Problem Statement

Traditional system has to do 60% – 70 % of manual work. 

Manual  information of individual account to be inserted for different tracking. 

Creating and Managing pricing to the customer was time taking and dint had any algorithm. 

Manual Pricing approval from authorities had lot of loop holes. 

Manual and paper work for the pricing to be approved. 

Paperwork for Contracts to get signed was causing human errors and delays causing loss of client and business. 

Information of customers used to be entered manually and linking of that account with all other processes was not there. 


We implemented multiple solutions in phases to address the above challenges as below. 

1 . Automated System (90%)

As the original system was all the manual work 60- 70 % which we automated to 90 %. Running successfully on every level. 

2 . Centralised System

For easy tracking of the account activities we have built the system in such a way that everything is centralised to Account. 

3. Automated Region Based Pricing

We have automated the region based pricing based on the shipping method. For the pricing approval used SF Approval Processes. Multi hierarchical and Multi Vertical. 

4. Discount Module

Given the feasibility of discount regionwise and shipping method wise by developing the matrix design in the backend for the same.

5. Digital Contract Process

Without using any plug in we developed a digital contract process.  

We tracked contract processes based on multiple features and feasibility
e.g IP, date time, mapping price values and account information.

As the original system was all the manual work 60- 70 % which we automated to 90 %. Running successfully on every level. 

6. Updated taxation system

With the introduction of GST we updated the taxation system using formula.  

7. Customer Onboarding

When a customer onboards the system the whole process was automated and an email service was set up for the same and the process was tracked from customer onboarding till the customer going live to their site.  

8. Integrated System with Freshbooks , the Live HQ site

For syncing SF account data that with Freshbooks account creation we integrated the same.
Integrated the COB after pricing approvals , with HQ(SAP) live site of Delhivery. 

9. Classic to Lightning Migration

As per requirement moved everything from classic to Lightning with required changes as javascript buttons don’t work with lightning.