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What Is Sandbox In Salesforce?

Salesforce has helped numerous business houses in handling their customer database effectively. The platform is widely used by the sales teams of organizations pertaining to all operational scales to make sense...


Top 11 Questions Asked For Salesforce Document Management

An important service provided by the platform of Salesforce is that of CRM document management. No matter what activity you are performing, what department you work in and what stage of operation you have reach...


Salesforce Edition Comparison

The platform of Salesforce was introduced in the market to provide automation and efficiency to business enterprises pertaining to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM). For more than two decades, Salesf...


Salesforce account management

While undertaking the process of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you need to gather all possible details pertaining to all the customers catered by your company. You also need to service every need of y...


Record Types In Salesforce

The need for business automation has increased substantially in recent years. All business organizations are diversifying at an astonishing rate, making the market more competitive than ever. This has also resu...


What is the Difference Between Roles and Profiles in Salesforce

Both Profiles and Roles possess part of significance where a profile fundamentally resolute an Object Access whiles a role is used for record-level access under a sharing and security structure. Furthermore, pr...


What is the Collection in Salesforce?

Salesforce has developed a CRM that has caused revolutions in the technology industry. Earlier record management for different clients was very tough for customers since they did not have software that will man...


What is Approval Process in Salesforce?

If you want to get the most out of Salesforce approval process, avoid falling into routine mistakes, and ensure that their implementation is a success; you have to read these tips, recommendations, and best pra...


Introduction to View State in Salesforce

Salesforce sales cloud is a computing firm specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the form of software (SaaS). Owing to its various functionalities of platforms and technology, businesses are...


Siebel Vs Salesforce

Customer service is the most crucial part of the business. If you don’t have a proper CRM that increases business productivity and escalates profit. Then it can backfire on you. using and maintaining a good CRM...