What is insurance?

Insurance is a contract, represented by a policy, in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an insurance company.

Insurance Policies – 

  1. Life insurance 
  2. Term Insurance 
  3. Disability Insurance 
  4. Long term Care 


Problem Statement

The client needed an online tool that would help them track the progress of issuing insurance policies and things related to it like Labs, Paramed, and Medical records. Even schedule phone interviews and meetings so that they can offer a perfect policy suited to you in a quick and hassle.

They asked us to build something that their advisors, staff, and management can use to schedule their tests, get related documents, create tasks, and assign it to related teams. There are automated tasks as well as emails so we can minimize human intervention and make policy issuing faster.

There are Advisors who will work on a commission basis. We have to add the commission splits on the policy amount and take into consideration if there are multiple policies for a user.

Currently, they were facing mismanagement issues as there are multiple teams involved and many concurrent processes.

We needed a system that will solve all the above issues and work coherently.  


  • To create a digital tool as a one-stop solution for issuing policies. 
  • To schedule meetings and phone interviews for enhanced communication between advisors and customers.  
  • Integration with the medical team so that they can collect the samples for necessary tests. They will upload the results so that the advisor can help customers to buy a policy. 
  • To automatically assign tasks to relevant teams as they have concurrent processes running and keep customers updated via automated emails based on the current stage and progress on salesforce. 
  • We needed to make sure the automation are working properly for every team and tasks are assigned properly to respective teams. 


  • Created a process flow that would be followed by all teams. 
  • Managers can track progress to identify obstacles (if any) and streamline the process 
  • Automated the process of task assignment to relevant teams for better efficiency 
  • Correct personnel assigned based on the policy amount 
  • Provided a digital tool to reduce human intervention as much as possible and marginalize errors. 
  • As client have different products similar to this like AUM and Annuities we needed to make sure it will accommodate these as well. 


  • The client can track the current state of policy on a single screen and take necessary actions if needed. 
  • The client has saved time in managing the teams and taking updates from them. 
  • There are almost no errors in the process if any can be traced and resolved sooner because of the system we have built. 
  • Customers are happy as they don’t have to worry about anything as all their work is completed on their behalf.