IT Service Management

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IT Service Management

Have you ever given thought to how IT executives create, design, and deliver IT services to their customers? If the answer is a resounding no, then let Techila fill you in with the information. IT service management has an acronym called ITSM servicenow.

This is a concept where IT professionals believe that information technology should be delivered as a service. Imagine a scenario where you are having a laptop issue. You go to the web host’s customer support fill in the information and you would be given a ticket.

The ticket would now come IT team’s queue and they would come with a response. This overall processor is termed ITSM. People often considered servicenow workflow with IT support. ITSM is not targeted into specific areas but all areas like critical software applications, workplace technology, laptops, and servers.

How Techila develops fantastic ITSM technologies?

Well, the common and basic way to have a streamlined ITSM is identifying the right technology, then developing the process and lastly training the team with the technology. Techila believes the other way around. According to us, it’s teams that make all the difference in an organization. For us, the IT teams come as the priority.

They should be given full control to address the issue and solve it according to their creativity. They should not be compelled to follow a particular set of rules and regulations that is decided by the company already. This would double up the productivity of an organization and also create a pathway for innovation

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Once the team has got a commutable work environment where they can express their views and opinions, the next step is creating a unique approach to tackle a particular issue. We firmly believe that copy-pasting what others are doing with a particular problem, would not work, since every work environment is different, and responding to the customers should be our ultimate goal

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Why partner with Techila for ITSM platform

When you consider Techila for your IT operations management. Then you are availing yourself of a full package. We remove any kind of bottlenecks, provide maximum value to your IT infrastructure, and optimize performance.

The ITSM service now efficiencies we provide

Process workflow and IT resources

When you use our ITSM services, then downtime is reduced drastically. Using this software many employee tasks are streamlined and hence manual tasks are reduced and automated workflow is generated. Doing this will let your employees focus on your precious customers.


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Process Of ITSM

Time saver and issue prevention

The software can identify recurring problems and that means the issue of the customers are solved faster. Any potential issues that can hamper your company’s reputation are identified and quick bounce-back strategies are provided.

The process of ITSM we follow

We provide ITSM in the following ways:

1. Incident management

Any kind of IT issues and also request for new services of both hardware and software are tracked and identified. Once the identification is done, we initiate the incident management process and then solve customer issues as quickly as possible

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2. Problem management

Problem management is done through error control and proactive problem analysis. When we initiate a problem management process, then it stabilizes the entire infrastructure, eliminates any kind of potential It problems, and detects and eradicates problems according to priority

3. Release management

In this phase, the problem is first analyzed and then changed. For instance, if there is a problem found in the application, it is changed and then released.

4. Management of service

There are a lot of vendors and service commitments that won’t be met during business collaboration. This software tracks those commitments which are not fulfilled and inform you about the same

Request management

Any employee in your IT team needs to rest their passwords, take care of their workstation and install new systems. Such requests have forded this software to the approval team

Configuration management

Using this phase we keep a cordial relationship between the business owner and us. All the personal information, confidential documents, and IT infrastructure components are checked, configured, and verified with you so that a healthy relationship is maintained.

Continual improvement

The software tracks your improvement and your performance goals. When these are tracked and maintained, your business strategy is improved and service efficiency is doubled by 2x

Talent management

The software lets you select the right candidate for your tasks at hand. In this way, you will always select talented employees, who can provide the best possible service. Our created ITSM framework recolonizes your business and makes you stay ahead of your competitors

Where is ITSM technologies used?

The role of ITSM can be used in various sectors. This can be education, business, finance, and healthcare


To run a business, different departs need an ITSM where daily operations can be performed smoothly. Using our ITSM services you can do that. Security, human resource, and manufacturing can be handled and all complex issues arising in this area can be tackled


ITSM can be useful in the ED tech industry. ITSM can help teachers to streamline their classes in online teaching platforms and use technologies like computers, mobile phones, and tablets to their full potential.


ITSM can be very useful for banks. It can track closed and dead bank accounts and also notify the management when there is a fishy transaction. By making the bank transaction free from any fraud, the common people can use the channel to pay the receive money daily


Healthcare can benefit massively if ITSM is used. With the help of this software, checking and tracking the patient’s status is done seamlessly and reduces a great amount of paperwork. Patients can also benefit from this software. They now have software where doctor’s availability and service charges are shown and they will have full authority to check them


The combination between stakeholders, clients, and investors can be shared seamlessly with ITSM. All the confidential information is now managed in a single platform. This means all your information will be transparent in front of your business associates and your collaboration can reach greater heights.


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