Problem Statement

NRG is an integrated power company. The Company generates electricity and provide energy solutions and natural gas to residential, small business, and commercial and industrial customers through its diverse portfolio of retail brands. 

Problem Statement

NRG was facing issues for capturing the Lead as no process was implemented for lead capturing, most of the business modules were tracked and processed manually where it was creating a space for human errors and having to run redundant tasks for resources.  


NRG was using Quickbook and salesforce where no data sync was happening and it was creating confusions related to data for NRG. 

 NRG has set up both teams’ sales team and accounts team separately, therefore their cost of infrastructure increased.  

Sales teams always have to contact the account team for the cash management of their customer for that they have to take extra pain and burden. 

NRG spent a lot of time managing Salesforce data and QuickBooks customers individually.Also they have to make double efforts for preparation of invoices of Accounts created in Salesforce. 


We proposed to build a Salesforce solution where Integrating Salesforce with Quickbooks to connect sales data with account data and perform tasks in sync, could help NRG and to observe sales patterns, track product analytics, and do a better forecast of business decisions along with the enhanced time management since the data flow is bidirectional after integration.


In-depth analysis of sales patterns within Salesforce, it makes easier to go through open balances and credit limits from within Salesforce which also helps in tracking each and every customer’s particular needs with the help of Salesforce and Analyze sales histories for each prospect or customer and generating and tracking invoices for different products and customers which helps to minimization of duplication and data errors. 

Screens of the implemented solution

  1. Sigital signing process using docusign with Salesforce

2. Lead management flow – 


3. Salesforce <> Quickbook Integration 


4 . Quickbook Salesforce Account data sync Sync: 


5 . Quickbook Salesforce Invoice data sync Sync