Problem Statement

  1. Setup a service cloud for agents to create new cases  
  2. Setup lifecycle on stages and track activities/events on them  
  3. Upload documents  
  4. Ability to keep the parties updated on case status  
  5. Add all old data to the new system  
  6. Set up reports and dashboard. 

Solution Provided

The solution was designed into stages with various Dashboards to check the data at any given point in time. 

We have built a system where we are associating Agents, Mediation Members(Case members and Attorneys), and cases together. They can schedule the meetings also. 

Meetings are scheduled with all the members associated with them. Members are people associated with the ongoing case from parties of that case, their attorneys/defendants, witnesses, and associated people. Meetings can be scheduled in-person or on zoom. 

Added Notes and files section so that Attorneys can take notes and attach files of Mediations(meetings) with case members.  

We are also tracking the time taken for each stage on cases and the total time taken for each case.  


We built a system with the above points and resolved the following problems –  

  1. We can now track all the cases, making them easier to maintain in a timely manner. 
  2. All the cases are categorized by type and each case has its own stage so that it is simpler to maintain and follow up 
  3. Can schedule the meeting with respective members, If members aren’t there we can add members and associate them with a case. Made it easier for people to engage with the clients 
  4. Added reminders so that we are following up with the cases at proper intervals. 
  5. Attorneys can check all the related documents, notes, and required information on cases and meetings. All information is provided in a segregated manner. 
  6. Able to manage the operations more efficiently. And also simplify the process/lifecycle of the cases.  

Following are the objects and flow we worked on  

  1. We can create the cases from the following types.

2. We have created the stages so that agents can track the activities on the cases.


3. Here is the view for cases.


4. Mediation Members