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Salesforce has turned out to be an excellent CRM platform for businesses undertaking e-commerce ventures.

Over time, the majority of marketers have taken the route of online buying and selling of products.

If you handle an e-commerce venture and deal with other business organizations, we will help you handle your CRM using Salesforce CloudCraze.

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Why Choose A Separate Platform For B2B Transactions?

One of the most common questions asked by clients is regarding the need for a separate CRM platform for B2B transactions while there already is a B2C platform taking care of similar business processes.

For any business adopting the B2B model, especially in the e-commerce sector, it is important to differentiate between the CRM methodologies used in B2B and B2C platforms. When you are dealing with the end customers, your channel, tone, and purpose of business communication is considerably different than dealing with other businesses.

B2B communication is much more precise and professional as compared to B2C communication. As your CRM platform also handles your interaction with the customers, having a common platform for B2C and B2B activities are likely to cause confusion.

Also, the volume of sales and the types of products are different in both models. While a B2C seller would deal in smaller quantities of products, a B2B seller would need to keep a track of fairly large volumes of bigger and heavier products. For instance, as a B2B

commerce user, you may place a bulk order for stocking up multiple retail stores with the products you want to sell or a single order for heavy factory equipment from your supplier. Such transactions require separate handling of CRM to ensure the smooth functioning of your business.

What Is Salesforce Cloudcraze?

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, commonly known as CloudCraze, is essentially a branch of Salesforce Commerce Cloud that helps businesses following the B2B marketing approach in recording, storing, tracking and analysing valuable data. It facilitates an array of e-commerce activities you undertake with your business customers.

This platform came into being when Salesforce acquired CloudCraze, a robust e-commerce tool for B2B transactions. The software is typically designed for businesses that deal with larger and more complex purchases. If your contact database is not big enough but your sales volume is high, Salesforce B2B services are ideal for your enterprise.


Key Features Of Salesforce Cloud Craze

The platform of Salesforce CloudCraze is an ideal combination of e-commerce and business CRM. At Techila Global Services, you can avail of an array of features of the platform that would help you automate your business and increase its overall functionality.

User Experience

One of the most sought after features of CloudCraze is the personalized user experience it provides. As compared to the end customers, each of the businesses you deal with has specific needs and preferences.

The platform would help you in interacting with your contacts based on the individual requirements with the help of tools dedicated to modifying site designs, creating new pages, and adjusting product search rules based on your clients.

Systematic Order Management

CloudCraze facilitates smooth and systematic order management. Based on the clients and products you are dealing with, you can configure the complexity of the order management feature of the platform. As this feature posts all your order actions on a regular basis, it drives your checkout processes and provides you with key business data.

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Reports and Analytics

Especially when you are dealing with other business organizations, it is very important to keep track if every single activity performed by your team while interacting with them.

Salesforce CloudCraze has a provision for undertaking thorough analytics and creating robust reports out of the same. It provides management with a 360-degree view of your business and allows them to make important business decisions. This information is instrumental in making favourable changes in your business processes and increasing customer traction.

Here are some of the other important features you can avail by getting this Cloud platform implemented:

  • Provision for authenticated sites with logins for every visitor
  • Shopping carts having the capacity of holding thousands of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) per order based on your requirements
  • The option of 2-click orders for increasing the speed and ease of large and frequent orders
  • Multiple custom themes for customer storefronts, giving a unique look and feel to each of your Accounts
  • Enterprise e-commerce facilities
  • The strong and efficient pricing engine
  • Provision for personalized content management
  • Seamless mobile customization
  • Integrated infrastructure in sync with Salesforce CRM
  • Multi-currency, multi-language and multi-site approach
  • Multiple custom product catalogs sorted by your Accounts for dealing with exclusive products or a subset of your products
  • Provision for negotiated or contract pricing that can be adopted by a specific Account or customer segment
  • Provision for multiple delivery dates and delivery locations through complex shipping functionality
  • Multiple payment types such as purchase order, Automated Clearing House (ACH), credit cards, etc.
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Why Hire Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer?

Our salesforce b2b commerce developers ensures that our clients avail the best benefits out of the CRM platform, drive their sales, and improve the productivity of their organization. As reliable Salesforce e-commerce solution providers, we offer an array of benefits to the clients opting to implement B2B Commerce Cloud.

Exclusive Omni-channel Experience

By availing our services, you can provide an extensive cross-channel marketing approach to your clients, similar to that of a B2C platform. Such an omnichannel experience will help you improve the overall user experience and build healthy client relationships.

We help you design your communication channels meticulously to ensure timely and efficient interactions.

Simplifying B2B Complexity

Owing to the large volume of sales and increased complexity in the products dealt, the process of B2B marketing over e-commerce might get complicated to online sellers.

Our Cloudcraze developers will help you in simplifying this complexity by helping you deal with contract-based catalogs, systematic pricing, product configuration, generation of quotes, and all other aspects involved in B2B commerce.

Context Marketing Through Increased Automation

salesforce B2B Commerce developers to helping you in the field of content marketing, improving your ability to provide the right services to the right person at the right time. This objective is attained through business automation provided by the platform of Salesforce CloudCraze. We ensure that all your business data is thoroughly scanned and your sales representatives are provided with classified information for performing their activities. Through automation, we also aim at reducing the workload of your team to a considerable extent.

Dealing In Complicated Products

As mentioned earlier, many of the products dealt in B2B transactions are bulky and complicated. We assist you in solving this issue thorough guided selling, helping you choose the products that best suit your specific needs, and do not create hassles for your business.

CRM Benefits

Our experts will help you make the optimum use of the Salesforce CRM platform by merging it with e-commerce activities. By availing our services, you can keep a track of your activities and the activities of your customers on your online selling portal and store the data within your CRM system to help you analyze the same. This blend of services will help you undertake effective sustainable marketing. You can also integrate the system with your back-office ERP according to your requirements.

Quick Set-up and ROI

Contrary to the legacy technologies that demand greater time and heavy capital requirements, we will help you in using B2B Commerce Cloud for launching for e-commerce venture in less than two months. In such a short span of time, you will be able to set up your online store and start accepting orders. With efficient planning and CRM handling, you can also start getting a quick return on your investments, which will help you in building business cases for future projects.

Low-cost Scalability

Through our services, we ensure that the multi-tenant environment of the B2B Cloud platform frees your resources from looking after the infrastructure and license capacity of the platform. As the platform would scale automatically with your needs without you having to pay for the entire infrastructure, you can scale your e-commerce venture faster on the cloud at an affordable rate.

Regular Product Updates

We understand the need for being in sync with the latest technology and using the latest version of the CRM platform. Salesforce CloudCraze provides you with a dynamic release calendar and allows you to avail of new features and upgrades with the help of Salesforce App Cloud. All of these updates will be received by the users on a real-time basis, allowing them to be in sync with the latest technology.

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Why TECHILA Global Services ?

Why TECHILA Global Services ?

Salesforce Development, Salesforce Consulting Service Salesforce is a powerful tool for marketing and promotions. We design and optimize your sales process to maximize cross-selling, up-selling, and deliver effective personalized marketing to your customers and also we are professional development and consulting partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce CloudCraze or B2B Commerce Cloud is a platform that helps B2B online sellers in setting up their storefronts, tracking customer data, and analyzing the same to provide personalized services to the business customers. It allows users to handle different storefronts across different channels from a single unified interface.
What is the price for implementing CloudCraze?
The price for implementing CloudCraze would depend on the specific tools you want to implement and the package you want to go ahead with. Once you book an appointment with us and share your requirements, we would provide you with the most suitable package that fits within the range of your budget.
Businesses should implement Salesforce CloudCraze because the platform allows users to have a 360-degree few of their customers/prospects and improve their buying journeys to close more deals. A single platform and database provides businesses with multi-channel, multi-language, and multi-currency capabilities to manage different storefronts effectively.
If you are willing to manage B2C transactions, you can get Demandware (Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud) implemented. It provides users with the same services as CloudCraze, tailored for catering to the end customers.

Chitiz and his team did a great job. Delivered a complex solution on time and on budget. Thank you. I look forward to working with you again soon.



I have collaborated with many Salesforce development agencies and Techila Global Services has been the absolute best. Not only do they exceed expectations, they apply their vast knowledge and creativity.



Techila Services was very quick to respond to my need for Senior Salesforce technical resources. They gave me a number of qualified options, and answered all questions during my timezone.



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