Zoom Salesforce Integration | Salesforce Zoom integration
Zoom Salesforce Integration

Zoom Salesforce Integration

Schedule your video meetings and plan your calendar events with ease and efficiency with Zoom Salesforce integration.

Since the March of 2020, the demand for online collaborative platforms like Zoom has skyrocketed. Zoom has emerged as one of the most popular and sought-after platforms to interact with one’s

colleagues and collaborate with them. When organizations were forced to function virtually, Zoom Salesforce integration allowed the professionals to carry on with their work by helping them connect with their team members and the management while working from home.
Through Salesforce Zoom integration, we help you in providing you with an ideal mix of features provided by a video collaborative platform and a CRM platform. The integration allows you to sync your Zoom contacts with your Salesforce records, helping you streamline your meetings and calls. If you are someone who needs to attend multiple calls on a daily basis, the Zoom Salesforce integration helps you stay up to date with your schedule and keep a track of all your calls.

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Zoom Salesforce Integration

Scheduling Meetings From Salesforce

The Salesforce and Zoom integration helps you save time in scheduling meetings separately from the platform where you manage all your contacts. It allows you to schedule all your Zoom calls and meetings directly from Salesforce. You can make use of the Salesforce events calendar to schedule your meetings and get updates about the same. By making specific configurations, you can use the integrated platform for setting up Salesforce Virtual Meetings. These meetings help you interact with your internal and external public with a few simple clicks.

Syncing Zoom Contacts With Salesforce Objects

When you integrate Salesforce and Zoom, you can sync your Zoom contacts with relevant Salesforce objects. This helps you update the status of a meeting or a call in real-time without having to reconcile data manually.

For example, if you have a call scheduled with one of the Salesforce Accounts, the integrated platform would update your Zoom meeting schedule make necessary changes in your Salesforce records once the call is over.

Zoom Salesforce Integration
Salesforce Zoom integration

Connecting With Google Calendar

Apart from connecting with the Salesforce CRM calendar, the Zoom Salesforce integration allows you to connect with Google Calendar as well. This helps you in setting up meetings, review them, and make all necessary changes from a single unified platform. Also, this feature can be used for making notes and adding comments pertaining to specific meetings. For example, if you have a meeting with one of your most valuable clients, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any important points of discussion. The calendar allows you to note down important matters that you should discuss during the meeting.

Schedule A Quick Zoom Meeting

There may be situations when you need to have a quick meeting with your Salesforce contacts on an urgent basis. For example, if you have managed to win an opportunity and the concerned client wants a quick Zoom meeting, you have no time to plan the same on your calendars.

During such cases, the integrated platform allows you to schedule and start a meeting with a few simple clicks. All you need to do is send the link to the concerned contact and set up a meeting immediately.

Salesforce Zoom integration

Conducting Orientations

Onboarding is often one of the most difficult activities when it comes to working with remote employees. New employees need to be made well-versed with your organization, its policies, its structure, and its approach. For this, conducting an orientation is necessary. With Salesforce Zoom integration, you can easily organize a virtual orientation with all your new employees on a single call. You can have the management and all senior staff members in the meeting to brief employees about the culture of your company, the different departments, and what is expected of them once they join the company. This helps you communicate with a large audience in a seamless and effective manner.

Interacting With International Clients

While you can interact with the local clients over a phone call or by meeting them in person, the same is not feasible when it comes to handling international clients. You need to have a systematic approach of reaching out to them over an online collaborative platform to have an effective interaction with them. With Salesforce and Zoom integration, you can schedule and conduct meetings with your Salesforce clients located outside your country. You can use the CRM platform for reaching out to them with all relevant details of the meeting and have the meeting conducted on Zoom. This way, you can organize your approach of scheduling meetings with international clients in a hassle-free manner.

Salesforce Zoom integration
Salesforce Zoom integration

Making Changes To Your CRM Database During Zoom Calls

There may be situations when you need to make changes to your Salesforce database or make important notes that would involve making changes in the database. In such cases, the Salesforce Zoom integration helps you in making all necessary changes to your CRM database while you are on a call.

This prevents you and your team members to switch platforms for taking notes and making necessary changes in the database. A single unified interface can be used for adding, removing, or editing your Salesforce records in real-time.

Sending Quick Meeting Invites

With the Salesforce Zoom integration, your team members do not need to write dedicated emails and send individual messages to different contacts asking them to attend Zoom meetings. The platform allows you to send a one-click invite to one or more attendees with utmost ease and efficiency.

All you need to do is select one or more Salesforce contacts and send readymade emails or e-invites for your meeting with a single click. The attendees will immediately be notified about the meeting, allowing them to join at once.

Saving All Your Call Logs

It is important for an organization to keep a track of all the calls made and meetings conducted for future reference. The Salesforce Zoom integration keeps a record of all the calls you make on Zoom and stores the same within your Salesforce database.

These records can be accessed by authorized users at any time for creating reports and obtaining valuable insights about the effectiveness of communication by the team

Making Virtual Pitches

It is extremely important for an organization to make an impressive pitch for getting the desired traction and closing more deals. If your team is required to work remotely or if you are dealing with an international client, the integrated platform allows you to connect with your Salesforce leads and contacts via Zoom. You can schedule meetings with your clients and make effective pitches using the platform of Zoom to communicate with them in the best possible way. Whether you are working from home or pitching from the conference room of your office, the Salesforce Zoom integration makes sure that the session goes smoothly and effectively. Moreover, you can use the tools provided by Zoom and Salesforce to enhance the impact of your pitch and close your deal successfully.

Collaborating With Contacts After Meetings

Zoom is not limited to making video calls. It also provides users with the feature of individual and group chats. When you interact with your Salesforce leads and contacts over a video call, you can have a group conversation about the meeting on the same platform. Here, you and your team can obtain necessary contact details, work out differences (if any), resolve doubts, and share documents over the integrated platform. Integration with Salesforce makes it easier for the users to share all important files and documents with specific contacts over individual or group chats followed by the Zoom meetings. This makes sure that everyone is on the same page.

Using Zoom Phone To Make Quick Calls

Zoom phone can be integrated with the mobile app of Salesforce for making and receiving calls on the go. If your employees are traveling and need to attend important meetings, the integrated platform allows them to create or join a meeting simply by clicking on a widget on their mobile screens.

This makes it easier and much more flexible for Salesforce and Zoom users to communicate and collaborate on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Integrating Zoom with Salesforce provides you with a centralized platform that allows you to make Zoom calls directly from your Salesforce org and record all important information obtained from the Zoom call into the CRM database. It streamlines the communication and collaboration features provided by both the platform to provide users with a unified interface.
What is your cost for integrating Salesforce with Zoom?
You can get in touch with our sales team to obtain the cost of integrating Salesforce with Zoom.
Yes, you can rest assured that all your Salesforce data will be completely secure on being integrated with Zoom. The infrastructure of Salesforce provides you with layered security and allows you to set user permissions and access to keep your database free from unauthorized access, data breaches, and fraud.
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