Salesforce Health Cloud


Salesforce Health Cloud

Ensure the utmost safety of your patients by adopting an organized approach towards managing their records and creating a personalized experience for every patient. Techila Global Services helps you take the best care for your patients by letting you have a complete database with every relevant detail pertaining to your patient on a centralized platform. We help you implement Salesforce Health Cloud according to your specific requirements and integrate the same with other platforms (Service Cloud, EHRs, Community Cloud, etc) to make sure that your patients get the highest quality of healthcare services from you.


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Our Offerings

Our Salesforce Health Cloud development services are designed to help the healthcare service providers, payers, biotech or pharma companies, and medical devices companies to offer personalized and effective services.

1-to-1 Patient Journeys

Pay sufficient attention to every patient by offering them personalized services, assisting them throughout their journeys with you. Right from the acquisition to their discharge, always be present to solve the specific needs of your patients across every touchpoint.

Single Patient View

Avoid data silos, inconsistency, security breach, and delay in services as Salesforce Health Cloud provides you with a single patient view. This centralizes all the activities performed by your team members, allowing everyone to access the same data and work on the same platform. A single patient view helps you maximize the efficiency of your services as the data is readily managed by advanced and automated tools with intelligent technology.


Gain Your Patients' Trust Through Personalized Engagement

It is extremely important to establish a personal touch and a bond of trust in the field of healthcare. We help you establish and maintain the trust of your patients through personalized engagement, staying connected with them from initial enrollment through administrative and clinical support.

Streamline The Sales Experience

Bring your sales team, employer groups, and brokers on a centralized platform to streamline your sales. Obtain valuable analytics, improve your sales insights, and reduce your sales cycles through increased automation and advanced tools. Moreover, use customizable tools for the improved and personalized quoting process, providing effective quotes with minimal administration and paperwork.


360-degree View of Patients

Along with a single patient view, have a 360-degree view of all your patients to provide the best and most effective healthcare services to them. View details including their current medical condition, appointment history, medical history, medications are taken, and other relevant details with a few clicks.

Real-time Engagement

Salesforce Health Cloud ensures that you are always in touch with your patients. By connecting with private Salesforce communities, you can facilitate the patients and medical experts to obtain and provide healthcare advice respectively on a real-time basis. This instills a sense of confidence and security in your patients that you care for them.


EHR Integration

Integrate the CRM platform with your Electronic Health Records (EHR) instead of replacing one with the other. Keep a track of all the problems, tasks, and goals pertaining to different care plans on a unified platform, making it easy for your team members to manage the health records with improved efficiency. Also, integration with EHR or your native clinical systems allows you to bring all data related to specific patients onto a single platform. This improves the efficiency of your services and makes them more organized.

Setting Up Your Data Model

Set up a customizable data model for your organization with the help of Salesforce Health Cloud. According to your specific requirements, you can choose a data model that would act as a foundation for your organization. All your processes will be carried out on the basis of this data model, which can be customized by adding your own custom objects and fields according to your preferences.


Personalization of patient and HCP experience

If you own a pharma company, Salesforce Health Cloud helps you create a personalized experience between a patient and an HCP for every stage of the patient’s journey across different channels (web, mobile, phone). You can cater to the specific needs of your clients/customers on a real-time basis through an automated and effective portal.

Collection and Analysis of Product and Processing Information

As a pharma company, gather information directly from the patients and HCP pertaining to medical authorizations, script approval, product complaint details, and other relevant information. This information can be analyzed for creating robust healthcare reports and analytics.


Streamline Sales In Your Medical Devices Company

As the owner of a medical devices company, Salesforce Health Cloud helps you empower your sales teams as the platform provides them with centralized data, quick valuable insights, and task automation on multiple devices. Leverage your agreements by making the most of every deal with the help of real-time sales forecasts, analytics, and insights for each agreement. This helps you conduct sales in an efficient and automated manner with utmost precision.

Account-based Forecasting

Deal in your medical devices better by making valuable forecasts specific for different accounts you cater to. Salesforce Einstein scans through all your data and helps you make forecasts at the provider and corporate levels. Such forecasts can be made specific to geography, market, and the product line you deal in. This not only helps you manage your accounts better but also allows you to set realistic and precise sales targets for selling your devices over a specific period of time.


Personalized Patient Programs

  • Medical device companies can also help patients in obtaining ideal healthcare services by creating optimized and personalized patient programs. Make the most of guided program enrolment, omnichannel communication, and digital consent management to cater to the specific needs of your customers.

Integration With Service Cloud

Integrate Salesforce Health Cloud with Service Cloud for availing of the best features of both the platforms. As a medical organization, this integration helps you manage individual cases of your patients in a faster, more reliable, and more organized way. Integrating with Service Cloud allows you to use your Health Cloud data for streamlining all your services and routing the right cases to the right experts. Advanced features like case auto-assignment, Service Console, Case Capture, Knowledge Base, and much more help you serve your patients according to their specific requirements and help them get well soon!


Simplified Care Plan Setup

Make it really simple for your patients to reach out to your team and vice versa by setting up simple and personalized care plans. Set up care plans based on the specific requirements of every patient to handle all their health issues and provide the best possible solution to the same. The single engagement platform of Salesforce Health Cloud allows you and your patients to connect readily and effectively for availing of your care plans. This not only helps you provide better services but also save operational costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based software platform designed specifically for the healthcare industry. It allows medical organizations and healthcare professionals to provide personalized assistance to their patients with the help of the automated records and data held by the platform. Health Cloud combines CRM functionality with the Electronic Health Records (EHR) held by a healthcare company to build 1-on-1 patient relationships and keeping a track of all the services provided and decisions made. The platform allows medical facilities and health experts to store specific data pertaining to every patient catered by them and keep a track of their needs and preferences and provide personalized services to them. Apart from medical organizations and healthcare professionals, Salesforce Health Cloud also contains benefits for pharma companies, medical devices companies, and the patients who are at the receiving end of the services.

Which is the best platform to integrate Salesforce Health Cloud with?

The best platform to integrate Salesforce Health Cloud is the Service Cloud. This integration allows the users to use their Health Cloud data about patient details and records in managing their individual cases effectively. Through an effective integration with the Service Cloud, healthcare facilities can streamline their services by routing the right case to the right experts and ensure that satisfactory services are provided to every patient. Also, the use of advanced and automated tools helps users get work done faster with improved accuracy and efficiency.

How much does Salesforce Health Cloud cost?

Salesforce Health Cloud cost depends on the edition you are willing to subscribe to according to your specific needs. There are two major editions of the platform that you are avail of:

  • Enterprise edition ($300/user/month)
  • ¬†Unlimited edition ($450/user/month)

Will my data be secure on Salesforce Health Cloud?

Yes. Salesforce Health Cloud provides the utmost security of the data stored on the platform with a multi-layered approach and constant system monitoring. If you are looking for additional security for the platform, you can opt for Salesforce Shield, a premium Salesforce offering with integrated services to ensure the security of your data. Overall, Salesforce Health Cloud ensures the best security, compliance, and governance of your valuable data and keeps it protected from unauthorized access and data losses. You can manage user permissions and access to specific tools on the platform to further ensure the safety of your data.

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