesforce integration helps you synchronize the credit notes created on Magento with your CRM data.

The moment you create a credit note, it gets listed in your Salesforce database against the contact/account to which it was issued. This helps you in keeping a thorough track of all your transactions and making accounting easy.

This is possible due to the advanced mapping and trigger-based schedules pertaining to the integrated platform. Similarly, you can update your Salesforce database every time there is a modification in your Magento data.

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Syncing Product Data

Whenever you receive an order from your existing or new customers, the integrated platform makes sure that it is recorded in your Salesforce database, against the concerned Lead, Contact, or Account. This allows you to track specific orders placed by specific customers and nurturing them further according to their needs.

If any changes are made in the orders placed through Magento, the same are reflected in your Salesforce database at once.


Syncing Product Data


CRM is all about managing the customers you cater to. When you are integrating an e-commerce platform with a CRM, it is important to make sure that the customer database is maintained well, without any errors of duplication or faulty details.

Our Magento Salesforce integration services make sure that whenever you earn a new customer on Magento, the details of the same are recorded in your Salesforce database on a real-time basis. Similarly, if there is any change or update in the Magento account of a specific customer, the same will be reflected in your Salesforce database almost immediately.

Moreover, when the information is transferred from Magento to Salesforce, you can categorize the data into suitable Salesforce objects, such as Leads, Accounts, and Contacts, based on the information synced. Once transferred, you can carry out all the standard CRM practices using the data stored within these Salesforce objects.


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Integrating Campaigns

The promotional campaigns created on your Magento account need to be synced with your CRM database to carry out the campaigns more effectively. Our integration services help you integrate your promotion information and catalog price rules between Magento and Salesforce.

This includes the transfer of other valuable information, such as discount name, discount value, starting/ending date, and many more.


Automating Data Transfer Through Schedules

Our services help you in automating data transfers and synchronizations through effective scheduling. You can have the data transfer between Magento and Salesforce running in the background by cron. All you need to do is specify a time interval and the system will carry out the transfers accordingly.

Our Magento Salesforce integration services allow you to import and export your data using multiple options, including:

  • Custom intervals
  • Asynchronous data transfer (launching each scheduled profile whenever needed)
  • Customizable pre-defined update schemes
  • Profiles without schedules (ideal for tasks like data migration from Salesforce to Magento)

Automating Data Transfer Through Event-Based Triggers


Event-based triggers work perfectly with the Magento Salesforce integration. The following algorithm helps you in automating data transfers between the e-commerce and CRM platforms:

  • Create a trigger,
  • Connect it to the required event, and
  • Link an action to the trigger to launch it automatically.

This makes the migration of data between Magento and Salesforce easier and more effective. Let us take an example of a customer placing an order on your website.
Whenever a new order is created, the system will automatically transfer its details to your Salesforce database with the help of an event-based trigger. This activity makes sure that no time is wasted in syncing the two databases and all your activities are streamlined at all times.


How Does Magento Salesforce Integration Work?

The implementation of the Magento Salesforce integration can be carried out in three major steps:

1. Configuration

You start by configuring the data integration process in the Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) wizards and editors.

2. Execution After the configuration is completed, the integration is executed within a cloud, either manually or by scheduling it to take place at a specific time.

3. Viewing Results
Finally, you can view your integration operation results for every execution in the section of Run History. You can now start using the integrated platform and carry out your business processes as per your needs.


Our Magento integration services are aimed at helping you set up and operate your e-commerce venture as effectively as possible. We try our best to provide you with the most advanced and automated tools that minimize the time and effort needed to manage your orders and customers alike.

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