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Salesforce Demandware

Salesforce Demandware

At Techila Global Services, we understand the importance of ultimate customers for business organizations. Every plan, strategy, and business process is formulating keeping customers at the core. The platform of Salesforce is essentially built to allow you to provide personalized services to your customers. You can use the CRM platform to record, store, process, and analyze valuable information about your customers in an automated and efficient manner. With the rise of digital marketing and online selling, businesses functioning under the e-commerce industry are also making optimum use of Salesforce for handling their CRM activities. If you are also an online seller or run an e-commerce venture following the B2C model, we will provide you with personalized services regarding the implementation and operation of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud, more commonly known as Demandware.

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Why Choose Our Services?

Our team at Techila Global Services is comprised of dedicated professionals that will assist you right from scratch. You can start your B2C e-commerce journey with us and we are certain that you will see favourable results.

Optimizing Your Conversion Funnel

A conversion funnel is essentially the journey your customers take right from discovering your website to making the final purchase. Our services are dedicated to optimizing this funnel by helping you provide personalized, quick, and efficient services to your valuable customers.

Improved Social Presence

We understand the importance of social media in recent times. Apart from helping you set up and manage your storefronts, we would also assist you in building and managing a favorable image of your business across suitable social media platforms.

Demandware Developer
Salesforce B2C

Seamless Mobile Customisation

We would also help you in taking your storefronts to mobile devices to improve flexibility and increasing your reach. As the majority of online customers today make browse and make purchases from their mobile phones, such customization is sure to bring in fruitful results.

Providing A Unified Experience

Our team of experts will help you simplify the process of online merchandising by providing your customers with a unified view of your products and pricing across multiple websites, platforms, Demandware Developer currencies, and languages.

Personalized Marketing

Our services are focused on helping you provide a personalized experience to your customers by keeping a track of their interactions on your site and using such information to improve your services.

We would also help you in increasing your conversions with the help of the dynamic segmentation of customers and specific recommendations powered by AI components.

Salesforce commerce cloud
Salesforce commerce cloud

Drafting Distinguished Content

Across all platforms, channels, and geographic locations, we will help you draft rich, personalized, stimulating, and unique content that provides your customers with an engaging experience with your business.

Utilizing The Power Of Salesforce

Our team would guide you in providing your customers with the best possible buying journey by connecting the activities of Salesforce Demandware with other Salesforce offerings such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, App Cloud, and many more.

Salesforce Demandware

What Is Salesforce Demandware?

Salesforce Demandware is a cloud platform designed especially to help businesses following the B2C regime of marketing by providing the users with a centralized platform and unified experience. If you are dealing with a considerably large base of customers and have a limited volume of sales, you can get this platform implemented within your organization.

With the help of this Salesforce B2C Commerce platform, you can personalise your online stores (also known as storefronts) and provide a unified experience to your customers multiple platforms. Right from building your website and listing your products to conducting sales and tracking the progress, Demandware Developer helps you every step of the way.

Being an essential component of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, this platform provides users with all the resources and processing required for creating robust e-commerce sites.

Salesforce Demandware
Demandware Developer

How Does Salesforce Demandware Work?

This Salesforce Cloud typically provides you with a realm in which you can design and deploy your B2C e-commerce websites. A realm is nothing but a component that possesses the tools and instances that are necessary for a website to come into being. A realm generally consists of six instances – three of which are Sandboxes and the remaining three solve each of the following purposes:

  • Staging – This instance is used by developers to configure your website, enrich the data used for building the site and importing necessary data onto the concerned platform.
  • Development – This instance is used testing your website and assessing its functionality before it is finally deployed.
  • Production – This is the instance used for finally hosting the live website onto single or multiple platforms through which your customers can access it and make their purchases.

All the matters pertaining to merchandising, site configuration and customisation are overlooked by a merchant. On the other hand, an instance administrator is concerned with having a control over the password management, user permissions and starting of the instances within the realm. Our team of experts will undertake all these processes in helping you build your B2C ecommerce website according to your specific preferences.

Tools To Be Accessed For B2c Commerce Cloud

Once you decide to opt for our services, our team will ensure you have all the required permissions to access all major tools to implement Demandware onto your system, listed as below:

  • Business Manager – This tool is dedicated to configuring your online stores (storefronts) in real-time. It also helps you in categorizing your products, pricing them, displaying them, navigating your customers, and promoting your merchandise.
  • Control Centre – This tool provides your IT operational team with the control over your e-commerce website. It allows them to start instances and manage users as and when required.
  • UX Studio – This tool will be installed on your local machine to make changes to your website presentation and business logic (shopping carts, payment processors, etc).
Demandware Developer
  • Account Manager – This tool allows your IT team to create multiple user accounts on the platform of Commerce Cloud Salesforce. It also allows them the power to grant and/or revoke specific user access to your B2C Commerce instances.
  • Tools Support – This tool allows you to utilize Demandware Xchange for entering supporting tickets, visiting user forums, and taking part in the Commerce Cloud Community.
Demandware Developer

Key Features Of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

Through our services, we ensure that you are offered all the features of Salesforce Demandware that suit your requirements. Depending on the scale of your operations, the products you deal with in the profile of your target customers, the platform features can be tailored accordingly.

Storefront Design Tools

The platform of this B2C Commerce Cloud offers you advanced and easy-to-use tools and standard templates (with customizing options) that help you design the overall look of your storefront and improve the user experience of your customers.

Provision for Product Visualisation

This feature allows you to manage the display of your products on your website for your customers. You can add 3D images, animations, and videos to display your products in the best possible manner.

Recommendations/ Personalisation

Demandware allows you to personalize the experience of your customers by only displaying the right products to the right customers, based on their previous buying activities and data stored within the CRM. The platform also offers you tools that facilitate cross-selling, up-selling, promoting, guided selling, and recommending products to your customers.

Provision for Discounts and Promotions

The platform comes with the provision to allow administrators to set up personalized discounts and promotions on specific pages on your e-commerce website. You can also choose to add time-based discounts a provision for adding coupon code as a promotional tool.

Demandware Developer

Product Reviews

Demandware allows you to have a provision for allowing your customers to post product reviews and displaying them with the concerned products. You can also choose to integrate with appropriate review syndication software to incorporate the most recent reviews for each of your products.

SEO Tools

You can use a variety of on-page and off-page SEO tools to improve your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and increase the traffic for your storefronts.

Product Content Management and Configuration

The platform provides you with the ability to add or remove products from the display and update content regarding them, such as pricing, description, etc. It also allows you to have a provision on your site that lets your customers configure product attributes such as color, size, and other variants.

Provision for Product Search and Filtering

Salesforce Demandware allows you to have a provision for your customers to search specific products on the website through efficient site-wide search, product filtering, sorting, and faceted navigation on all the pages.

Demandware Developer
Salesforce Demandware

Sale of Intangible Products

Apart from selling products that can be touched and felt, you can also sell intangible products on your storefronts, such as subscriptions, downloads, free trials, perpetual licensing, etc.

Checkout Process

You can optimize the checkout process of your customers by including components like advanced shopping carts, Single Click checkout, order summary, receipts, and many more. You can also have optimized shipping options based on the delivery time and price of the selected products.


Frequently Asked Questions

Demandware, or Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud is a platform designed for users wanting to set up and manage their e-commerce ventures. It helps B2C online sellers to set up storefronts on different platforms and manage them all from a unified interface. From building a website and integrating data to manage orders, Demandware helps users in streamlining all their e-commerce processes.
How does Demandware help in online selling?
Demandware helps online sellers in marketing, displaying, and selling the right products to the right customers on the right platform. Also, it helps users to keep a track of all the e-commerce processes to provide personalized serviced to the customers.
The cost of implementing Demandware depends on the tools you are willing to use and the level of customization you are looking forward to. Book an appointment with our sales team to get the best quotes based on your specific needs and preferences.
Both Demandware and CloudCraze are components of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Demandware is a platform designed for online sellers following the B2C approach of marketing and selling. On the other hand, CloudCraze is a platform designed for online sellers following the B2B approach of marketing and selling. However, the core features and functionalities of both the platforms are more or less similar.
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Why TECHILA Global Services ?

Why TECHILA Global Services ?

Salesforce Development, Salesforce Consulting Service Salesforce is a powerful tool for marketing and promotions. We design and optimize your sales process to maximize cross-selling, up-selling, and deliver effective personalized marketing to your customers and also we are professional development and consulting partners.

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Chitiz and his team did a great job. Delivered a complex solution on time and on budget. Thank you. I look forward to working with you again soon.



I have collaborated with many Salesforce development agencies and Techila Global Services has been the absolute best. Not only do they exceed expectations, they apply their vast knowledge and creativity.



Techila Services was very quick to respond to my need for Senior Salesforce technical resources. They gave me a number of qualified options, and answered all questions during my timezone.


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