Problem Statement

PartsTech was using ORO CRM to manage their data. 

There is not much we could do in the ORO CRM as the cases were not handled properly. 

The data model was not correct in ORO CRM due to their limitations and the duplicate data was getting created due to this. 

ORO CRM was not flexible enough to accommodate any customisations. 

There was norway to categorise the case to get a sorted view and hence was complicated. 


Setup a connection between PartsTech and Salesforce. 

Created batches/triggers to sync data regularly from PartsTech and Salesforce and kept the data in sync with 2 systems. 

Moved the existing data from ORO CRM to Salesforce CRM via Dataloder. 

Saved time, resolved data duplication issues, cases management, Kept the data in sync with PartsTech and Salesforce.


Utilized declarative programming as much as possible to provide succinctness and improve readability and usability of code. 

We used bitbucket for managing the version of code. 

Provided the proper deployment  and data model documentation to On Shore Team.