• Struggling to manage multiple systems for Ecommerce store and CRM needs. 
  • Needed the ability to purchase subscription based products on storefront. 
  • UK stores need feasibility for the buyers to use BACS payment. 


  • Create Salesforce B2B Commerce Store front with customizations to accommodate below – 
  • Setup new products so that products can be purchased based on requirement 
  • Accommodated Product Variations feature to Accommodate the need of selling new versions of same products. 
  • Email notifications as soon as contract is created or renewed for buyer and sales rep 
  • BACS debit payment for ease to attach payment to the order. 


Integration with ERP for managing the orders and tracking information 

Benefits / Highlights

  • Client had a ROI increase of 25% as all the data came in 1 place which helped in removing all the efforts, time, manpower and human errors needed for manual work of syncing. 
  • Ability to purchase subscription based products on store. 

 Designed and developed other countries stores as well 

Setting up a storefront:

Standard OOTB allows users to drag and drop the component using “Experience Builder”.
Setting up a storefront, creating catalogs, assigning products to those catalogs, entitlement policies, setting up a buyer user. 


The design of the homepage was matched by the style guide provided by the client to meet the requirements. Standard theme was used with little customization of fonts. 


Product PLP


Product PDP


Cart page


Stripe subscription


Subscription detail page