Problem Statement

Struggling to manage multiple systems for Ecommerce store and CRM needs. 

Accomodate the existing system i.e Avsight to work in sync with B2B store. 

Needed the ability for Quote/Back Order while placing the Order. 

As a B2B business, needed the solution to bulk Order Products using csv or excel file of Products. 

Sell same product as New as well as renewed(old) with ease of user experiance. 

Our Solution

Create Salesforce B2B Commerce Store front with customisations to accomodate below – 

Custom reports, dashabords and list views for CRM purpose. 

Write custom logic to syc Avsight package with B2B Commerce Products and Orders. 

Create custom Add to Cart and few other components to have feasibility of back order and Add to Quote. 

Created custom component for placing a bulk Order just by uploading a CSV file on Store front. 

Accomodated Product Variations feature to Accomodate the need of selling new and old version of same products with different prices.