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Salesforce is a fairly vast platform that provides users with a wide range of tools and features. However, Salesforce users need to switch platforms and use other software for carrying out specific processes. Our Salesforce integration services help you bridge this gap and provide you with a centralized platform with combines functionalities of different entities.In simple words, Salesforce integration is the process of combining the features of Salesforce with a third-party application or server.

Salesforce integration services are designed to provide Salesforce users with an ideal combination of CRM and the platform they integrate Salesforce with. When you integrate Salesforce with a third-party application, you bring all your Salesforce data and the data belonging to the other application on a centralized interface.


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What Is Salesforce Integration?

One can integrate Salesforce using a dedicated application installed from Salesforce AppExchange or by carrying out a customized integration using codes. There are different integration patterns that can be followed by developers and consultants to integrate data between the two platforms, such as :

  • Migration pattern and Aggregation pattern
  • Bi-directional pattern and Correlation pattern
  • Broadcast pattern
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Factors We Consider


Type Of Salesforce Integration

Based on your requirements, we would help you ascertain the type of Salesforce integration you should go ahead with. The major types of Salesforce integrations include Real-time Integration, Real-time Mashups, Batch Integration, and AppExchange Integration. Different integrations are suitable for different scenarios. For example, when a new record is made, it is advisable to go ahead with real-time integration as the information here gets immediately updated on both platforms. Any other type of integration would result in a delay in sync and require users to reconcile data manually.

Options For Assistance

Before continuing with Salesforce integration, it is important to ascertain who is responsible for providing assistance to you in case there is a need for troubleshooting problems.

When it comes to our Salesforce integration services, you can rest assured that we would provide you with complete assistance before, during, and after the integration is undertaken.

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The Frequency With Which Data Is Transferred

Finally, we take into consideration the frequency at which data is transferred between Salesforce and the other application/system.We make sure that we focus on all relevant details needed for shifting data from one frequency to the other. Once you are thorough with the data required to adjust and target around the course of developing the integrated platform, we can focus on the data transfer frequency.


Why Choose

Centralized Database

Our Salesforce integration services provide you with a centralized database that is essentially a combination of your CRM database and the application you are integrating it with.

This helps your employees to work on a single unified platform instead of switching between two platforms for carrying out specific processes.


Better Productivity

When you integrate Salesforce with a third-party application, you get to automate a number of processes and avail of features provided by both platforms. As your employees save time and effort by working on an integrated platform, their overall productivity increases.

For example, if you integrate Salesforce with DocuSign, your employees can get important documents signed electronically directly within Salesforce and share the same with a few simple clicks. As the ease of operations increases, so does the productivity of your employees.

Increased Accuracy

When your employees work on different platforms for carrying out a specific business process, there are higher chances of errors being committed, irrespective of how skilled and dedicated your employees are. Our Salesforce integration services help you sync the data between both platforms with utmost efficiency, increasing the overall efficiency of your processes. When the data is automatically reconciled between applications, the scope of error reduces significantly. Increased accuracy is important especially when you need to undertake Salesforce integration for processes related to finance, healthcare, and other fields where the sensitivity of data records is fairly high.


Ideal For Non-technical Users

Our Salesforce integration services involve the use of a low-code or no-code approach, making it easier for non-technical users to adapt to the integrated platform. Even if your employees have little to no knowledge about coding, they can work on the platform with the help of simple point-and-click tools.

Seamless Workflow Automation

Salesforce integration provides you with a significant amount of workflow automation that helps you complete more tasks over a lesser period of time.

For example, if you integrate Salesforce with Xero, you can streamline and automate your accounting workflows, allowing your finance team to process invoices, make accounting entries, and make assessments with ease and efficiency. We help you in bringing together two automated platforms that help you make your work easier with the help of clearly defined and automated workflows.

Making Data Easily Accessible

Traditionally, employees need to search for specific datasets from different applications for undertaking business processes. This often takes a lot of time that can be spent on more productive activities. Our Salesforce integration services provide you with a platform that makes it easier to access data from different platforms. When you integrate two platforms, you integrate the databases pertaining to the two platforms as well. This puts all relevant datasets that your employees may need at their disposal, saving them the time and effort needed to find and access specific datasets.


Insightful Reporting

When you integrate Salesforce with a third-party application, you can create extensive and customizable reports that take into consideration data belonging to both platforms. This provides you with holistic and more insightful reports that help the management to make important decisions. For example, if you integrate Salesforce with MailChimp, you can prepare reports that take into consideration your Salesforce leads/contacts approached via email and advanced email marketing analytics that provide you with the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Seamless Communication And Collaboration

Your organization may have different departments and different employees who prefer working on different platforms. Without integration, different departments may struggle to work with each other while operating on different platforms. Our Salesforce integration services help different departments and employees working within your organization to collaborate and work on the same platform.As everyone can view and work on the same UI and access the same database, it helps you improve communication and collaboration between different employees.


Taking the example of Salesforce Xero integration again, the integrated platform allows your sales team, marketing team, and finance team to view and work on the same platform and access the same set of data. This allows the activities performed by all three departments to be logged into the same database, making the overall approach more organized.


A Holistic View Of Your Customers

On integrating Salesforce with a suitable third-party application, your team can obtain a 360-degree view of your customers and track all their activities while engaging with your organization. This allows you to ascertain specific likes, dislikes, needs, and preferences of your customers, helping you provide personalized services to them. For example, if you integrate Salesforce with a marketing and business intelligence platform, you can keep a track of all your Salesforce leads, contacts, and accounts as they engage with your business through multiple channels. The integrated platform would also allow you to be there for your customers at every buying stage, providing them with exactly what they need. Our Salesforce integration services are designed to help you understand your customers/clients better and tailor your services according to their preferences.


Salesforce Integration


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Salesforce consulting involve?

Salesforce consulting involves the process of designing, implementing, and managing a Salesforce org for a company based on its needs and preferences. A Salesforce Consultant understands the objectives that an organization needs to attain and guides them every step of the way in developing and implementing Salesforce in the best way possible

Do Salesforce consulting services include carrying our third-party integrations?

Yes, our Salesforce consultants are well-versed with the nitty-gritty details of Salesforce and help you undertake seamless third-party Salesforce integrations. Based on the industry you operate in and the service you want to integrate with, we help you integrate your data and functionality of your Salesforce org to obtain a single unified platform.

How much do your Salesforce consulting services cost?

There are no fixed prices for our Salesforce consulting services. Once you book a session with us and share your requirements, we work out a package that fits your budget and helps you achieve your organizational goals. Our services are tailored to suit your specific needs and we make sure that you utilize the full potential of the CRM platform.

How do I know if I need a Salesforce Consultant?

Here are some of the major instances that indicate that you need a Salesforce Consultant: The need for user appropriation The need for custom development The need for custom data integration The need to obtain a 360-degree view of clients


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