• Struggling to identify Sales process to fulfill requirements 
  • Needed the ability to convert to the Order from Quote. 
  • Struggling to manage inventories  
  • Sync the orders with Shipstation,QuickBook 
  • Need to manage the payments done via and relate with Quickbook 
  • Duplicate Order creation in ShipStation and QuickBook 


  • Integration with 3rd party apps
  • Manage the inventory data through integration with Top-Shelf 
  • Configure quote to order in custom way for ease of Order creation 
  • Integration with Quickbook for managing the Orders and tracking no information 
  • Integration with Shipstation for managing the Orders and Order Items and tracking No information 
  • Integration with to make payment for Orders 
  • To avoid duplicate order creation, sync orders on button click with QB and ShipStation. 
  • Email notifications for making payments via and relate payments with Quickbook as well 
  • Send Invoices on email 
  • Get the instant payment on button click [Saved card details] 
  • Manage Integration Logs for each Integration callouts 

Benefits / Highlights

  • Client had an ROI increase. All the data came from different places managed in 1 place which helped in removing all the efforts, time, manpower and human errors needed for manual work of syncing.
  • Many other custom-developed features according to business needs like Bulk order, Account Syncing with QB, Product Syncing with QBO, manage inventory,secure payment via,Send Payment Link on Customer Email to make Payment,  etc made the system more robust and powerful. 

Customer Reviews

This is the best solution we were looking for as it helped our CRM to manage in an efficient way. The proper use of all salesforce standard objects were utilized along with the custom integrations which helped us to track inventory count, sync orders to QB and keep the entire sales process in streamline.