Problem Statement

  1. The process of creating/Authoring questions and answers and getting it reviewed was manual and was manually moderated. 
  2. Business was not able to audit the performance of the authors as per their review. 
  3. The process of invoicing was manual and aduitless. 
  4. Major privacy and security concerns were reported as there was no security or privacy model in place. 
  5. The process had many human errors and corruption issues while in the approval process. 
  6. More and time consumed to manage this process manually without any automation 
  7. Major resources were involved in this manual process than the actual business process. 


We proposed a solution to automate this process using community cloud. 

Provided Separate login access for  

  1. Author (Community portal user)
  2. Editor (Community portal user)
  3. Medical Editor (Community portal user)
  4. Moderator (Salesforce Admin/User)

The process of authoring the questions and getting them reviewed was automated. 

Human errors and other corruption in the process were brought down to 0%. 

Implementing the security and privacy model using profiles and role hierarchy the privacy and security issues were resolved. 

Invoicing was made based on the performance of the author and hence was tracked well. 

By implementing this solution, Business user had a single and clear view of whole process


Later Client wanted to enhance the system by assigning single user with 1 or more user types which had single Login but different tabs as per type. Doing this a single user can carry multiple access. As an Author, Editor and Medical Editor all at the same time or either of them.