Salesforce With Twilio


Salesforce With Twilio

With help of Salesforce Twilio Integration, you will be able to send and receive SMS inside and outside Salesforce. This will also allow you make inbound and outbound calls from Salesforce with help of Twilio connector.

Twilio, a cloud-based team communications software enables the best communicating solutions for different size of businesses. It provides numerous ways of growth for your business through the online platform. It is the best CRM tool that empowers you to enhance the scalability of your organization and you can single out the best communication channel that fits best for your customers.

Twilio helps your businesses to lead towards changing the way telecom performs and leading towards best features in the telecom sector. The services we provide of Twilio Salesforce integration also helps in an efficient method of telecommunication and web services merging. Twilio provides effective Salesforce features in the cloud and our developers have a knack for integrating voice and messaging communications inside the web.

Communication is the key to a successful business organization. Even if you have highly ethical work environment and the quality of your products or services is top-notch, you cannot really survive in the market for long if you fall short in effective communication.

There are several types of communication you have to undergo as a business enterprise. You need to communicate with your suppliers regarding the products they supply to you. You need to communicate with your partners and collaborators in order to make important partnership decisions. You need to communicate within the organization in order to ensure smooth and effective function of every department. You need to communicate with the legal entities if you need to undergo a legal procedure.


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Marketing Communication

Of all the sorts of communication mentioned above, the most important communication that a business house engages into is the one with their customers. Right from the process of making them aware of your business to giving them follow-up services, you need to converse with your customers in varied manners. Here are some of the common situation during which you are required to undergo customer communication:

 You need to communicate with the public in general to identify your potential customers.

 You need to communicate with your potential customers in order to encourage them to purchase you product.

 You need to communicate with your customers in order to make final sales to them.

 You need to communicate with your customers in response to the complaints or queries they have regarding your product.

 You need to communicate with the customers that are no longer interacting with you with the intention of reeling them back in.

 You need to communicate with your customers to provide them with after-sale services.


If your business functions in the service providing sector, you cannot function without communication at every step of your business. Also, it is important to make sure that customer communication is carried out in the most precise manner and at the right time. You can lose your customer if you spoil this communication. If you send forth an advertisement of a restaurant specialising in varied meat to a customer that is vegetarian, there are high chances you spoil your relationship with them. Also, if you tend to send a promotional message to a customer just when he has had a terrible fight with their spouse, you will have to bear the brunt of it all. It is therefore very important for the marketing team to gauge several parameters before initiating any sort of communication with their customer.


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Communication Platforms

There are several platforms that are used by marketers in order to communicate with their customers, some of the being mentioned here:


Social Media

In this day and age, social media is the most widely accepted platform used by businesses for communicating with their customers and potential customers. There are millions of users on social media that are always browsing on some or the other platform.

It is important for a business organization to be key social media platforms in order to make these users feel their presence. Social media has also reduced the gap between a business and their customers as they can approach each other at any time and from any place, with a high probability of getting a quick response.


The digitization in market has also given rise to email marketing. Emails are now used as an important tool by business houses to get in touch with and communicate with their customers. Emails serve several important purposes – be it providing important information about the product they are purchasing, persuading the potential customers to make a purchase, asking the existing customers to make payments, getting feedback from your customers, receiving relevant complaints and queries from the customers and several such relevant purposes. There are also several software that automate email marketing to enhance the features of the same.


Broadcast and Print Media

Platforms such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines have been extensively used for the purpose of advertising and publicity by businesses as they offer a wider reach in spreading promotional messages.


SMS and MMS are also widely used in order to spread important messages by businesses to their customers, serving the same purposes as those of email marketing, just without the use of internet.

Marketing Through SMS

As mentioned above, SMS marketing is the form of marketing where businesses use the platform of mobile phones by sending and receiving relevant SMS for fulfilling several marketing purposes.

Just like email marketing, SMS can be used by a business in order to:

 Let the customers and potential customers know about the existence of a product sold by a business

 Receiving complaints and queries from the customers

 Persuading the customers to make purchases

 Informing the customers regarding an offer or scheme that a marketer has come up with

 Wishing the customers on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or festivals

 Giving them receipts of the transactions they made with the business house

All these facilities has given rise to SMS marketing, which are now also handled by efficient software primarily designed for the purpose of handling a business’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


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Salesforce Twilio

You must be aware of the fact that Salesforce is arguably the most popular and successful business CRM software that has garnered its services to varied business organizations. It helps your marketing team in gathering, recording, storing, segregating and assessing useful customer data and manages your database in the best possible manner, along with giving suitable feedback and suggestions.

In order to enhance their platform and provide more services to their users than they are already providing, Salesforce often collaborated with third party applications and integrates with them. This makes their users make the most of both the platforms and avail unparalleled services by them.

One of such third party entities that Salesforce has integrated with is Twilio. This integration makes the best use of both the platforms in order to enhance the communication pertaining to their client organization. Salesforce Twilio is a platform that is mainly dedicated to facilitate the users in sending and receiving varied SMS within as well as outside Salesforce. A component called Twilio Connector also helps you make inbound and outbound calls from the platform of Salesforce.

Twilio is cloud based software that is designed to provide effective and productive communication solutions to business organisations, irrespective of the industry they belong to the scale in which they operate. It also offers you an enhanced online platform that helps your business house make the best use of its features that gives a little helping hand in growing bigger. It helps you make adequate assessments of the channels of communication you are using and zero in on the best one you can use for communicating with your precious customers. The best thing about the platform is that it makes you choose the communication channel that is the most suitable for the customers you are catering you, helping you provide personalized services to them.

Telecom sector is often overlooked when it comes to marketing communications. Twilio Salesforce tries to rejuvenate the essence of the telecom sector and helps you make the most effective use of the same by providing you the best and the most effective features. As Twilio and Salesforce merge, the users can get the best of both telecom and web worlds, further integrating, automating and personalizing the way they had been conducting business communication.

Salesforce Twilio integration has led to Twilio helping its users by allowing their users the facility of texting from Salesforce and providing other relevant and effective features of Salesforce on its cloud. On the other hand, Salesforce helps its users by a brilliant integration of voice and messaging communication tools configured on the web.

Building Personal Relationships

You must know that Salesforce functions with the primary objective of providing personalised services to the customers. By integrating with Twilio, they are taking this objective a step further by services provided by Twilio for Salesforce. SMS can be one of the most personalised ways of building healthy relationships with your customers.ransformations, use data filtering, and making sure that all your data sets are synchronized across both platforms.

This platform would help you scan through your customer database and identify the customers you need to communicate with and the way you should communicate with them. It would give you a list of customers who have complained regarding certain aspects of your product or your business as a whole.

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These customers require immediate remedies and you can inform them about your acknowledgement through a suitable SMS. The platform would notify you of the queries certain customers have been asking regarding a feature of your product or service. These customers can be reached out with a satisfactory answer through a well-crafted SMS.

Twilio Salesforce would identify the leads that need to be nurtured and the need to communicate with them in order to reel them in. This would help you make the decision to send these leads an SMS that contains a highly persuasive message, add a textible reference to the same and make provision regarding a call-to-action they can follow in order to interact with your company. This would allow you to create and send personalised messages to your customers which would make them feel special.

Such communication makes a customer feel they are given an edge over others and you can therefore expect a positive response from them. Moreover, a personalised approach always increases the chances of customers being added to your list of loyalists!


Adding Messaging Features To Salesforce

The Salesforce Twilio integration would help you in adding certain advanced messaging tools to your Salesforce platform. This would further enhance the Salesforce SMS and MMS features you used previously and integrate certain Salesforce platforms and tools such as Lightning into your SMS marketing campaigns.

You can also use certain simple drag-and-drop tools in order to improve the way you manage your workflow and communicate within your organization, owing to the genius interface provided by Salesforce.

Aiding Conversational Messaging

Conversational messaging is extremely important for an organization, be it in order to converse with your team or with your customers. Salesforce Twilio would allow you to use Twilio tools of conversational messaging in order to approach your contacts, personal accounts or qualified leads and engage into productive conversations with the same.

Use Apex For Twilio

There is no limit to which you can program Twilio and customise its features according to your convenience. You can use the API platform of Twilio using Apex and build the components and tools that you require for undergoing the most effective communication with your customers.

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Undergo Global Interactions

With businesses getting digitised and advanced technologies being introduced in the market at a lightning speed, almost every market has become global.

There is no geographical limit to which you should restrain your business transactions. Twilio is a platform that is used from small companies to giant enterprises across the globe.

This integration would allow you to reach out to the users that are situated across the globe and communicate with them, hoping to expand your business.

Rapid Integration

It does not take more than twenty minutes to get Salesforce Integrated with Twilio. All you need to do is install the application and add the credentials of your Twilio account.

The application would automatically mould according to your Salesforce environment, saving you of any complications, mess-ups or training needed to function with the integrated platform.

Salesforce Twilio helps you in making your marketing activities more wholesome.

It helps you in almost every marketing aspect. Salesforce would manage your customer data, assess the same, help you ascertain what communication is needed for which customer, and give

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relevant information to Twilio, which would later help you get in touch with the concerned party and communicate with them in a personalised and effective manner. Get this integration done and forget all the marketing hassles you might face in dealing with your customers!

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