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Salesforce Talend Integration Services

Take data integration a notch higher by integrating your Salesforce instance with Talend. Obtain quick, automated, and reliable solutions for data management and big data by associating with the globally renowned ETL tool.


At Techila Services, we provide personalized Talend Salesforce integration services to help you make the most of your valuable data and manage it in the best way possible. Our services are focused on providing you solutions pertaining to data quality, data preparation, data integration, application integration, data management, and other relevant services.


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Big Data Integration

Work on all your Big Data projects by integrating your data sets using Talend Salesforce. The platform helps you extract and combine data from a variety of sources and in a variety of software formats. It facilitates the pooling of multiple data sets important for your business and providing your tea with a centralized platform to work on.
Our Talend Salesforce integration services are dedicated to extract, transform, and load your Salesforce CRM data using the integration tool of Talend.

This integration ensures a unified user experience to all your team members, eliminating any data silos and inconsistencies in carrying out specific business processes.

Spend More Time In Data Analysis

One of the most common issues faced by businesses is that of spending more time in bringing data together and preparing for the analysis as compared to the process of analysis itself. No matter how big your business is, it is always important to spend enough time in data analytics.

We help you solve this problem through our Talend Salesforce integration services. We help you set up a platform that helps you bring together all your data from multiple sources without you having to spend hours doing the same manually.

With an automated data management system at your disposal, your team can spend more time analyzing your data, deriving conclusive results, and making important business decisions.

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Talend Data Fabric

Integrate all your Salesforce data effectively through the data integration and integrity platform of Talend Data Fabric. It makes the process of data sourcing from multiple internal and external platforms easier and faster. With Talend Data Fabric, you no longer need to work with your data, preparing for analytics.

The platform takes care of all the processes before you get to the core activity of carrying out business analytics. With Talend Salesforce integration, you get a unified platform with all accurate and necessary data sets you need at the right time for performing the right processes.

Stitch Data Loader, the latest offering of Talend Data Fabric, helps you get your data into a fast, secure, and simple cloud data warehouse or a cloud data lake for more effective management.

Flexibility Of Operations

Over time, the need for flexibility of operations has sufficiently increased in almost every organization in every industry. Talend Salesforce helps your team kin breaking the rigid chain of processes and providing them with the flexibility of working on your data.

With a natively generated code and more than 1,000 connectors and components, the platform of Talend Data Fabric allows the users to connect almost anything to anything. Whether you are connecting cloud or on-premise data, the platform ensures seamless management and integration


Staying Updated

We help you implement a data management platform that comes with highly scalable features and grows with you. It helps in achieving higher scalability without getting a penalty and integrates with the latest tools and platforms.

Talend Salesforce makes sure that the users are always in sync with the latest technology and trends staying updated and offering advanced features for data integration.

Ensuring Data Quality

Salesforce allows users to perform a variety of business processes and provide personalized services to the clients. However, it is essential for the users to ensure the quality of data being processed and integrated for obtaining the best results.

Talend Salesforce helps you monitor the quality and relevance of all the data you are willing to integrate using the platform of Salesforce. It makes sure that your data sets are clean, unduplicated, and secure which is a primary prerequisite for any work to be done using the concerned data sets

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Data Catalog Solutions

Effective management and use of data catalogs are essential for carrying out all business processes in cloud-based platforms like Salesforce. Through our Talend Salesforce integration services, we provide personalized data catalog solutions, helping you maintain an organized inventory of your data assets.

These solutions aim at providing a context to your data analysts, data scientists, administrators, and data consumers, helping them make sense of the database and attach relevant business value to the same.

Improved Customer Insights

While using Salesforce, simply keeping a track of your customer database is never enough. It is important to analyze this data, make sense of the same, and obtaining important insights regarding the behavior of your customers.

Talend Salesforce allows integration of this customer database with suitable platforms that help you derive key insights about the people you cater to. The need for personalized services is constantly increasing.

Once you have information regarding the areas of likes, dislikes, needs, and preferences of your customers, you can tailor your services to suit their specific needs and use the most suitable communication channels to approach them for maximum traction.

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Data Security

If the data stored and processed within your system is not secure, all your business processes automatically come under threat of unauthorized access and data loss.

Our Talend Salesforce integration services ensure that all your data sourced from multiple platforms is completely secure and protected from an array of threats. With multiple layers of protection provided by both Salesforce and Talend, we help you facilitate specific user access and permissions to view and make changes in your valuable database.

Deeper Analytics With Reports And Dashboards

Carry out detailed and specific analytics of your Salesforce data by creating customized reports and dashboards. Talend Salesforce allows you to bring data onto a unified platform use the same in creating extensive and conclusive summaries of activities.

This data helps you keep track of all the activities performed by your team and the actions undertaken by your customers. Whether you are willing to analyze your sales, marketing, or service data on Salesforce, the integrated platform will help you carry out powerful and automated analytics.


Suitability For All businesses

No matter what the scale of your organization is, you can get Talend Salesforce implemented according to the limited needs of your company.

We assess your business requirements and provide you with the best mix of tools and features that help you integrate your CRM data and leverage your business processes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Talend Salesforce?

Talend Salesforce is an integrated platform between Salesforce and Talend. It aims at providing the users with the features of an automated cloud-based CRM platform (Salesforce) and an ETL data integration platform (Talend).

Talend Salesforce helps the users in bringing all relevant data from multiple internal and external sources onto a centralized platform and preparing the database before conducting any major business processes. It allows Salesforce users to keep a track of their valuable database and integrate customer data to suitable platforms to carry out detailed analytics.

What is the difference between data migration and data integration?

Although both these terms are often used interchangeably and share similar implementation techniques, it is important t understand the subtle differences between the two.

Data integration is the process of extracting data from multiple sources (internal and external), combining them, and bringing them on a common platform for carrying out specific processes. Here, the objective is to have a unified platform for data belonging to different sources for easier and more efficient management.

On the other hand, data migration is simply the act of moving data from one platform to another. Here, the transfer is more specific and occurs only from a single source of migration. Migration is common when a business is shifting CRM platforms or upgrading to newer versions of the same platform.

How much does Talend Salesforce cost?

The cost of your Talend Salesforce integration would depend on the tools and features you are looking for and the edition you choose. There are five major editions of the integrated platform from which you can choose:

  •  Talend Open Source – This is an open-source platform that can be accessed by all users for free.
  •  Stitch Data Loader – This edition comes with a 14-day trial and would cost you $100-$1000/user/month depending on your requirements.
  •  Talend Pipeline Designer – This edition would cost you by the hours of usage and comes with a 14-day free trial.
  •  Talend Cloud Data Integration – This edition would cost you $1,170/user/month if you subscribe on a monthly basis and $12,000/user/year if you go for the annual plan. It includes both Talend Studio and Pipeline Designer licenses.
  •  Talend Data Fabric – This edition includes Big Data integration, data governance, Platinum Customer Services, and application integration. You can contact the sales department to obtain your quote.

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