Salesforce Staff Augmentation


Salesforce Staff Augmentation Services

Now you must already know about salesforce chatter and how it improves the efficiency of communication within the organization. Now to use the chatter, you need to hire certified salesforce professionals to use the platform. What if you get to know about a process, where you can hire people remotely? Yes, the term is known as staff.

A Model To Improve Your Team

The recent IT industry has been using this term very often. In the united states, there was a company that hired 300 software developers from Ukraine, through the methods of

staff augmentation. In undemand staff augmentation, you need to imagine a picture in your head. Let’s say there is a requirement of a C++ programmer to develop a website.

You contact a Salesforce Staff Augmentation company, and they provide a list of developers all around the world. You see their profiles and you hire them. Remember that a person you hire through staff augmentation will on a one-time project. So, this means you don’t need a full-time employee. So,cost-saving is done.


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Why Staff Augmentation Is Needed

Well, to be honest. this is required if you want to produce excellent work in a limited time frame. Let’s say you are developing an application in your office. You already have 4 to 5 app developers working on it. Now there is another client who needs service from you. Now you can’t tell the 4 to 5 developers to do the work since they are already working on the project. This where staff augmentation comes in. Since you need programmers on an urgent basis, you contact a company that has a base of remote freelancers.

With the help of them. You make the team and get the work done. Once you integrate the in-house team with the remote freelancers. Your productivity will be increasing at an alarming rate.


Staff Augmentation With Other Business Models


With the help of the Salesforce Staff Augmentation model, you are able to hire remote freelancers according to your business needs. In simple words, the third-party vendor does all the recruiting and presents you with the best freelancers around the world. You don’t have to be part of any administrative or organizational problems. You just need to concentrate on getting your work done


When you outsource the project to a third vendor. Then the third part vendor takes care of your problems. The budget of the project,and who will be working on which segment of the project and in which time, is all decided by the project management company. The structuring of the team is done from their side. So, you don’t know how the project is being conducted and who is working in your project


Here professionals work in recruiting talent., imagine this center talent pool, where professionals search for the best and provide them jobs according to it. Now opening a talent pool mean that you would need an office and also follow the rules and regulations of the country, in which you are trying to open the center.


Some Of The Major Advantages Of Staff Augmentation

There are a series of benefits that are present in Salesforce staff augmentation. This is the reason; you should know about the most important ones from the pool of befits present. Some of them are:


A higher level of productivity is guaranteed since the freelancers are directly connected with you and work on one single project. The third-party vendor does all the admirative hassles, so you don’t have to work on anything else


See with staff argumentation process; you are always working with people who best in class. When they start working with you. You acquire their IP rights. So, gets compete safely.


With staff augmentation model, you gain two types of flexibility. One is the fact that you get select a pool of freelancers and second there is no problem of firing. Now all the developers and freelancers are working on one project. So, if you like the work you can hire the same developer for the next time. Or you skip or choose another developer if you don’t like the work.


Now to get good programming professionals, you need to invest in hiring. Secondly, there is an urgent requirement; you can’t just hire new developers. This does not happen with the Salesforce staff augmentation process. Here all our problems are taken care of project outsourcing company and you are left with professionals, who are best in the business


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How Companies Conduct Team Augmentation


Companies that take IT Staff Augmentation services first do a lot of research and then select a vendor that would outsource their work. They look for a project management company that has a lot of resources Secondly, you want to know what you know that your remote developers are working as per instructions. So, the project management company always provides you with a window of communication. So that freelancers and your in-house team members are always on the same page. Now the when you’re the client. Then it’s not possible to talk to people who you have hired remotely. This is the reason t why most of the companies assign HR to lower this gap of communication. This basically means that the freelancers would be answerable to the HR if they don’t find you. So, from the above information, you might have got an idea of how IT Staff Augmentation services are conducted in companies for team collaboration.


How Staff Augmentation Is Conducted By A Project Management Company

Most project management companies that provide IT staff augmentation services, follow a certain set of conditions to conduct their business. The reason does this is the fact that they want their work to be streamlined. So, without further delay let’s see how IT staff augmentation works


An ideal project management company would not be thinking about making a profit but will think about how to satisfy your needs. This is reasoning a good project management company would tell you to write your requirements to them. Based on that they will be able to start their screening process


In this stage, the third [part vendor would your application and would talk about various remote developers and interview them. After the section, they will send you the list of final candidates. You need to conduct the final review


Once you have selected your desired professional. Work will be beginning in immediate effect. Keep in mind that you are talking about this professional for a one-time project. So, you can keep as permanent if you like the work if not, there are a lot of options to explore.


The project management company will hire an HR, so the augmented team members are in constant touch with you. The HR will make sure that you and the remote team members are on the same page through control systems.


Minimizing The It Gap

Now all the companies that offer staff augmentation services help to minimize the IT gap. Their main goal is to improve the productivity of the company and get the work. A well-reputed staff augmented company in the united states have claimed that they hired 200 people in India to work on a project.


This does not mean that American people don’t have IT knowledge. It’s just that for a particular job, immediate hiring was not possible and so they needed people that have experience in the field. An ideal third-party vendor will always find the people will the right skillset for your job. The IT gap is reduced by these companies since they only defocus on the result. The client keeps on providing them with more and more work, and the company automatically increases the sales and revenue.


There was a recent blog post from Collabera, where they highlighted the top things that you need loom for when you are planning to hire, remote professionals. Some of them are

  •  Look if the third-party vendor has a client-centric model, that have dedicated teams
  • Make sure the company does a skill-specific recruiting
  • Make sure that the company has clear transparency between the employees
  • Make sure that the company has positive work reviews

What Is the Difference Between Project Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation?

There has been a lot of debate between these two. Some say there are of the same nature. While some say, they have completely different personalities. There is an increase in demand for having a successful IT project. Most of the companies fail to survive in the market since they don’t have the latest IT machines or they lack the skillset. Having an organization that meets the IT needs every time can be a very challenging task. While the two terms have the same motive of completing the project with precision. There is some difference between the two

In IT staff augmentation you get some series of benefits. Some of the most important ones are having the control of your staff, cost reduction, reduction of employee burdens, and special expertise. Coming to the downside, it can also increase the overhead cost.

Realize if you are hiring for a single project, then it’s not a big deal. If you need remote people for multiple businesses, then the overhead cost can spike up. Project outsourcing is a phenomenon where the entire team structure is built by a third-party vendor. You don’t know who is working on the project since every detail is taken care of by the project outsourcing company. One of the greatest advantages of project outsourcing is the fact their budget is very affordable. They first see in which country you are based in and heat is the condition of your economy. Now one of the major problems that happen with project outsourcing is the fact that sometimes the remote freelancers don’t get paid. Though the project management company has already been paid by the main client.

What Is Meant by Resource Augmentation?

To stay financially stable, there are many companies that are laying off employees and hiring employees that are skill drive. There is no need to keep the headcount stable now. The companies have lost millions of dollars in paying salaries to employees, who don’t deserve to get paid. in resource augmentation, an employee can be hired, without having to promise a long-term commitment.

There is another term that is associated with resource augmentation, and that term is known as contracting. So, let’s say that you have a project that needs to be completed within a month. You hire an employee to complete this project without promising the employee any long-term commitment.


Role Of The Employment Agencies

There many employment agencies, known as contract workers, who work on taking the project from you. they free you from, the admirative hassles. They would do all the work of hiring the person and finding the right fit for your job.

All you need to do is pick up the phone and request the company to find the right candidate for you. all the reference checks, background checks are done by the employment agencies. So that you can get only the best


This is a good way to save costs, as they don’t have to pay anything for augmented staff. Now if the company hired a person, then the company needed to pay a specific salary, their vacation costs, their retirement costs, and so on. With this method are these issues are eradicated


They have flexible working hours. If you were in office, you need to have a specie joining timing and if you are absent for a certain day. You need to give a reason, for why you have been absent or apply for a leave. You can do the work whenever you wish too. The only thing that needs to take care of is the deadline.


Salesforce Staff Augmentation


As people know that salesforce is touching every market, and there is no stopping. Now salesforce has three types of divisions, one is known as consultants, the other is known administrators, and the third one is known as developers. If you are into business, then you would need a CRM that would make your business faster than ever. This means you need to hire salesforce professionals who can manage the platform

Hiring a certified salesforce professional is a very tough job. Since they are mostly taking or they are very expensive. There are certain staff augmented companies like cloud builders, who make things easy for you. they have got a range of salesforce professionals, who provides the client with the best salesforce talent. Mostly they offer professionals who are business analysts, solution architects, technical architects, and advanced developers. Look at the diagram given below to undemand their work structure.



All these times, you have known by staff augmentation is great for business. There is also a certain risk in the process that you should well aware of. Well yes, these risks can be mitigated if proper procedure flows


A higher level of productivity is guaranteed since the freelancers are directly connected with you and work on one single project. The third-party vendor does all the admirative hassles, so you don’t have to work on anything else


There ate companies that provide you with employees that are busy in some other work. When a remote employee is already working in another project and works in yours too. Then things tend to get very messy. This most of the business professionals advise that you should follow the strict screening process, so that can get what you deserve


Sometimes you just can’t find the right company that would outsource your project. The reason can be varied. You may search in a country; whose economy is poor, or there is increasing competition in the market. The reason to mitigate this issue is very simple.

Find staff augmented companies in countries where there is a pool of information technology. Also find a country that speaks English mostly, so that language barrier won’t come in the way


Now in this staff augmentation, it is you who opens the final screening. Now if you are busy all the time and cannot communicate with your team. Then the results can be poor. This is the reason most of the companies hire a team leader to reduce the communication gap between the remote freelancers and the organization.

Final Thoughts

Staff argumentation is a very new process that has comes across the IT industry. Companies that have adopted this process have successfully excelled in every shape and form. They have managed a good communication between the in-house team members and the remote freelancers.

Since business opines have full control over their project, they can’t talk to the freelancers who they want and get their work done. The only thing that you should leap in mind is the fact that your staff augmented company should follow a business model that selects the best talent for the job


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